Converting Plastic Waste Into Oil: What We Can Learn from Blest’s Conversion Technology

Are you a fan of science? I know I am, and I love researching new technology that can change the world as we know it for the better. So I wanted to share a new technology with you — which involves converting plastic back into oil — that is becoming very popular in the industrial world (and soon-to-be the consumer world).

Plastic plays a huge role in our society and our everyday lives. Plastic trash pollutes our oceans and washes up on beaches around the world. Plastic from the US and Japan floats in the Pacific Ocean and ends up killing mammals and birds. With the green movement at hand, more and more innovative technology is emerging, from creating a biodegradable plastic out of plant resin to using reclaimed scraps to make into furniture and building supplies. What can we do with all the waste we have, let alone the waste we continue to produce? What about our non-renewable fuel shortage that each day brings us closer and closer to a fuel crisis (much worse than we have already experienced)?

Would you believe me if I said there is now a developing technology that converts plastic back into the oil it came from? Meet the Blest conversion machine. The technology was developed in Japan and is capable of converting a kilogram of used plastic into a liter of oil by using a mere kilowatt-hour of energy!

It is not a secret that the carbon foot print left by plastics is devastating to the environment and to us. It’s wonderful that we try to reduce the amount of plastic via reusable shopping totes or tumblers (which does help), but it’s also good to use renewable resources like bamboo for housewares and natural fibers for material.

So, what do we do with all the accumulated plastic that the world has already used? That very question was pondered by an exceptionally innovative man by the name of Akinori Ito, of the Blest Corporation. He invented a home plastic conversion machine, as you can see in this video:

Ito’s fear of the decreasing amount of space and increasing amount of waste and pollution made him realize that something had to be done. This conversion machine is even able to further process the oil it makes into every kind of oil we use in modern society, such gasoline, diesel, and kerosene! I don’t know about you, but I feel the green guilt every time someone hands me Styrofoam box or cup, which has been a useless and unrecyclable substance until now. This conversion machine, when used properly, can convert polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene, PP, PE, and PS plastics. Not too shabby!

That being said, there’s another question that comes to mind. Is the conversion process dangerous to the environment? Ito says that “there is no toxic substance produced and any residue can be disposed of with regular burnable garbage.” The Blest Corporation also maintains that the conversion machine has an off-gas filter that disintegrates dangerous gases like methane, ethane, propane, and butane into water and carbon. Amazing, right? Although burning oil is an environmental factor, Akinori Ito further claims that 1 kg of plastic can be transformed into 3 kg of CO2 with his machine, which means that plastic could be returned to oil by using electricity and heat; this could potentially reduce up to 80% of CO2 emissions!

Unfortunately though, you’ll have to hold your horses if you’d like to use this remarkable machine in your home. It is not available for consumer use at the present moment, but the Blest Corporation has created some of these machines for industrial use. It is only a matter of time before this movement really catches on and people realize how efficient and amazing this invention would be, especially as an answer to our current non-renewable resource and pollution problem. It is a small step toward a worthy cause, saving your world! Ito travels all around the world to 3rdworld countries to educate and demonstrate how they can make a difference. Now if that’s not marketing innovation, I don’t know what is!

Quick takeaways from Blest and Akinori Ito:

  • Innovate, innovate, innovate. Blest wouldn’t have a conversion machine if they hadn’t done everything in their power to expand upon available technology. Learn from failed attempts and keep perfecting your product until you get the results you want.
  • Think ahead and consider possible outcomes. Converting plastic waste into oil is no small feat, especially when there is so much red tape with existing environmental concerns. Blest and Ito took these factors into consideration when they started creating their machine, and you should do the same with your new business or invention.
  • Take your product directly to potential users and show them why it’s valuable. As you saw in the video, Ito isn’t afraid to give people a demonstration of his product. SHOW users why they should care instead of just telling them in a press release. Direct marketing is often more effective than any other medium!

Want to know more about this conversion machine? The Blest Corporation is always excited to hear from the public, so visit their website and see for yourself all the marvelous things this corporation is bringing to the world.

Can you imagine a world where fuel, solar, and wind energy can all exist in harmony? What about reducing the size of our bloated landfills and the amount of waste we produce all because powering homes or cars requires it? What do you think?

Serenity Morris

Serenity is on the support staff for Quality Logo Products. Cynical and straight to the point, this no-nonsense gal is loveable and passionate about her various nerdy interests. When she is not geeking out about music, British television, and politics she is usually doodling her troubles away! Her artistic abilities are often commissioned for internal and external QLP promotional materials. You can also connect with Serenity on Google+.


  1. JPorretto

    I geek out on stuff like this. Thanks Sam! This is pretty amazing stuff! Hey, you know this gatorade bottle on my desk? Potential black gold!

    • Cybernetic SAM

      You are welcome, me too! I thought this was amazing when I saw it! My thoughts exactly, it is not yet quite to that level of consumer use so, don’t use it as an excuse to not reuse your bottles if you are going to use them!

