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10 Must-Have Custom Tech Products for People Always on the Go

When I first started at QLP, I was commuting about 140 miles roundtrip per day. Luckily, I was able to move closer before the Midwest winter fully hit, and my car and wallet thanked me. However, besides making sure all my podcasts were loaded on my phone for that week, there was one really important detail I had to take care of to ensure a smooth commute.

The most important item I needed was my car charger for my phone. There were times when I would forget it and would turn around just before I got onto the highway to go home and get it. It was that important.

I know I wasn’t alone with my longer-than-normal commute, either. The number of so-called “super commuters” is growing every year, and in today’s world, some people aren’t ever in an office, or their office is the local coffee shop, a hotel room across the country, or anywhere there’s a free WiFi hotspot. That’s why now is the perfect time for businesses to offer giveaways geared to this part of the workforce.

Technology isn’t slowing down. In fact it’s is one of the fastest growing categories in the promotional products industry. The following tech products are all items you’ve seen before, but may never have thought would be useful for the business traveler.

1. Car Chargers

7.-USB-Car-ChargerAs I made pretty clear above, a car charger is pretty important for the long distance driver. One thing smartphones never seem to have is a long enough battery life. They are getting better, but for someone who is never in the office (or commutes from a distance), they’ll usually always need an extra boost of power throughout the day.

Most of these car chargers come with a USB port on the other end, which makes charging a smartphone, and even a tablet, very simple. It was a lifesaver for me, and it allowed me to stay up to date with all my podcasts.

2. Power Banks

3.-Power-BankOf course, not every person on the go is in their car. Those who spend more time on a plane than in a car will need something a little more practical. Power banks come in many different sizes, compact or larger to fit just about anyone’s need. Each one also comes with specifications for the type of device it can charge.

Some are built for charging phones but won’t work very well when trying to revive a dead tablet, while others would work great for powering up either one. So be sure to check out the description for the one you want to make sure it will fit your needs.

3. Styluses

1.-StylusPens have always been a pretty big seller here at Quality Logo Products. People love free pens. When was the last time you were in a group and someone asked if you had a pen? However, with the rise of the smartphone a few years ago, a new type of pen has grown in popularity: styluses.

These handy products are a practical giveaway. While you might not use one for your phone all the time, they are great to have when using a tablet or other touchscreen. Either way, they are a must have for anyone on the go.

4. USB Mice/Keyboards

2.-MouseTablets might be all the rage right now, but not everyone has gotten rid of their laptop computers in exchange for touchscreens. Even some tablets support a USB mouse. This handy little device might seem a little outdated, but speaking from personal experience, it makes working on a laptop a lot quicker and more efficient than using the touchpad below the keyboard. Most of the standard computer mice are a little too big for those using a non-traditional office.

That’s why the smaller travel mouse, such as the Optical Mini Mouse, is an ideal item for the employee who is always traveling for their job. On that same note, if a mouse makes working on a laptop easier, then a wireless keyboard does the same for tablets. Wireless keyboards come in all different sizes, and some even fold up for easy packing.

5. Cell Phone Sleeves

4.-Cell-Phone-SleeveYou’ll notice a few of these items are geared toward making sure your cellphone is working and powered up. That’s because cellphones are our lifelines, and for someone who spends more time in hotel beds than in their own, it means even more.

Cell phone sleeves recently made our Top 10 Most Popular Products list. Usually they can hold the basics like credit cards, IDs, and cash, which makes them an essential item for people rushing to the airport or attempting to get out the door on time each morning.

6. Bluetooth Speakers

6.-Bluetooth-SpeakerAgain, this one is related to cell phones (thanks, Apple). A Bluetooth speaker does more than just making sure you can have a dance party in your hotel room. A lot of our speakers also have a built-in mic and work with your phone, so you can hold a conference call.

Plus, they can make multitasking easy by freeing up hands to answer email or do other work while talking on the phone. We even have the Zoom Audio Flask, which is a water bottle with a Bluetooth speaker built in so you can stay hydrated while you dance the night away. We can’t make this stuff up…or maybe we do?

7. USB Desk Caddy

5.-USB-Desk-CaddyOrganization is pretty important for just about everyone. However, for those who don’t have a home office, or are never at their office, staying organized is especially key.

A product like the USB Desk Caddy is compact enough to make it travel-friendly, and it still features additional USB ports and a place to hold a cell phone and other essentials. It’s one of those items that they won’t know what they did to stay organized before you gave them one!

8. Tablet Sleeves

8.-Tablet-SleeveThe number of tablets worldwide surpassed 1 billion last year. Thanks to continuing improvements on power and capabilities, tablet sales were expected to top the sales of laptops for the first time in 2015 as well.

They can be especially valuable for employees on the go every day because they take up less space than a laptop but still provide much of the same functionality. Protecting those tablets with a sleeve is incredibly important, more so if the tablet is owned by the employer.

