Cold Weather Giveaways Could Break the Ice with Winter Haters

While sitting in my cubicle recently, pondering life, I started thinking about how depressed I am that winter is coming. I’ll admit that it sounds bad that I was sitting in my cubicle reminiscing about all the fun summer activities that are long gone (you know, like bonfires, baseball games, boating, swimming…), but it’s okay because my brain somehow brought it back to the promotional industry. I’ve only been working here four months and I’m already starting to see this industry everywhere!

Long Knit Watchcap

This knit cap didn’t make an appearance in summertime, but you’ll see tons of them during the upcoming winter!

I thought about all the exciting summer promotional products that relate to summer fun. We love drinking our beer out of cozies (or koozies, if you prefer). We need small portable grills to bring on our trip. We love having waterproof storage cases to product our valuables. I realized that in every summer activity we did on our weekend getaway, there could be a promotional product with a company logo involved. But this is where the real question for me came up for me: All these products I’ve heard so much about the last three months are meant for summer. We live in the Midwest, and as far as I’m concerned the summer fun is pretty much done now that school has started and fall has begun.

Now let me say again, I’m a rookie in the promotional products industry, so all you vets out there shouldn’t get worked up about this…but I thought about how I hadn’t seen any products fit for the winter during the last couple months. The season that we all dread is going to be coming sooner then we all want. So, I worried, for a split second, could there not be promotional products made for the cold, miserable weather of winter? Well, I felt like a complete idiot because I started to look around on the QLP website and I realized that I still had a lot to learn, because there are plenty of products made for winter!

Ice Scraper Hand Mitten

It’s promotional products like these Ice Scraper Hand Mittens that made me realize how kick ass winter promotions could be!

It took me a day to realize how big of a mistake it was to ponder a shortage of promotional products made for our horrible Midwest winters. The fact of the matter is that QLP and the rest of the promotional product industry is on top of their game, and companies that expand their brands with our products are on top of their game as well! People love products they can use, and in Illinois we definitely need things like blade scrapers, credit card scrapers, knit beanies, or sweatshirts to name a few. These are just some of the cold-weather products that companies can put their logo on to help customers fight the winter.

The point is that companies can’t just hand out a couple of promotional products during a single season and be done. Times change and people are constantly changing, so understanding what people need at a certain time is vital for a company to fully expand their brand. What better way to get your brand out there then being there for a person when they try to scrape snow of their car? Just remember that although the summer fun may be done, expanding your brand is not…and you have to think ahead for every season!

And in case you were wondering, as of today, there are only 74 days left until Christmas! Do you have your winter promotions planned yet? To keep your brand alive, you need to consistently come up with new ways to get your name out there. What promotional items do you use on a seasonal basis to drive new clients your way?

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  1. QLP Jill

    74 days?!?! Noooooooooo!!

    Now would be an excellent time to start shopping for winter promos. Wouldn’t it suck if the hoodie or ice scraper you wanted went out of stock before you could get it? It’s usually better to order early and guarantee that you get the products you want.

    By the way, I miss summer too, but I agree that winter promotional items can rock just as hard as warm-weather items! One year my financial advisor gave clients personalized hot chocolate packets inside of ceramic spooner mugs – and people went wild. Including me! 🙂

  2. Scooby DOO!

    If you can save the day for your client with an ice scrapper, they will never forget you. It’s such a simple household item that EVERYONE can use, provided you don’t live in the south!

  3. QLP Kid

    i WOULD WEAR ALMOST ANY FREE WINTER HAT (except one with Green bays logo on)

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