  2. Candice J.

    Oh wow, this just blew my mind. That is such an AMAZING invention! The idea that we have the technology to actually make our world a better place and greener place and we are not using it world wide is kind of mind blowing. I am all about anything that aides in making our world a safer and healthier place for my daughter and her children to grow up in. I hope this catches on quick not only industrially but commercially too. If i could purchase this i would have it in my home tonight. And through a little more filtering i could make my own gas! It’d be like everything plastic i buy could be a 2 for 1! I’m all about that! Great post, I LOVE learning something new.

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Yes, I love that we could use this as means to get rid of the plastic we have already used until we convert our system over to a renewable resource, and then eventually all plastic can be eliminated! It is one step closer to a better world. And your daughter and her generation are gonna make it happen as long as we supply the tools of knowledge!

  3. Eric

    Gives me some hope that at least some of all the crap we manufacture won’t wind-up in a landfill. If only they could do something with all those cell phones and computers that are constantly thrown away when folks make them obsolete with upgrades and replacements. We’re simply taking more from the planet than we’re giving back, and this at least is a small step in the right direction. Cool article about a good man.

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Thanks, yes this guys is unbelievably cool! If only this were as common as trash compactors in homes, then it would really be awesome! I can’t wait for the day that our homes come standard with a plastic conversion machine!

  4. Jen

    This is super cool Sam! I had no idea we could convert plastic back into oil and then into gasoline! That is mind-blowing, we would save so much land by not drilling for more oil and not filling it with so much trash.

    I would use one of those converting machines in a a heart beat! if every household had one, we would cut down on so much waste.

    Great post, very interesting indeed!!!

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Thanks Jen! Yeah as I was just saying to Eric I cannot wait for a day that these are standard appliances in homes, schools and places of work. If the world continues to use oil then I think it is a fair trade off to stop drilling!

  5. Mandy Kilinskis

    This is so exciting! I hope it starts rolling out across the globe and into homes ASAP! Does anyone else get really angry/upset when they see the Britta/Pur commercials with all the plastic bottles that ended up in landfills over the past year?

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Oh yeah! I have to sometimes stop watching! It makes me so mad! That is because the average person still has the mindset: “Well, there are so many eco-people, and I am just one person, one more bottle can’t hurt.” I am ashamed and feel massive guilt every time I have to use a plastic bottle. But I recycle my butt off. It is just unfortunate that up until now most plastics can’t be recycled and the ones that can are only recycled a few times before the the plastic is too toxic to use!

  6. Rachel

    Goodness, I hope this becomes a commonplace thing! SO MUCH of what we use every day is made from plastic; to think we could turn all that plastic back into a fuel source is really exciting! Best of luck to this guy on getting his invention noticed by more people and companies.

    Great takeaways too, Sam! I’d pick out one as my favorite, but all three strike me as equally important, no matter the business or product.

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Well as far as it becoming global, a lot of controversy has hit this product (gee, oil conversion machine creating controversy. surprise surprise!). It is just unfortunate that we live in a world that money talks and life preservation takes a death walk. That is the reason it has not been mass marketed to the general public. You can get them but it is not easy or without a huge expense, big oil has been darn sure of that. As for the point, you are right; I too believe any and all of those points can/should be applied to various things in daily life.

  7. Alex Brodsky

    That’s truly an amazing invention. It’s nice to know that in a world based around money, greed, and passing blame onto others, there are still people out there working to make the world a better place. And it’s even more exciting to see that progress is being made.

    Great post, Sam!

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Thanks! Yeah when I happen upon stories like this it re-assures me that there is still decency in the world, worth noticing and helping!

  8. Joseph Giorgi

    Wow! I would think that a machine like this would be front page news all over the world, seeing as how it could fundamentally change how we think about the fuel crisis.

    You mentioned that it’s currently being put to “industrial” use. Is that in the U.S., or overseas?

    In any case, I guess it goes to show that your takeaway is true: SHOWING is more important than telling. Hopefully “the YouTube” can help spread the word in this case. 🙂

    • Cybernetic SAM

      I hope so! As I mentioned previously it is just unfortunate that money sometimes is held to a higher importance that us or the future of the planets existence. Politicians and Big Oil often forget, without humanity there is no need for money.

  9. Jill Tooley

    Just…wow. This machine belongs in my house RIGHT MEOW. (Didn’t mean to form a bizarre rhyme there, sorry!)

    I’m with Joe — why wouldn’t this be all over the news? Isn’t this exactly the kind of thing we’d need to decrease our dependence on foreign oil? Oh wait, I know…because it’s not about making the world a better place or helping people live better, it’s about the almighty dollar sign. Same thing with the pharmaceutical companies squashing alternative medicines (but that’s a can of worms I won’t/can’t open here). SIGH.

    Regardless, this was a thoroughly interesting post. This man is a genius and I hope his work continues to help people who need it!

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Apparently for a hefty sum you can own one of these, but no one has that kind of money. It is just unfortunate because this could be an amazing solution to the conversion process of weening ourselves off of non-renewable fuels. We use all the refuse we have accumulated and clean up the world. But yes you are exactly right, until this makes corporations lots of money, it will continue to fly under the radar. Just like all the simple secrets to make life, health, and the world better. It is apparently not worth it. Just think, this could be a solution to future wars that will be fought over the fuel crisis. This machine alone could give peace a chance! like I was saying I can only dream of a day that this machine along with solar power comes standard in homes.

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