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Fidget Spinner Bottle Openers

Trend Alert: Turn Heads with Fidget Spinner Bottle Openers

Do you have an epic event around the corner and need a way to wow all your guests? It’s time to retire boring party tricks like flipping plastic water bottles or bouncing coins into solo cups. Get your hands on fidget spinner bottle openers from Quality Logo Products® to really get the party started! Kids […]

New Corporate Apparel

Get Down to Business with Corporate Apparel

You’re a professional and need the right clothes to dress the part. After all, you’re not going to wow anybody at the big presentation if you show up in dirty jeans and sneakers. Every business needs the right corporate apparel to make any event a success. Whether you’ve got a trade show around the corner or […]

Trend Alert: Sprinkle in Speckled Drinkware

Glitter and polka dots were popular trends in their heyday. During the Prohibition Era, flappers wore flashy sequins while dancing the Charleston. In the 50s, it was all about looking like Twister boards and eating at the local diner. Today, we are keeping it much more modern with speckled drinkware. The speckled look isn’t quite […]

webcam covers

Trend Alert: Webcam Covers Are Your Branding Secret

If you’re an international spy, which let’s face it you probably are, it’s important to keep things hidden from the public. In the days of whistleblowers and security leaks, our privacy is more important now than ever before. It’s time to shake up your marketing like a James Bond martini and promote your brand with […]

Trend Alert: Throwback Branding with Washed Baseball Hats

We’re willing to bet your favorite hat has holes and loose fabrics you don’t have it in your heart to snip. Despite its shabby appearance, you’ll likely hold on to that hat for the rest of forever. After all, 11% of people wear the same hat every day. You can take advantage of humankind’s love […]

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