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Nintendo Wii’s Niche Market: ‘Wii-hab’ for Physical Therapy Patients

Video games aren’t just for the whippersnappers to entertain themselves anymore! Case in point: I have performed “Wii-hab!” Wii-hab is a nickname for a therapy concept that has benefited numerous nursing homes, hospitals, and schools for special needs children. Nintendo’s Wii video game system is becoming a craze in rehab therapy for patients recovering from […]


12 More Offensive Advertisements You Shouldn’t Mimic Under Any Circumstances

Some of you may remember my older post about offensive advertisements. As clear, straightforward, and obvious as the offenses may be, apparently some major brands still need a refresher course on what constitutes a tasteful ad. Sure, these ads will be remembered, but not for the products or services they depict. While an offensive ad […]

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