A piece of paper isn’t a diagnosis, and it certainly isn’t a cure for serious issues like heart disease, depression, and high blood pressure. That doesn’t mean you should turn your nose up to informational fact sheets and medical brochures. These healthcare pamphlets can definitely help your patients feel more knowledgeable and at ease.

Do you work in a medical office? Here are the best health brochures and fact sheets to provide your patients.

1. Mental Health Brochures

mental health brochure

If COVID-19 proved anything, it’s that mental health should not be overlooked. These mental health brochures feature a list of common sources of stress, a definition of stress, and the physical, psychological, and behavioral symptoms of stress on the body.

2. Heart Health Pamphlets

heart health pamphlet

Show love with these heart health pamphlets! Your patients will learn the best foods to eat and top exercises to keep their heart beating. These medical brochures also provide a guide to CPR and a list of heart attack warning signs.

3. Dental Brochures

dental health brochure

After a cleaning, most dentists hand out a goodie bag filled with toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste. Why not also slip in dental health brochures? Your patients can practice better dental hygiene with the tips and tricks printed inside.

4. Breast Cancer Pamphlets

breast cancer pamphlet

According to the CDC, over 260,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed for women and men in the United States every year. Your patients don’t want to be in the dark after a diagnosis, which is why educational breast cancer fact sheets come in handy.

5. Blood Pressure Brochures

blood pressure brochure

High blood pressure increases your risk for heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, and diabetes. Any medical center or hospital should offer these informative blood pressure brochures to their patients. Each pamphlet fits in a wallet and features a list of facts and tips on reducing stress and eating better.

6. Fitness & Nutrition Fact Sheets

nutrition pamphlet

Are you ready to eat better and break a sweat with a good exercise routine? These good health pocket calendars are just what you need! You can use this weekly calendar to track meals and workouts. There are also fitness and nutrition tips printed for each month.

7. Diabetes Brochures

diabetes brochure

Diabetes is unfortunately a common ailment in the United States. In fact, about 1 in 10 people are affected by this health condition. It can feel scary to get this diagnosis, but you can help put minds at ease with these diabetes pamphlets. These health brochures describe the disease, how insulin works, and tips for checking your sugar levels.

8. First Aid Pamphlets

first aid brochure

You never know when an emergency will occur. Keep your patients ready for any scenario with these first aid fact sheets. These medical brochures contain a list of first aid supplies as well as tips on how to deal with choking, bleeding, head injuries, and burns. Home nurses should definitely give these brochures to their patients’ families.

9. Fire Safety Brochures

fire safety brochure

Partner with your local fire station by keeping these fire safety pamphlets at your medical center. Burns are not only painful and potentially life-threatening, but they can also cause infection, fluid loss, scars, and even hypothermia. By keeping these brochures at your office, you’re helping patients be proactive and avoid burns from house fires in the future.

10. CPR Guides

CPR brochure

While a CPR class is always best, you should know what to do in an emergency situation. That’s why these CPR guides are bound to come in handy! These healthcare pamphlets contain illustrated steps for how to perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver.

What is a Health Pamphlet?

what is a health pamphlet

A health pamphlet is an informational printout that medical offices can offer their patients. These guides contain vital information related to a particular disease, ailment, or injury as well as helpful tips related to nutrition, emergency preparedness, and general wellness.

According to the Duke Center for Personalized Health Care, “effective physician-patient communication has been shown to positively influence health outcomes by increasing patient satisfaction, leading to great patient understanding of health problems and treatments available.”

Free health pamphlets and fact sheets are part of this strong communication between doctors and patients. These printouts are not very expensive to order, and they give patients a starting point when they go home after their appointment.

How to Use Health Brochures

Now that you have a list of health pamphlets, the next step is to figure out how to use them. Here are some ideas!

waiting room graphic

Waiting Room

The average wait time to see a doctor is over 18 minutes. Good Housekeeping and National Geographic are fun to read, but your patients may benefit more from looking at free health brochures in the waiting room.

doctor talking to patient graphic

Bedside Conversations

Your patients don’t want to go home clueless as to how to care for their health. After the appointment, a good doctor talks to their patients about what comes next. This would be a great time to hand out fact sheets full of information your patients can use to take care of themselves.

reception desk graphic

Reception Desks

When your patients make follow-up appointments, ask your secretaries to hand out any relevant healthcare pamphlets. You can also leave a variety of brochures in racks on the counters.

direct mailers graphic

Direct Mailers

Your practice can send out free healthcare mailers to everyone in the local community. It shows how much your facility cares about health and wellness and may result in more people coming to you when they’re injured or feeling ill.

home health care graphic

Home Health Care

Do you work in home healthcare? Put together a tote bag full of the medical supplies you need like hand sanitizer, thermometers, and rubber gloves. While you’re at it, you should also have create home health care brochures that tell your patients what they should expect from each visit.

local businesses graphic

Local Businesses

Businesses not in the medical field can also use health fact sheets. Gyms can hand out free fitness and nutrition guides to their clients. Daycares may want CPR pamphlets for their employees to reference. Order these fact sheets in bulk for anyone who needs them in your local community.

Final Thoughts

Medical brochures may seem like just words on paper, but they actually help your patients feel calmer before their appointment. The quick facts and tips printed inside may just help reduce the stress and anxiety that comes from going to the doctor.  

You can even scan these health pamphlets to create digital versions that your patients can access on their phones. The more informed your patients are, the better they’re going to feel. Try these medical fact sheets at your office!


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