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Interviewing for Dummies: 5 Bare-Bones Tips to Get You Started

Has your blog been lacking flavor? Looking to make your news stories more credible? Sounds like you’ve recognized that you need to start interviewing experts in your field to breathe some life into your content! But maybe unlike me, you didn’t major in Print Journalism. Without ever learning the basics, scheduling your first interview can […]


Why It Pays to Take Risks in Startup Marketing: Interview with Leo Widrich of Buffer

It’s hard to be a business these days. Yet for being in the middle of an economic recession, hundreds of startups are finding explosive success. One of these startups is Buffer, a service that makes managing your social media accounts easier than before. They went from idea to paying customer in seven weeks; and to […]


How One ‘Community’ Rallied for the Brand They Love: Interview with Catherine Boyd of Save Community

My colleagues and I have blogged about Community before. But a terrible fate has befallen my favorite sitcom: NBC placed it on hiatus. And TV fans know that a sitcom on hiatus rarely sees the light of day again. (Except for Parks and Recreation, luckily). But Community fans didn’t want to take this lying down. […]

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