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July 2016 Holidays, Observance, and Awareness Dates: Plan Your Promotions!

Summertime activities can drive your company’s brand even further by capitalizing on these fun holidays in July! And we all know that it’s almost time to light up the sky with (legal) fireworks and not accidentally start a small fire in the backyard like the never-to-be-mentioned incident at last year’s 4th of July cookout. Let’s […]


Spotlight: Give Your Brand a Hand Winner January 2016: Buffalo Gals Mercantile

Over at Buffalo Gals Mercantile, they’ve branded themselves with the slogan “Fabulous things you never knew you needed!” Like what? And just what is a “mercantile shop,” anyway? Well, a mercantile shop is defined as a “rural or small town store that carries a broad selection of merchandise; the main shop of a community.” Buffalo […]


Spotlight: Give Your Brand a Hand Winner October 2015: Strategic Consulting Solutions

Here at Quality Logo Products, we pride ourselves on helping you grow your brand. Whether it’s matching your business with the perfect custom stress ball for your next trade show or providing suggestions for your next direct mail campaign, we’re all about making your marketing ideas come to life. In fact, we love making marketing […]

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