Are you tired of the same old marketing strategies? Does the thought of billboards and podcast spots make you yawn? It’s time to shake off that fatigue and try something new. Wake up and start using promotional coffee mugs!

Whether you use them for espressos at your diner or bring them along as trade show swag, custom mugs are one of the most versatile promotional products out there. No matter what, your business can find some way to use them, even if it’s just to help your team wake up on a Monday morning!

Here are 10 good reasons why your business should buy custom mugs.

1. Everybody Loves Coffee

everyone loves coffee

It’s safe to assume that almost everyone in your target audience (as long as it isn’t babies, kids, or pets) enjoys coffee. With that in mind, you’ll reach everyone with a really cool custom mug.

Take a look at these stats about coffee, all based on different demographics.

  • 66% of women regularly drink coffee, while 62% of men enjoy a good cup of joe.
  • Baby Boomers enjoy more coffee than any other age group. Nearly 75% of Americans 55 and older drink at least 1 cup a day.

  • Today, millennials account for 44% of total U.S. consumption.

  • Gen Z’ers love coffee! Many enjoy single serve cold drinks, but 46% also drink hot coffee from a coffee mug at home.

  • Coffee consumption is very high in urban areas. New York, Seattle, and San Francisco are among the cities that drink the most coffee.

  • A staggering 92% of college students drink coffee.

Everyone loves coffee, so it’s safe to assume that everyone will appreciate custom mugs from your business. Think about how you can use these cups to reach your target audience.

2. Mugs Don’t Expire

mug on a shelf

Unlike coffee grounds, which eventually expire, promotional mugs have absolutely no shelf life. You can store them for a long time without worrying about them going bad.

Throughout the history of coffee cups, the overall design hasn’t changed much. You won’t have to worry about your business mugs being untrendy in the near future. Order them in bulk now, keep them in storage, and use them when a marketing opportunity arises!

3. You Can Use Coffee Mugs in Creative Ways

marketing mugs

Even if you sell insurance, tame wild tigers, or work for NASA, you can use custom coffee mugs to promote your business in some way. As long as you’re creative, there are a ton of great ways to incorporate them into your marketing.

Did you order promotional coffee mugs for your business? You can use them in many different ways. Give these ideas a try!

  • Give custom mugs to new clients as gifts.
  • Bring the cups to networking events.
  • Use the promo mugs as prizes in a social media contest.
  • Hand out free mugs at a trade show.
  • Stock a gift shop with cheap mugs you can sell for a profit.
  • Order custom coffee mugs as corporate gifts for the holidays.
  • Fill promo mugs at your diner or coffee shop.
  • Offer a free mug with a purchase at your store.
  • Put a gift card & candy inside mugs as raffle prizes.
  • Mail custom mugs to your remote team for the holidays

The sky’s the limit with how you can promote your brand with mugs. Every coffee lover will appreciate the gesture!

4. Bulk Orders Save You Money

save money by ordering bulk coffee mugs

Don’t just dip your toes in the mug marketing pool! Dive in headfirst and order coffee mugs in bulk rather than in a small quantity. Why? You end up saving money on a wholesale order!

When you buy in bulk, the price per mug is lower and you won’t have to reorder as often. Promotional mugs have a minimum as low as 36 or as high as 150, so explore your options so you can find coffee cups that work for your needs.

5. Custom Mugs Yield High Impressions

promotional coffee mugs are used every week

According to The Markey Group, promotional coffee cups generate 198 impressions per month, or over 2,300 impressions every single year. That means people will pay attention to any logo or advertising message that you print on front.

It’s really no surprise that your custom mugs will get noticed. People drink coffee every morning, which means your mug will be in the rotation at least once a week. Try to find a dishwasher-safe material* to ensure that your coffee cup is used more often.

*It’s best to wash custom coffee mugs by hand whenever possible to preserve the print.

6. There is a Lot of Room for Creativity

You should customize your mugs so they look amazing! After all, you don’t want them to end up in a Goodwill donation pile. The trick is to print something on front that people can’t forget!

To make sure your promo coffee mugs look amazing, follow these steps:

customize cool mugs

Choose a cool mug to customize.

make your custom mugs colorful

Brainstorm the color scheme.

logo coffee mugs

Print your company logo somewhere on the front (bonus points if you can fit your contact info or website).

creative custom coffee mugs

Add an extra touch like a funny quote, inspirational message, or cute clipart image.

It’s up to you to make your custom coffee mugs look amazing. Start by picking a cool mug as your palette and then brainstorm some ideas on what to print on front. The more unique, the better!

7. Custom Travel Mugs Are Moving Billboards

custom travel mugs are moving billboards

Let’s not forget about custom travel mugs! After the COVID-19 pandemic, people started making their own coffee at home.

In fact, about one-third of the U.S. population bought beans or grounds in an attempt to replicate their favorite coffee shop drink. This is a habit that won’t go away anytime soon, so promo travel mugs from your business are bound to come in handy.

8. Mugs Have a Higher Perceived Value

mugs have a high perceived value

A “perceived value” is a customer’s opinion of a brand or product when compared to others. Ultimately, your target audience is looking for items that are stylish and useful to their everyday lives. Nobody will think you’re cheap if you invest in trendy wholesale ceramic mugs.

Even if your customers are not coffee drinkers, they can still find some way to use custom mugs around the house. They’re great for holding pens, candy, and can even be turned into DIY candles!

9. Coffee Mugs Are Used Year Round

coffee mugs are used year round

Whether it’s a sunny summer morning or a chilly winter evening, your promo mugs are going to see the fresh air. People love using mugs for coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and even as soup bowls. Hands down – mugs are kitchen must-haves!

It’s not only hot coffee that people love! Iced coffee is on the rise, even in the winter. In fact, the Smithsonian Magazine reports that out of a survey of 500 people 84% were drinking more iced coffee in the winter than the year before. This means you can buy plastic or copper mugs and still get good results!

10. Coffee Has Power

You want people to think good thoughts about your brand. Steer clear of scandals and controversies, and while you’re at it, start promoting with coffee mugs.

Studies prove the power of coffee!

coffee gives you energy

Coffee Gives You Energy – There are fascinating connections between drinking coffee and feeling more energetic. A study from Northwestern University found that we have a Pavlovian response to the bitter taste of coffee. Just having a sip makes us feel an energy boost.

coffee makes you happier

Coffee Makes You Happier – Scientists have found that coffee consumption releases dopamine in your brain. This neurological chemical is responsible for putting you in a better mood.

coffee mugs inspire loyalty

Coffee Mugs Inspire Loyalty Psychology Today found that 60% of people have an emotional attachment to their favorite mug. Your business could just weasel your way into someone’s heart if you advertise with promotional coffee mugs.

coffee is reliable

Coffee is Reliable – In a world that’s always feeling tired, coffee is a faithful friend. Dr. Gary Wenk, author of Your Brain on Food, reports that since coffee is safe, it’s something we can always rely on to stimulate us when we need it.

coffee helps you relax

Coffee Helps You Relax – The Community Health Network reports that you naturally relax when you consume hot drinks. They expand your blood vessels and improve circulation, ultimately helping you feel comforted.

And just to think – your brand can be associated with energy, loyalty, reliability, comfort, and overall happiness if you hand out custom coffee mugs. It’s about time to start using them!


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