Do you want to hear something that will blow your mind? Reusable tote bags can save over 22,000 plastic bags from being used. This is amazing news for not only the environment, but also your marketing budget.  

So now that you’re ready to get on the trend, the next step is to find the best personalized tote bags. You want something that people will carry everywhere – to the beach, to the park with the kids, out grocery shopping…everywhere! This is valuable exposure since tote bags can generate over 3,300 impressions in their lifetime according to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI).

Are you putting together swag bags for an event? Do you need something new for your grocery store? Grab any of the custom tote bags featured here. These ideas are stylish, useful, and durable enough to be carried all day, every day!

1. Milan Jute Tote Bags

custom jute tote bags

Do you want cute tote bags for a farmer’s market? You’re sure to love the Milan Jute Totes! These reusable tote bags have a strap closure and elegant cotton rope handles. Jute also happens to be an eco-friendly, natural material that’s spun from flowering plants!

2. Ribbon Totes

breast cancer awareness ribbon tote bag

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, there are over 3.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. Awareness is important, so promote the cause with Ribbon Totes. The pink awareness ribbon is a national symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness, making these unique tote bags a must for any fundraising event.

3. Custom Canvas Tote Bags

custom canvas tote bag

Canvas tote bags are the best for a few good reasons: 1) they’re insanely strong, 2) they’re budget-friendly, and 3) they last a long time. The Essential Zip Tote Bags pictured here are all that and more with long 12” carrying handles and many classic colors to choose from. Grab these wholesale tote bags for your next trade show!

4. Metallic Accent Tote Bags

metallic accent tote bag

Be a shining star! It’s as easy as buying custom tote bags with a little bit of “oomph”… something like the Metallic Accent Tote Bags. The shimmery color adds a little bit of visual interest to the otherwise plain black bags. Choose from 5 accent colors: blue, gold, green, red, or silver.

5. Pineapple Tote Bags

pineapple print tote bag

Move over, apples and bananas. It’s all about the Pineapple Totes! These cute tote bags come in white and are pre-printed with a quirky pineapple pattern across the top. You’ll love these promotional tote bags for your frozen yogurt shop, organic grocery store, or Hawaiian gift shop.

6. Eco-Friendly Non Woven Totes

large nonwoven tote bag

If you need cheap customized tote bags, look no further than the Eco-Friendly Non Woven Totes! These large tote bags are the perfect choice for everyone since they start at less than $2 each and come in 14 eye-catching colors.

7. Lamis Business Tote Bags

custom leather tote bag

Fashionistas will go crazy over the Lamis Business Tote Bags! They look like leather tote bags, but they’re actually made from a soft fabric called litchi. These personalized tote bags come in chic colors like burnt orange, burgundy, and chocolate. With a higher price tag, they also have a low minimum that starts at under 100.

8. Strand Commuter Totes

custom commuter tote bag

Anyone who travels will get a ton of use from the Strand Commuter Totes. The large front pocket can easily fit snacks, a paperback novel, a tablet, and anything else you need for a lengthy commute. Whether you’re taking train, plane, or automobile, these are the best personalized totes for you!

9. Cotton Tote Bags

custom cotton tote bags

You got to love the Bottom Line Cotton Tote Bags. Let’s talk about all the fabulous features! For starters, there are not just one, but two carrying handles. You can wear it over the shoulders or crossbody, whichever is more comfortable for you. These custom tote bags also zip open and closed, and have tan accents, a striped bottom, and a spacious front pocket.

10. Clear Tote Bags

custom clear tote bags

Airlines, live events, and theme parks have security gates set up to ensure everyone’s safety. Lines will move way faster if everyone is carrying clear tote bags. The Printed Clear Tote Bags pictured above zip open and closed, which is a must for crowded venues. Sell them in your gift shop or hand them out for free during a promotional event!

11. Fun Tote Bags

custom tote bag with mesh pocket

How can you resist promotional tote bags that literally have “fun” in their name? The Fun Tote Bags are compact, zip open and closed, and have a handy side mesh pocket for water bottles. Print your logo front and center, and order these bulk tote bags for a community fair or festival.

12. Field and Co. Tote Bags

custom field and co. tote bag

Are you willing to splurge? Feast your eyes on the Field & Co. Cotton Canvas Bags. These branded tote bags from Field & Co. are on the more expensive side, but they make great prizes for raffles or social media contests. You’ll reach the minimum if you order only 10 of these fashionable tote bags!

13. Tie Dye Tote Bags

custom tie dye tote bags

Channel your inner 60’s wild child with the Tie Dye Shopper Tote Bags! They’re amazing tote bags for concerts, festivals, or summer events. And don’t be fooled – these custom totes aren’t all looks. They’re able to carry over 20 pounds!

