Out-of-the-Box Coffee Products You Shouldn’t Leave Out of Your Gift Baskets

To say we enjoy our coffee here at QLP would be like saying Alex has a minor dislike for J. Lo or Mandy just sorta likes The Avengers. It’s an understatement if I ever heard one!

With that being said, we keep pretty up to date on what’s going on in the industry: New products available, new brick-and-mortar locations opening up, new brews being introduced… We love it all.

I’ve been keeping track of two products in particular, and have followed their story from the early days to today. They haven’t gone “mainstream” yet, but I can guarantee it’s only a matter of time before they do! Now before we get too far ahead of ourselves, a bit of a disclaimer here. I do not own either of these products, nor am I paid by the companies in any shape or form. I’m just a fan of them and I like what they’re doing.

So what are these innovative companies doing?

Coffee Joulies

Piping hot espresso? Delicious. Burned tongue? Painful.

I started following this company when they were on Kickstarter trying to fund their dreams to construct these magic beans that keep your coffee at the optimal drinking temperature all day. What are they exactly? Each Coffee Joulie is a polished stainless steel shell that holds a “very special phase change material” that melts and absorbs the heat until your coffee reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the optimal drinking temperature. Then it slowly releases that heat it absorbed to keep your coffee that temperature all day.

The two founders, Dave Petrillo and Dave Jackson, have crafted the perfect solution to the annoying problem that has plagued us all. You smell the delicious coffee that was just brewed and hot enough to peel paint (okay, a bit of exaggeration), and figure a small sip couldn’t hurt. Burned Tongue City, population 1. The next morning, you think back to the previous morning’s experience and figure you’ll let it cool and come back to it. Instead you get bogged down with work for three hours and then remember the coffee you made. Non-intentional iced coffee is not a good beverage.

According to their website, “Coffee Joulies™ work best in a vacuum insulated travel mug.” Naturally, because I write for a promotional products company, I just had to share some add-ons if you were looking to include these in a gift basket or wanted a small gift idea.

  • Thermo Bottle Mug Gift SetWant to up the ante and really surprise your customers? Include a pack of Coffee Joulies in a gift basket along with these Thermo Bottle Mug Gift Sets and they’ll be so appreciative of your thoughtfulness!
  • Bullet Vacuum Bottle (16.9 Oz.)Just want to give a vacuum bottle to save money? Great! These Bullet Vacuum Bottles will keep their coffee and their Coffee Joulies at the perfect drinkable temperature, and the imprint location will have customers remembering your generosity.

The next time you make the “cold coffee” face (or see one of your customers make it), just remember that there’s a product out there that rid that problem from your life forever!


You can enjoy your espresso on the go now!

I’ve been obsessed with this company for so long, I really can’t remember how I stumbled across them in the first place. It could have been researching for my blog about products you thought were recyclable but aren’t, but I don’t know for sure. Why include this company in my blog? According to their ‘Fast Facts’ section on their website, 500 billion disposable cups are manufactured globally every year. That’s a lot of disposable cups to produce, use, and throw away! That’s why it’s important to use reusable cups whenever possible, or at least recycle when you can.

What’s really cool about these reusable cups is that they’re a ‘barista standard’. What’s that, you ask? KeepCups come in sizes that are standard for fitting under the group handles of most espresso coffee machines. We all have those reusable cups that are some weird size (17 ounces, 11 ounces, etc.) which causes your poor, innocent barista to improvise when crafting your beverage. KeepCups are available in extra small (4 oz/120 mL), small (8 oz/227 mL), medium (12 oz/340 mL), and large (16 oz/454 mL). For those of you keeping track, the medium is the same size as a ‘tall’ and the large is the same size as a ‘grande’ at Starbucks. Plus, you can pick and choose the colors you want for a truly custom look! C’mon doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know how awesome that is.

What items could you include with a reusable coffee cup? Ohhh, I’m glad you asked!

  • Coffee Scoop N ClipIf they prefer to save some extra cash and brew their coffee at home, this Coffee Scoop N Clip will keep their fresh ground beans from going stale on them!
  • Good Morning Gift Box with CoffeeReally want your customers to wake up in a good mood? Give them some new coffee to try with these Good Morning Gift Boxes with Coffee! Each one is wrapped up so nicely that all you have to do is take the credit for giving them out.

Help out Mother Nature by keeping disposable coffee cups out of landfills. A customized KeepCup along with some coffee-related giveaways will certainly make an impression on your potential customers and your loyal customers alike!

Curious about our other coffee-related promotional products? Call us at 866-312-LOGO (5646), email us, or stop by any of our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+! We’re always listening and we love offering up suggestions to make your next giveaway a success!

What do you think of the ‘Coffee Joulies’ and ‘KeepCups’? Would you like to receive them from a company? What other items could you bundle with them? Sound off below!

