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Construction Industry Promotional Items for Builders, Handymen, and Contractors

My fist real job was working as a cashier at a hardware and lumber store. I won’t specifically mention the name, but let’s just say it’s the place construction workers, handy men, and weekend warriors could save big money on everything they need. During these 8 years of my life, I became quite familiar with the way businessmen in the construction and remodeling industry promoted themselves, and also with the way they operated their businesses in a spiraling recession!

That being said, I rehashed some fond memories and put together a list of the best promotional products for the construction industry. From part-time home improvement handymen to full-time commercial contractors, there is something for anyone trying to get their brand name out there.

Magnetic Car Sign

Magnetic Car Sign

A magnetic car sign would be my first suggestion. These are great to get your brand name out on the road! They are unique and much less expensive than permanent auto decals. I like the Spot Color Car Sign because it’s big (12”x24”) and it has a low order quantity. You can order the minimum of just two for yourself or you can order more and give them to employees and clients. If you think the big sign is just too much, try something smaller, like the Oval Car Sign, and give them away to your most loyal clients. These car magnets are safe for vehicles and they can be easily removed for maintenance.

Carpenter Pencils

Carpenter Pencils

Carpenter pencils and embroidered hats are two more very popular promotional items I saw given away over the years. Clients and potential business partners wear these a lot, and it’s something fun they can wear to support (and remember) your brand name. I recommend the Front Runner Cap because it’s a classic, it’s priced well, and it’s also available in six very stylish colors. The Carpenter Pencil also comes in a variety of colors, so you can tweak it accordingly for that special touch. With your logo printed on these great promo items, you’re sure to get a lot of attention back to your building business or handyman service.

Wrench Pen

Wrench Pen

Unusual pen styles also nail down brand loyalty, such as the Nail Pen or the Wrench Pen. These are great for a specialty line of remodeling or handy work, like plumbers or framers (people who solely frame buildings and home additions). When your client whips out your cool promo pen to show it off, then rest assured all other company pens will quiver in fear of your marketing genius.

Construction Cone Stressball

Construction Cone Stressball

And last but certainly not least is the Construction Cone Stress Reliever. This bright orange cone is sure to catch the attention of potential clients and it can also be useful around the house. I have a friend who uses this stress reliever to mark “spill zones” in her house, where her toddler has made a mess with food or juice, and is still wet from the cleanup. I thought it was a super clever and practical use for it. When you see an orange cone on the ground, it’s common knowledge to be aware of that area.

If none of these items seem like a good fit for your construction business, that’s perfectly okay! We’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeve. For a lasting impact that’s not a financial burden, try one of our tried-and-true promotional products like the Construction-Pro 10’ Tape Measure, the Port Authority Safety Vest, the Padded Tool Bag, or the Hard Hat Stress Ball Key Chain. Or, ask your Quality Logo Products representative to suggest something that’s perfectly-tailored to your giveaway.

Are you looking for a specific item to promote the construction industry? Can you think of any other cool contractor/home renovation promotional products? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Eric

    Carpenter pencils are the bee’s freakin’ knees. Sturdily built and able to be sharpened with any kind of blade, they’re really handy to have around. You want you get your name out there, there’s no better way to do it then with something a person will use all the time. Better yet if they’re using it for something they may need your company’s help on. Things like those pencils are great, but measuring tapes are really handy for the average Joe to have around the house, too. Nice post, Jen!

  2. Rachel

    That Wrench Pen is pretty sweet! I also like your tape measure suggestion. I think a lot of customers and DIYers would appreciate one of those, especially a pocket-size one that they ciould carry around in a purse or on a keyring.

    Great ideas, Jen!

    • Jen

      The pocket-size tape measure is super cute and handy for small jobs!

  3. Jen

    Thanks Eric, they really are the “bee’s freakin’ knees” lol.

  4. Jaimie Smith

    I def saw my fair share of contractors carrying around carpenter pencils. They ALWAYS had them at the store and everywhere they went. Like Eric said, it is a great way to get your name out there, and to get your name to stick, since they keep using it. (there’s no point in getting your name out there if people won’t remember it.. by having it on something people use all the time will sure get the name to stick)

    Nice post, Jen!

  5. Mandy Kilinskis

    Tape measures are where it’s at! I can imagine customers trying to measure out wood for cabinets and once they realize how crazy-hard they are, they’ll be calling you to do it for them!

    • Jen

      True! Do-it-yourself projects aren’t for everyone, they can be trickier than one might think. If you give someone a sweet new tape measure, they would be more likely to call you to help them out!

  6. Bilson Miles

    Great information. I would love to have the wrench pen 🙂

    • Jill Tooley

      Thanks for commenting, Bilson! We’re fond of the wrench pens, too. With a unique pen like that, you’ll always be able to tell if someone has “stolen” it from you! 😉

  7. Bria Reus

    Orange cone inside the house? I think that’s a great idea. I got three boys and our house is always a mess.

  8. Frenks

    I’d personally want to have the gold ball stress reliever and the wrench pen too. I think your idea is brilliant, Jennifer.

  9. contractor

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to mention that I have really loved browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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