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How to Successfully Self-Market Your Band or Business: Interview with Phil Kosch from ‘The Super Happy Fun Club’

After my fantastic interview with Nickolas Blazina from State and Madison, I thought it would be interesting to get another point of view about self-marketing local bands. Say hello to Phil Kosch, guitarist from The Super Happy Fun Club. Besides playing in several local bands over the past ten years, Phil also works as a […]


How to Get Prospective Homebuyers to Remember Your Name

As a recent first-time homebuyer, I can attest that the entire viewing and purchasing process is a whirlwind of information. My inbox quickly filled up with correspondence from realtors, lenders, insurance reps, and attorneys because I researched my options like a savvy little shopper; there were days when I couldn’t remember my own contact info, […]


Heat Up Your Marketing Efforts with Summertime Promotional Products That Consumers Will Love

Guess what, readers—things are heating up, and I’m not talking about the weather; I’m referring to the untapped marketing potential for your company or small business. Quick reminder: it’s summer! In other words, it’s time for your business to launch a sizzling, summertime promotional campaign. From outdoor games to summertime necessities, start spreading the word […]

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