Amy Hoidas

Amy is one of Quality Logo Products’ Community Manager. She is a self-professed newspaper nerd and thoroughly enjoys reading business and financial news and having impromptu discussions about it. Oh yeah, she’s “one of those” people! A true Midwestern girl by nature, she loves riding her bike, photography, and the Chicago Cubs. You can also connect with Amy on


  1. Jana Quinn

    Great post, Amy. I think some of the best gift basket arrangements have a “theme” to them (like coffee or going to the movies). I also like the idea of pairing a consumable product up with a long lasting promotional product as a fantastic way to emphasize your brand. Nice!

    • amy

      Thanks, Jana 🙂

      I’m a huge fan of creating gift baskets for people. I did a ‘wine themed’ basket for mother’s day last year that was a lot of fun to put together, plus you get a lot more for your money than just one $30 item. She loved it!

      Coffee mugs are by far one of my favorite promotional products. I use them for hot beverages, but also for oatmeal if I don’t feel like emptying the dishwasher to find a clean bowl. Plus, nobody throws out coffee mugs. You keep them until they chip or break, which if you buy a good quality one, shouldn’t happen.

    • Amanda

      Same here! I love making themed gift baskets for people! =) Both of these gifts would make a great addition to a coffee lovers’ basket.

      I’ve been waiting to find out more on the coffee joulies since someone mentioned them last year. They look so cool!!

  2. Eric

    Not a regular coffee drinker by any means, Amy, but I think Jeff and myself, both, could benefit from using those Coffee Joulies in our hot cocoa. As far as promo items are concerned, stainless steel mugs are always a hit, especially in the winter months. Never hurts to have a few extra, whether it be to leave one at the office, another in the car, or even one to have at home and use to send off a friend with a hot cup of coffee on a cold day. Neat post, Amy!

    • amy

      The coffee joulies always amaze me because it’s something that I can understand how it works without having to have a science degree. “Oh the insides melt and then absorb the heat? Okay, gotcha. Makes sense.”

      Stainless steel mugs for some reason just give off an air of ‘class’ that other mugs can’t quite match. I love your idea of keeping them around the house, office, car, wherever! Just like Chapstick, you won’t have to live without your coffee or cocoa fix 😉

  3. Kelsey

    Warm coffee for more than 15 minutes!? Count me in! I hate when I make coffee here at work and as I’m waiting for it to cool down time passes quicker than I realize and it ends up being cold before I can really enjoy all of it.. I don’t want to waste the coffee I made, and sometimes I’m just too lazy to go reheat it, so those Coffee Joulies sound like a great idea! 🙂

    • amy

      I know, right?! It’s refreshing to know that someone else experienced this problem and actually did something to solve it, haha!

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, Kelsey!

  4. Mandy Kilinskis

    I would love a set of Coffee Joulies, but I’m a little too cheap to purchase them myself. That being said, if a company or brand gave them to me, I’d love them forever!

    Definitely some cool products, Amy! Thanks for keeping a fellow coffee-lover up-to-date. 🙂

    • Amy Swanson

      I’m hoping that as they grow maybe their prices will go down… maybe?

      Glad you liked the post, Mandy! Thanks for commenting!!

    • Amanda

      I agree, Mandy. As someone who drinks coffee daily, the joulies look like something that I would use and appreciate often, but for the price, I wouldn’t buy them right now. I hope they catch on, and the price goes down some.

  5. Rachel

    Those Coffee Joulies are especially awesome. Like Eric, I’m not a coffee person, but I would totally use those for hot chocolate and other warm drinks. I enjoy your suggestions for the gift baskets, too — mixing a unique item with an imprinted promotional item or two is a great idea. 🙂 Thanks, Amy!

    • Amy Swanson

      Thanks Rachel 🙂

      Some customers can easily be turned off of a company that they feel is being “too preachy” about how awesome and amazing their brand is. Let your product/service do the talking and use promotional products to remind them of that fact later on when they’re away from your location or booth. Just my 2 cents.

  6. Jenna Markowski

    I’m not a fan of coffee, but I think those Coffee Joulies would be awesome for hot chocolate (just like Eric and Rachel). There’s pretty much nothing more gross than cold hot chocolate, besides maybe cold coffee. BLECH! Those would come in super handy, and I love that you paired up those brand name items with useful, similarly-themed items from our site. Nice post, Amy! 🙂

    • Amy Swanson

      Thanks Jenna! I like iced coffee, but not once-hot-now-cold coffee. BLECH indeed!

  7. Jill Tooley

    I’ve had my eyes on the Coffee Joulies since you first sent me the link, and I’d still love to snag a set when I have the extra money. When that’ll be, I’m not sure! 🙁

    I like that Bullet Vacuum Bottle, too! I used to have a Thermos like that, but then I lost the lid, which renders it useless. That orange color is totally my style…

    If there’s a better kind of gift basket than a coffee gift basket, then I’m not aware of it! Great post, Amy.

    • amy

      That orange one does scream “JILL”, doesn’t it? Could totally see you carrying that into the office!

      I’m with you 100%, a coffee themed gift basket would always be graciously received by me 🙂

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