14. Soho Tartan Tote Bags

custom plaid tote bag

Plaid is the best of both worlds since it can look either sophisticated or edgy. Try out this look by ordering the Soho Tartan Tote Bags. Available in 4 colors, these branded tote bags are great for art shows, boutiques, and any other upscale store or event.

15. All That Grocery Tote Bags

custom grocery tote bags

Wholesale tote bags don’t have to be expensive. Stay on budget with the All That Grocery Tote Bags! These bags come in 29 trendy colors that have fun names like “beach wash denim,” “key lime pie,” “creamsicle,” and “drama queen.” You’ll enjoy your tote bag printing experience!

16. Baseball Tote Bags

baseball shaped tote bag

Knock it out of the park with Baseball Tote Bags! All teams, from the little leagues to the pros, can advertise with these unique bags. Don’t worry – baseball isn’t the only sport getting the love. You can also buy wholesale tote bags shaped like basketballs or footballs!

17. Macaw Shoulder Tote Bags

sporty tote bags

Most people have a collection of tote bags at home. Stand out with bags that have a unique color scheme! The Macaw Shoulder Tote Bags are an excellent choice with their durable PVC material and mesh front pockets. Everyone is sure to love these sporty tote bags!

18. Diamond Gusset Tote Bags

tote bags with gusset

In Home Alone, there’s a scene where Kevin McCallister’s plastic grocery bags rip as he walks home from the store. Avoid this situation with the Diamond Gusset Tote Bags. The gussets at the bottom and sides provide much-needed support for heavy groceries. Plus, the bag has a classy pattern that will make your customers think of their kitchen backsplash at home.

19. Cotton Resort Tote Bags

beach tote bags

Ahoy! Go for a nautical look by printing your design on Cotton Resort Tote Bags. With the roped handles and large stripes, these custom totes are perfect for beach resorts, sailboat trips, and cruises. 

20. Rainbow Totes

rainbow tote bags

Why stick with one color when you can have Rainbow Totes? These personalized tote bags are wonderful for LQBQT events, but are also great for kids. As a bonus, the bags are easy to clean if they get dirty at an outdoor event like a community fair, picnic, or pool party.

21. Doctor Tote Bags

doctor tote bags

We’re going to need a doctor, stat! How else will we show off the Doctor Tote Bags? The U-shaped handles make it look like you’re carrying a medical kit, while the white coat and stethoscope detail are fun and memorable. These reusable tote bags are great employee gifts for doctors, nurses, and any other healthcare worker.

22. Crosshatched Tote Bags

custom crosshatch tote bags

Look closely at a pair of denim jeans, and you’ll see little scratches in the fabric. The Crosshatched Tote Bags have that same look, but they’re made from non-woven plastic, which makes them water-resistant. These personalized tote bags also come in 5 great colors and have long 20” handles.

23. Polypropylene Tote Bags

patterned tote bags

The Polypropylene Tote Bags are all about style! Each one comes pre-printed with a paisley, wheel-shaped, or geometric block pattern on both the front and back. Your design is then screen printed in one free ink color on one side next to the pattern.

24. Virdis Foldable Tote Bags

foldable tote bags

Clutter is a serious problem for almost every homeowner. Bulky tote bags can take up more space than you realize, but that won’t be a problem with the Viridis Foldable Tote Bags! These custom tote bags fold right up and secure via Velcro. You can then use the attached carabiner to clip them to a hook, backpack, or purse.

25. Reflective Coloring Tote Bags

coloring tote bags

Kids aren’t the only ones who like to color! Show off your art skills on the Reflective Coloring Tote Bags. Your design is outlined on front, and you can then use crayons or markers (sold separately) to bring a pop of color. It takes tote bag printing to a whole new level!

26. Matte Bahama Tote Bags

custom beach tote bags

The best tote bags for the beach or park are laminated tote bags. The Matte Bahama Tote Bags are easy to wipe clean and won’t get damaged by the hot sun. These large tote bags also have a built-in gusset at the bottom, which helps it hold everything from 2-liter bottles to hardcover beach reads!

27. Degas Tote Bags

dye sublimated tote bags

99.9% of the time, custom tote bags come with only 1 free ink color. That’s not the case with the Degas Tote Bags. These bags come printed in full color, which means you can decorate them with an artistic design or photo without getting charged for extra ink. Embroidered tote bags are another good option if you want a colorful logo on the front.

28. Quilted Tote Bags

quilted tote bags

Carry it all in Quilted Tote Bags! These personalized tote bags offer ample room for all of your essentials with an open main pocket, huge front pocket, and even a loop on the front for pens. You can feel good about this purchase since these tote bags are made from 100% recycled material.

29. Non Woven Camouflage Totes

camouflage tote bags

At ease soldier! You’ve finally found the best tote bags for you – the Non Woven Camo Totes. These large bags are great for military-themed industries and events, especially those around Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day, or Memorial Day.

