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6 Brands That Mastered Video Marketing

How can a brand master the art of marketing videos (TV commercials, Internet videos, etc…) when it seems so tough? In order for brands to achieve greatness with video marketing, their video must show evidence of all 3 Rs of Video Marketing: 1. Relatability 2. Reaction 3. Result When you see a video you relate […]


The Art of Co-Branding

During a recent delve into fall’s latest fashion trends, I came across an article on the oh-so-popular UGG boots. I know there are a lot of you out there that hate on these furry staple accessories, but I for one am a huge fan. As we welcome fall with the recent slight dip in temperatures, […]


Engage the 5 Senses with Promotional Products

Are you finding it hard to reach your target audience effectively? Do most of your promotional items fall by the wayside shortly after they’re handed out? If you’re feeling down on your promotional efforts then this is for you. Why not provide your customers with products that will engage the audience and have a long […]

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