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custom kites and gliders

Trend Alert: Custom Kites & Gliders Make Your Brand Fly!

The sky is the limit for where you can advertise your brand. Seriously, it’s not uncommon for a plane to carry a banner with a company name or marketing message. Granted, you usually need binoculars to read what’s printed, but that’s beside the point. Putting your brand high above everyone else is a great way […]

Trend Alert: Fitness Promotional Products

Trend Alert: Strengthen Your Brand with Fitness Promotional Products

It’s the middle of February. Have you stuck to your New Year’s resolution of working out more? No? Same here! That being said, there’s nothing like fitness promotional items to get you back on the exercise horse! Your clients will be excited to hit up the gym or go to yoga so they can show […]

Trend Alert: Tech for Any Occasion!

The world is probably not going to be taken over by robots any time soon. Seriously, The Terminator may have predicted cyborgs roaming free in 2029, but rest assured, Skynet won’t destroy our world. At least not yet. That’s why it’s safe for you to get on board with the tech craze and offer your […]

Trend Alert: Metallic Promotional Products

Trend Alert: Metallic Colors for Every Promotional Occasion

Step aside primary and secondary colors! Metallic colors are currently making the biggest impact on the look and design of promotional products. They seemingly glimmer and twinkle when the light catches them just right, and even give off a trendy, rustic vibe. Metallic promos are a surefire way to make a bold statement at your […]

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