Cold and Flu Season: What to Include in a Get Well Kit

It’s autumn once again and you know what that means. Yes, pumpkin carving and days devoted to eating as much turkey as you can in multiple sittings, but it’s also cold and flu season. Quality Logo Products was hit a few weeks ago with pesky bug that managed to get at least one person from every department in the matter of a week and a half and it’s only October!

Chances are you or your customers have seen this happen in their workplace too, so use this opportunity to expand your company’s name with promotional products. Need a few suggestions besides giving out cough drops? Perfect, because that’s why we’re here!

Sweatshirt Blanket

Just like that favorite sweatshirt you’ve had for years, but in blanket form!

What’s the one thing you want when your head and nose are plugged up? A soft and warm place to snuggle up and fall asleep until you feel better. A Sweatshirt Blanket combines two wonderful things into one promotional product. Nothing feels as nice as a cozy sweatshirt that you’ve had for years and is properly broken in. But you can’t wrap it around yourself and nap all afternoon in it. With these promotional blankets you get the cozy feeling of that beloved sweatshirt and the ability to curl up on the sofa and have every inch of you covered up. They’re also great to bring along to outdoor sporting events during the fall and spring when the Mother Nature hasn’t received the memo that it shouldn’t be as cold or as rainy as it currently is.

E-Z Comfort Set

Seeing the sun is nice, not when you’re trying to nap though

We all know we’re supposed to get as much sleep as possible while we’re sick so our body’s natural antibodies can kill the bug that’s making us sick. But being able to sleep a solid block of hours can be tricky with sunlight streaming in through your windows. Having an E-Z Comfort Set will keep the outside world from creeping into your sleep cycle and disrupting it. The mask will keep light from waking you up and the foam earplugs will muffle the sound of those obnoxious tweeting birds outside who assume everyone is awake at 4:37 in the morning.

The Spooner Mug (12 Oz.)

Tea, chicken noodle soup, applesauce, or a little whiskey to soothe your cough… no judgements made!

Soup or tea or even applesauce usually always tastes good when you’re fighting a sore throat or stubborn cough. Whatever sounds tasty to your customers can be served up perfectly in these Spooner Mugs so they can get back to resting up and less time searching for a clean bowl. These promotional mugs come with a spoon and have a handy place to hold it when they need to set the mug down. The bright and vibrant colors available for ordering them in will attract all the attention to your brand’s name!

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer (1 Oz., Full Color)

Keep those germs from getting you under the weather in the first place!

We won’t be like your mother and tell you that if you would’ve prevented getting sick in the first place, you wouldn’t be sick at home right now. We’ll leave that up to her. For the next cold/flu season that usually hits in the spring, be prepared with these Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers (1 Oz., Full Color) in your purse or briefcase. Your customers will love and appreciate receiving them and you’ll love the 1 ½” x 7/8” full color decal for your imprint. Everyone can benefit from these custom hand sanitizers being given out.

Alpine Aluminum Water Bottle (25 Oz.)

Staying hydrated will flush out those germs

Drinking tons of liquids is imperative to getting better sooner. Help your customers flush out all those germs faster and prevent dehydration by including an Alpine Aluminum Water Bottle (25 Oz.) in your flu/cold kit. They come in four great colors but the choices for your imprint are almost immeasurable. Go with a clever message about surviving the cold & flu season of 2012 and each time your customers look at it they’ll remember what an awesome company you are for caring enough to want to keep them healthy.

Nobody enjoys being sick. Oh sure, pretending to be sick on a random Friday or Monday to get out of work is one thing. But dealing with a fever, chills, body aches, sore throat, and a runny nose is nobody’s idea of a good time.

Whether you hand out these kits to your customers or employees when you hear they’re sick or give them out to everyone to prevent them getting sick, you can help them to rest and relax so their body can fight off the germs that are keeping them under the weather or may eventually. Your company will be a hero!

Which of these products would you like to have most when you’re sick? Is there one off the list that you think should be included in a ‘sick kit’? Sound off below!


Amy Hoidas

Amy is one of Quality Logo Products’ Community Manager. She is a self-professed newspaper nerd and thoroughly enjoys reading business and financial news and having impromptu discussions about it. Oh yeah, she’s “one of those” people! A true Midwestern girl by nature, she loves riding her bike, photography, and the Chicago Cubs. You can also connect with Amy on


  1. Myrtle

    Thought it was a booger but it’s snot 😉

    • Amy Swanson

      Haha, thanks for this Myrtle 😉

      Laughter is the best medicine after all

  2. Ness

    I think I need a sweatshirt blanket…

    • Amy Swanson

      Agreed! We should look into getting official QLP ones to have here at the office

  3. Eric

    Totally keep a blanket at my desk for “Oh my God it’s freezing today” situations. Seems like the simplest way to keep myself from catching a cold. Hand sanitizer isn’t ever a bad thing to have handy, either…I know I burned through a couple bottles of that last year when a bug was going around!

    • Amy Swanson

      Ah yes, those lovely “Oh my God it’s freezing today” days are the best. It was quite timely that I wrote this blog while having a cold, certainly made it easy to research 😉

      Hand sanitizer is my go-to when I hear people sneezing and/or coughing. It may not 100% prevent you getting sick, but it sure helps.

  4. Mandy Kilinskis

    Ugh, Amy. Your description of that sweatshirt blanket makes me wonder why I made the totally logical decision to leave my own at home. I am going to go straight home and snuggle up in it.

    I would love one of those spooner mugs. I would eat soup out of that like a boss. Just owning one would already make me feel better. 🙂

    • Amy Swanson

      I cannot blame you there, nothing sounds better than that right now!!

      Those spooner mugs are so cool, maybe it’s the name or the fact that your spoon has a handy place to chill when not being used. Either way, I wish I had one of them and a sweatshirt blanket to ‘chillax’ with 😉

  5. Rachel

    I’m not even sick (knock on wood), but just reading about this stuff makes me all cozy! I think a blanket-snuggling-on-the-couch session is in order when I get home. 🙂 Great suggestions, Amy!

    • Amy Swanson

      That’s exactly how I spent my Tuesday, so I highly recommend it 😉

      Glad you enjoyed the post, Rachel! Thanks for the comment!

  6. Jenna Markowski

    Ahh, yes. Even though I love everything else about autumn, I could certainly do without all of the germs. That E-Z Comfort Kit looks awesome, and you can never have too much hand sanitizer during cold and flu season! Great suggestions, Amy! 🙂

    • Amy Swanson

      Thanks Jenna! It never ceases to amaze me that even if you have blinds closed, drapes drawn, and door closed you still get an annoying stream of light from somewhere. Those masks I think would definitely help out!

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