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Christmas Chaos

Let’s talk Christmas parties! Something we all run into this time of year is trying to schedule a good time for the whole family to join together. Because we all spread out to different places in our lives, it’s nearly impossible to join together; we all have different jobs and some people don’t even work normal schedules. It’s crazy for anyone to think that it’s possible, worthwhile, or necessary to put ourselves through this. We feel obligated by our beliefs that family comes first, and I would like to think that family comes first, but it only gets harder to stick to this ideology with the way the world has become.

First, to explain why getting the entire family together is so difficult, let me point out that I’m referring to extended families. Nuclear families aren’t so hard, but then again there are some who have the same problem! Extended families are made up of several nuclear families, which are made up of the children from other nuclear families that have separate extended families. So then we realize that any given nuclear family is obligated to celebrate the holidays as not only a nuclear family, but as part of two separate extended families. So, say your extended family is made up of 4 nuclear families, which is actually a pretty low number. That means there are five extended families involved in your decision to plan a party with your extended family. There is your extended family and there is an additional extended family for each nuclear family involved (due to the spouse).

Now, assume each nuclear family has 4 people (husband, wife, son, and daughter), and that everyone in your extended family is over the age of 18. That’s 16 people in your extended family, and they all have jobs. The younger ones (there are 8 of them) work odd hours, which makes planning this party very difficult to begin with. Then every one of those 8 younger people may have a significant other (which could possible mean as many as 8 more extended families having an influence on when your party can be planned. So now we’re up to 13 different extended families influencing your decision to plan a Christmas party. Does that sound like a walk in the park, or a sack of nails to the head?

If you answered “a sack of nails to the head”, then here’s a solution: check out Quality Logo Products® for creative alternatives to regular invitations! We have a gigantic selection of personalized items and merchandise that you can have printed with old pictures of your family at past parties or with your family’s last name and the date on it. Then, all you’d need to do is put your customized products into envelopes with your Christmas cards and send them off! When your family has sweet gifts like pens, t-shirts, or stress balls with the family name and gathering date on them, they will feel obligated to go and they will remember to RSVP. Promotional items save you the headache of calling everyone again and again to try and work things out. There’s no need to be a middle-man in a family debate when you can take control with Quality Logo Products®. We have everything you might need to make your plans run smoothly!

Which customizable gifts do you think your family would like the best? Do you have a huge family party for the holidays? TELL US! Leave your comments, questions, and concerns below and enjoy the holidays from all of us here at Quality Logo Products®!


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