9. Flash Drives

9.-flash-driveI know, with the Internet it’s hard to believe that flash drives are still a thing people use, but it hasn’t gone the way of the floppy disk just yet. It’s always useful to have some type of a backup in case you don’t have access to the Internet or another unforeseen event occurs.

The good thing about flash drives is that they aren’t all that expensive (and they are a lot less expensive than an annual fee for cloud storage), and the memory capacity has increased significantly over the years. Get each of your employees one of these, and chances are they won’t need another one for a long time.

10. Ear Buds

10.-Ear-BudsThis just in: little kids like to cry on airplanes. Ear buds not only help you ignore those cries but also block out other unnecessary noise in crowded places like airports. Nearly all of our ear buds come with a convenient carrying case for easy transportation and storage when they aren’t in use.

Ear buds are the quintessential mark of someone on the move. You see them everywhere in major cities as people walk to work or look to catch public transportation. It’s no different for the business traveler heading to a new city every week.


Business travel is continuing to rise, but the budgets that companies have to work with to pay for those travels isn’t growing at the same rate. Making sure your employees are well equipped for their commutes or travels is just one way to help reduce the overall costs.

Giving your employees even one of these items can help improve travel through the workweek. Whether these products are part of a welcome package for new employees getting ready to hit the road for your company, or you give them to veteran travelers, everyone will benefit. Most of all, your business will also benefit from the exposure of your logo traveling the country with employees!

Did I leave any essential products out? Are you a frequent business traveler? What do you have to bring with you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Jen

    Great article, Shaun!

    All of these items are awesome and obviously SO useful. Even for those of us without terribly long commutes, they’re great to have for vacation, keep in your desk, give away as gifts (I unabashedly give these out for Christmas),etc. Many of our tech goods go through rigorous testing, so they are safe and reliable. It’s important with tech items to look for this, especially when giving them out to other consumers.

    My personal favorite are the power banks. They’re portable, easy to use, and self-explanatory. Plop them on your table, and voila! Instant traffic to your booth. Although the initial cost may be a bit scary for your promotional project, they have a high inherent value, and last much longer than other giveaways. Your customers are going to think of you every time they charge. And let’s be honest…with how glued most of us are to our smartphones, that’s going to be often 🙂

  2. Tina P.

    This article really speaks to me because, although I do not do a lot of traveling for work, I do a lot of traveling with family. I own two Power Banks, two car charges, and a WiFi Hotspot so that we can have the internet on the go. (And not use all our internet on our phone plan). I just recently got a Cell Phone Sleeve and I promise this is the best thing ever. My Driver’s License and Debit Card are in there along with a hair tie. I misplace those three items so quickly and easily, that it’s become just as quickly and easily to slide them into the pocket and click it shut so I do not lose them while traveling. I honestly think everyone should get one of these sleeves even if they do not travel at all. And obviously, the earbuds are extremely important if traveling by plane. I’m a people person, but sometimes I just need to be in my own place without talking to everyone. Great article!

  3. Anthony

    This is an awesome post! These types of products are getting big very quick! Any one that is always on their phone or is going somewhere that does not have access to electricity, would love to have a power-bank! It is great for Festivals so you can just constantly take pictures/videos so you don’t have to worry on your battery life!

    Plus, these types of items would be very cool to pass out at a trade show event since everyone likes to be tech-savvy and into the new thing when it comes to technology. It’s just going to get larger here on out so I say get started while you can!! Great post!!

  4. Rondell Caraos

    Great post Shaun! Everything on this list is growing in popularity and I see more of these orders/quotes coming through month after month. For me, I do not travel that much anymore because of the new born but I’m sure that will start back up once she starts walking. (which is right around the corner). Anyway, when I do travel out of the state or just to the local park, I always have a few items on me. My cell phone, a Blue Tooth Speaker, and a Portable Charging Device! I HAVE to have music playing at all times. My kids are going to grow up with a beat in their head or become really good dancers because of it. My wife gets annoyed because I always have my music but I’ll take that over getting in trouble for something else. 🙂 I even have a Blue Tooth Speaker in almost every room in the house… I think it is awesome! My guests appreciate it. One thing I’m sure everybody can’t stand is an almost dead cell phone! That is the worst! Gotta have a Portable Charger, I do not know what I’d do with out it to be honest. If you don’t have one of these already… I suggest you pick one up today. Hit me up, if you want more than just one, I’ll send you on a quote for them. 🙂

  5. Kat

    What an awesome post! It is absolutely amazing to see where technology has taken us these days. I personally own a good portion of those items listed above – and wouldn’t know what to do without them! My favorite? The power bank!! Now, when you are a at a double header ball game or all day concert you don’t have to go looking for an outlet. You can simply plug your phone into charge wherever you are. I think that is the most amazing thing ever – considering I remember the Motorola bag phones that had to be connected to the cig lighter in the car before actual cell phones became popular. Believe it or not I just gave my 5 year old nephew a power bank to charge his, wait for it, iPhone and iPad……I was playing with Barbie dolls when I was 5!! You can’t go wrong with owning any of the products listed in this blog – and they make GREAT giveaways – because everyone needs and wants one!

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