30. Ombre Tote Bags

custom ombre tote bags

If you want something trendy for teenagers, you can’t go wrong with the Ombre Tote Bags! Enjoy your choice of 3 colors: gray, red, or green. Fill them up with swag, and give them as gifts to your college of high school students!

31. Chevron Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bags

grocery totes with side gusset

The Chevron Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag has it all – a cool zig zag accent on the side, double carrying handles, and a gusset at the bottom that can support heavy items like wine bottles. There’s also a handy front pocket that you can use for coupons and your wallet. They’re the best tote bags for an epic grocery trip at big box stores like Sam’s Club or Costco.

32. Neon Tote Bags

neon tote bags

As DJ Casper sings in the “Cha Cha Slide,” we’re going to get funky…(funky)! No bags out there have more retro charm than the Neon Bungalow Foldaway Totes. These bold bags cinch on the sides, come in 5 fluorescent colors, and are great for 80’s or 90’s themed parties. You can also use them if you need reflective safety items for bikeathons or field trips.

33. Jute Basket Tote Bags

basket tote bags

Yogi Bear wouldn’t dare try to steal the Jute Basket Tote Bags! These bags have a quaint charm that’s great for Bed & Breakfasts, antique stores, and of course, picnics in the park. The roped cotton handles are the cherry on top!

34. Yoga Retreat Cotton Tote Bags

yoga tote bags

Namaste! Find inner peace at your next yoga session by carrying the Yoga Retreat Cotton Tote Bags. You can use these custom totes for all your fitness needs like towels, water bottles, and yoga mats, which stick through a kangaroo style pouch right on front.

35. Gradient Shopper Totes

gradient tote bags

Cozy up with the Gradient Shopper Totes! These canvas tote bags are super soft and remind you of a warm sweater on a snowy day. Do you need gifts for an event like a baby shower or wedding? Fill these bags with comfy favorites like pullovers, beanies, and soup mugs.

36. Napa Cotton and Cork Shopper Tote Bags

cork bottom tote bag

Put a cork in it! Or at least enjoy the cork bottom on the Napa Cotton and Cork Shopper Tote Bags. These personalized tote bags are able to stand upright on a table, which is perfect if you need goody bags for a banquet, award ceremony, or any other formal event. They also come in 3 rustic colors: gray, beige, or brown.

37. Teeny Tiny Tote Bags

small tote bags

Are you giving out favor bags at your wedding? Do you need something for an Easter egg hunt? Here’s your new best friend – the Teeny Tiny Tote Bags! These small tote bags are also great for kids and come in 29 beautiful colors including soft, elegant pastel options.

38. Marble Tote Bags

marble tote bags

Marble cutting boards, plates, and coffee mugs are extremely popular right now in the world of kitchenware. Get in on the trend with Marble Tote Bags. These modern totes are made from polyester, which is one of the strongest and most wrinkle-resistant of all the tote bag materials.

39. Geometric Zippered Tote Bags

zig zag zippered tote bags

Tote bags for work can be hard to find. So give the gift of a wonderful tote this holiday season by ordering the Geometric Zippered Tote Bags. Available in black or teal, these stylish tote bags have a geometric print on two side pockets and ample space for everything you need.

40. Game Day Tote Bags

pocket tote bags

The Game Day Tote Bags have it all – two side pockets, one large front pocket, a large size, and an easy to use Velcro closure. Bring these custom totes along to an outdoor concert, sports game, picnic in the park, or for a fun day on the beach.

How Much Are Custom Tote Bags?

how much are custom tote bags

Custom tote bags can be as cheap as under $1 each to as expensive as $45 each. It ultimately depends on the material, brand, number of ink colors, and size of the bags you’re ordering.

No matter what, you’ll be able to find bulk tote bags in your budget. Save money by ordering a higher quantity. It also doesn’t hurt to shop with coupon codes

Why Should I Order Custom Tote Bags?

why should i order custom tote bags

Tote bags are useful for grocery stores, trade shows, craft fairs, farmer’s markets, conventions, town festivals, and flea markets. They can customize tote bags and offer them to their visitors at the entrance or checkout lanes.

According to National Geographic, reusable tote bags need to be used 131 times before they reduce their impact on climate change to the same extent as plastic bags. The good news is it’s easy to use custom tote bags 131 times…and many, many more! You can keep using your tote over and over again, which is much better for the land, air, and water than plastic or paper.

Final Thoughts

This list of tote bag ideas has something for everyone, whether you need tote bags for work, something to bring to school, or reusable bags that customers can use at your store or event.

Do you want to order wholesale tote bags? How about other advertising products? Quality Logo Products is one call or email away! We also offer a ton of other great promotional items, so explore your options and have fun with the process!


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