For this month’s 99designs inspired logo contest, we are focusing on Construction On The Rise, a steel fabrication company that wanted a modern and refined logo to represent their business. Using the contestants’ design entries as inspiration, we will discuss how to develop a logo that can tell your customers about your company in a single glance—after all, why should a logo waste any time?

Among 91 designs from 43 designers, we selected three of the final entries to discuss, including our winning design! Let’s take a closer look at how the designers did and what you can learn from their work.

Construction on the Rise

The winner: Design #1

Who should have won:
Design #1

Logo #1’s designer did a fantastic job creating a memorable, unique, and appealing logo that communicates the company’s industrial aesthetic, while still remaining quite approachable and modern. Even without the company’s name present, we can easily understand that this company deals in construction.

Design #1

Effective Design Helps Your Business be Understood

Design #1

When you think of a construction company, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Loud noises, hard hats, maybe steel beams? The most effective logos don’t have to build off of a completely obscure idea—they can simply involve a unique take on the familiar. In this logo design, the steel beam silhouette being lifted immediately communicates to us that this is a construction company!

Sure, it’s the first thing most of us would come up with, but the unique twist comes in the incorporation of the company’s name within the image. The execution of the combination mark design and confident steel beam silhouette unite to create a pleasing and identifiable logo.

Design #2

Understanding When to Use a Lettermark

Design #2

A Lettermark is a monogram style logo usually designed to help consumers remember a company’s name. These logos suggest identity but neglect purpose, emphasizing the company’s name and style but often in exchange for communicating what exactly the company does. This style of logo is most effective when there is a combination of letters that can be stylized. Think “CNN” or “GAP”, even “IBM” or “WB”. These acronym focused logos are most commonly used when a company’s name is long or possibly hard to remember.

Single letter logos are some of the trickiest to master and usually work best when the company has established itself as a household name- think the McDonald’s M or Kellogg’s’ K. We see them every day, so we know what their Lettermarks stand for. Its a bad choice for a company that’s not established to rely on a Lettermark logo—this is because audiences won’t know what the letters stand for. Design #2 attempted a Lettermark, but with Construction On The Rise being an up-and-coming company, it isn’t very well-known to begin with and only having the letter C to work with stunted its possibilities. The visual creativity is there, but a Lettermark logo was not the way to go for this construction company.

Design #3

Considering How Your Logo will be Used

Design #3

Although this design is easy to read, it is a bit too complex to work effectively as a logo. Beyond that, the delicate style of this logo does not communicate the stability that clients would likely hope for from a construction company.

The construction crane is unique and visually very nice to look at, but when you size this logo down to fit on a business card or other small promotional item, like our best-selling Round Tape Measure (seen above), the details are lost and the logo becomes ineffective. When designing your own logo, avoid using small fonts or thin lines as much as possible. Strong but simple silhouettes are often the way to go.

Final Thoughts

Construction On The Rise not only chose the best designed logo, they chose the best logo for their specific needs. The winning design will not only help them attract new clientele, it will build recognition and trust in their company along the way. Presenting your company through a well-designed logo is akin to attending an interview with a tucked in shirt and new jacket—it emits professionalism and earns trust. Tune in next month for more tips to dress your business up for success!

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