Do you plan on hosting a bake sale? Are you a sweet shop looking for fun new recipes? Either way, you’ll put love into every dessert with custom cookie cutters!

The personalized cookie cutters featured here are available to buy in bulk, so you’ll never run out. Brainstorm ways to use them and start winning over anyone with a sweet tooth!

custom heart cookie cutters

Perfect for: Valentine’s Day, wedding favors, anniversary parties

It’s time for your annual Valentine’s Day party! Bake sugar cookies and cut the dough using these heart cookie cutters. You can then use food coloring to make the hearts look like classic candy hearts and write messages on top in black icing like “Be Mine” or “Luv U.” These personalized cookie cutters are also great for anniversary parties or as wedding favors.

custom star cookie cutters

Perfect for: award ceremonies, Fourth of July, school bake sales

Shoot for the stars with these star shaped cookie cutters! You can use them to make desserts for a July 4th cookout, or for the cookies on the snack table at your award ceremony. These bulk cookie cutters are also great for school or nonprofit bake sales.

awareness ribbon cookie cutters

Perfect for: nonprofits, charities, fundraisers

If you need to raise more funds for your charity or nonprofit, then baked goods are an excellent choice! Your homemade cookies will look unique if you use these ribbon shaped cookie cutters. These custom cookie cutters are white, so print the text on top in your awareness ribbon color. For instance, use pink if you’re promoting breast cancer awareness.

custom dog bone cookie cutters

Perfect for: animal shelters, dog walkers, groomers

Both dogs and their owners love a treat! Whip up your next batch of cookies using these bone shaped cookie cutters. You can sell them at your animal shelter, use them to promote your dog walking service, or give them out as a freebie after a grooming service.

Perfect for: realtors, insurance companies, housewarming parties

If you’re a realtor, your goal should be to make a good impression on your clients. Put together a delicious plate of house-shaped cookies! You can use these house cookie cutters for the job, tie a handwritten note to the top with ribbon, and give the entire plate as closing gifts.

custom pumpkin cookie cutters

Perfect for: Halloween, pumpkin patches, fall events

Pumpkin spice cookies in the shape of pumpkins? Yes, please! You’ll feel all the fall vibes if you give these custom cookie cutters out as favors at a Halloween party. Print your logo on front and sell them as promotional swag at your pumpkin patch, or hand them out for free to all the visitors at a fall festival.

custom Christmas tree cookie cutters

Perfect for: Christmas parties, tree nurseries, bakeries

Who cares about extra calories? You can’t celebrate the holiday season without plenty of cookies! Gingerbread, sugar, and chocolate crinkle cookies will taste even more delicious if they’re in a festive Christmas tree shape. Bakeries can use these tree cookie cutters to increase business in November and December.

custom person shaped cookie cutters

Perfect for: family reunions, client-based businesses, events for kids

Do you work face-to-face with clients? Win their hearts with these person shaped cookie cutters! Decorate them with a clever slogan along with your logo, and give them out as a “thank you” during your first meeting. You can also use these cute cookie cutters for the desserts at family reunions or any event for kids.

Final Thoughts

These unique cookie cutters can be used to bake delicious desserts, especially since each one also comes with a recipe card. They’re also great swag for a variety of brands, not just the ones who sell cookies!

If you want a sweet deal on custom cookie cutters, you can reach out to Quality Logo Products® at any time! We have a variety of options, all available in bulk for your business or event.

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