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I Can’t Believe You Sell That! Controversial and Attention-Getting Promotional Products

This is a weird request, but picture the promo items on the Quality Logo Products® website as a sort of high school yearbook; if personalized pens and plastic sports bottles are the popular kids who get straight As and belong to every club, then these 6 controversial products are the bad boys who hang out under the bleachers and get sent to the principal’s office for cracking jokes in class. In my mind, controversial does not equate to off-limits or taboo; in fact, any of these attention-getting promotional items would turn heads if you’re feeling ambitious, and they’re perfect for displaying your quirky and playful sense of humor!

Now THAT'S a foam finger!

Now THAT’S a foam finger!

First up is the Foam Protest Hand, which happens to be one of my new favorite products on our site! These may cause initial shock in the stands, but I refuse to believe that these colorful foam fingers would offend anyone (if anything, you’ll probably get asked a million and a half times where you got it). How often have you heard fans screaming obscenities at the other team or at the referee’s terrible calls? This foam glove is just another way to articulate your emotions and it’s much quieter than yelling. Come on, you have to admit that a foam middle finger is intriguing, even if you are appalled at the very thought of using it!

Kick some ass, why don't you?

Kick some ass, why don’t you?

I know the Buttocks Stress Ball has been featured in past blog posts, but there was no way it wasn’t going to make my controversial products list! This kick ass stress reliever is king of double takes, especially if it’s sitting out on a trade show display or table. Your company logo or personal message is imprinted on the other side, so customers will notice those foam butt cheeks first thing when they spot it from across the room. Although the buttocks stress reliever does have legitimate marketing purposes, it makes for one hilarious office-wide joke!

This is no booby trap...

This is no booby trap…

The same goes for the Breast Stress BallI could sit here and type genuine uses for it (like fundraising for breast cancer research) until my fingers turn purple, but you would still look at it and chuckle. It’s only natural, and I don’t blame you! I have a theory that many of our website visitors are shocked to see this breast-shaped stress reliever after they query search terms like “boob” or “breasts”, and that makes me laugh hysterically. Who would have thought that you could personalize breast stress balls!? I had no idea they even existed prior to working for Quality Logo Products®, so I’m just spreading the word however I can.

Take a crack at a racy promotion

Take a crack at a racy promotion

Hey, you’ve got a logo under there! (This is the part where you ask: “Under where?”, to which I reply: “I made you say underwear!”) Yes, promotional products come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties…and that includes logo-imprinted underpants. The Bella Ladies’ Bikini Thong is one of the pairs of promotional panties on our site, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why they’re controversial! It may seem ridiculous to advertise on thongs, but you’d be surprised how popular they are. Have you ever walked past a Victoria’s Secret when they’re having good sales? Women LOVE underwear, especially when it’s free, and that’s why I think personalized undies are brilliant!

Do you wear short shorts?

Do you wear short shorts?

If you like the idea of customizable underwear but you think thongs are a bit too risque, then you’ll probably be much less intimidated by Bella Ladies’ Shorties. This underpants style is often called “boy shorts” (though I’m not sure exactly why). These cotton-and-spandex-blend panties may be a bit more modest than the thongs, but they still cause a ruckus when they’re given away! All types of promotional underwear are controversial for some reason, and I think it may be because they’re unexpected giveaway items. No matter the reason of their shock value, you won’t have to worry about breaking the ice with new customers if you slap your company name on a pair of these!

Smoke the competition!

Smoke the competition!

Bacchus Corona Cigars aren’t controversial on their own, but sure do inspire a lot of buzz when they have a logo on them. Who said that cigars can’t fit into the promotional products realm, anyway? I think they provide companies with a great branding opportunity because customers are going to remember “that company that gave away those good cigars!” These personalized cigars can’t be beat as executive gifts, either, and you’re probably going to make some lifelong friends if you hand these out at this year’s holiday party.

What’s your favorite controversial or unusual promotional product? Did I miss any items that you were hoping would be on this list? Comment below and voice your opinion! If you want to see thousands more promotional items that may tickle your fancy, then head over to the Quality Logo Products® site and start shopping. Contact us via email ( or via phone (866-312-5646) with any questions – we’re always willing to help!

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