It’s time to pick up promotional water bottles! The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) reports that all custom drinkware generates 1,400 impressions in its lifetime. People use water bottles all the time, which means a ton of exposure if you order something stylish and irresistible.

Custom water bottles don’t have to be boring! With so many cool designs and colors, you’ll find something people can’t help but brag about. The global market for reusable water bottles is expected to reach $10.63 billion by 2028, so the time has never been better to get on the water bottle trend!

Do you need promotional items for your business or event? Grab any of the custom water bottles featured here. These ideas are trendy, portable, and large enough for a full day of hydration!

1. Thor Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottles

insulated water bottles with speckles

Capacity: 22 Oz.

Named after the God of Thunder, you can expect the Thor Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle to be ultra-powerful! It’s made from stainless steel and has a trendy speckled exterior and cork lid with a handle. Plus, these custom water bottles are guaranteed to stay cold for 48 hours, which means refreshing sips all day long!

2. YETI Rambler Bottles

custom YETI water bottles

Capacity: 26 Oz.

If you want branded water bottles, you can’t go wrong with YETI – a luxury name that’s best known for their portable coolers. The stainless steel Rambler Bottle has a large capacity and convenient carrying handle, making it great for hikes, fishing trips, and any other outdoor adventure.

3. Grom Aluminum Sports Bottles

custom aluminum sports bottles

Capacity: 22 Oz.

It’s always nice to have personalized water bottles that can clip to a backpack. That’s the beauty of the Grom Aluminum Sports Bottles. All you need is a carabiner to put through the loop, and you’re good to go! The lid is nice and secure on top, so you won’t have to worry about any annoying spills.

4. Metallic Ice Peristyle Bottles

custom glitter water bottles

Capacity: 16 Oz.

Ice, ice, baby! If you want custom water bottles that make people say “ooh, la, la,” feast your eyes on the Metallic Ice Peristyle Bottles. They not only have a dazzling exterior, but they’re also vacuum insulated to keep your water nice and chilled. Choose either silver or gold water bottles!

5. Vacuum Sealed Bamboo Water Bottles

custom bamboo water bottles

Capacity: 16 Oz.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), bamboo products produce 30% fewer emissions than those made of other materials. Every little thing we do to help the planet counts in the end, which is why you should customize bamboo water bottles. The eco-friendly water bottles featured here are constructed with stainless steel and a vacuum insulated copper lining.

6. H2GO Concord Bottles

custom h2go water bottles

Capacity: 21 Oz.

You probably know that “H2O” is the chemical symbol for water. Did you know, though, that H2GO sells branded water bottles that are fully customizable? The Concord Bottles are some of the best, featuring a large 21 oz. capacity, a sleek twist-on lid, and a beautiful assortment of colors.  

7. Customized Synergy Sports Bottles

custom water bottles with silicone sleeve

Capacity: 24 Oz.

Let’s face it, sometimes glass water bottles can be really cold, which makes them difficult to carry. The silicone sleeve on the Customized Synergy Sports Bottles will be a real lifesaver, and as a bonus, you can choose from 3 bright colors. Plus, there’s a carrying handle on the lid that makes them even more portable.

8. Liberty Steel Bottles With Wood Lid

custom aluminum water bottles with bamboo cap and handle

Capacity: 21 Oz.

Metal water bottles are all the rage, and stainless steel in particular happens to be a great insulator. Get in on the trend with the Liberty Stainless Steel Bottles! The wood lid is the cherry on top, bringing a unique look to these trendy custom water bottles.

9. Nassau Sports Bottles

custom sports bottles

Capacity: 25 Oz.

With a large capacity and carrying handle, the Nassau Sports Bottles are easy to lug around during cardio or weightlifting sessions. Plus, they have an irresistible sporty stripe around the bottle and a loop on the handle that clips onto gym bags. Grab these personalized water bottles in bulk for your fitness center.

10. Color Changing Water Bottles

color changing water bottles

Capacity: 32 Oz.

Move over, Harry Potter! The real magic is in these color-changing water bottles. Pour in your water and the bottles will change colors right before your eyes. Bring them in bulk to your next fundraising event, or sell them at your school’s bookstore.

11. Tritan Luray Bottles

pastel water bottles

Capacity: 22 Oz.

85% of people say color is the main reason why they choose a product. You want people to buy your merch if you’re a business, so stock your gift shop with the Tritan Luray Bottles! These custom water bottles have a pretty color palette that includes pastel green, teal, purple, gray, or fuchsia.

12. Bluetooth Speaker Water Bottles

water bottle with bluetooth speaker

Capacity: 17 Oz.

“Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Cry Me a River,” “Beyond the Sea”…there are a lot of great songs about water, and you can listen to them all using the Bluetooth Speaker Water Bottles. The portable speaker is built into the lid and can be recharged using the included charging cable. Hand out these personalized water bottles as gifts at a company picnic, family reunion, or pool party.

13. Embark Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles

custom vacuum insulated water bottles

Capacity: 20 Oz.

Vacuum insulated water bottles can really come in handy on busy days. Check out the Embark Water Bottles if you want something guaranteed to keep drinks at the right temperature all day long. Hot drinks will stay hot for 12 hours, while cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours. As a bonus, these custom water bottles come in pretty colors and have a handle on the lid.

14. Printed Lela Glass Bottles

custom glass water bottles

Capacity: 20 Oz.

Some people swear that glass is better than aluminum or stainless steel water bottles. Go with the Lela Glass Bottles if that sounds like you. These promotional water bottles come with a soft grip and lid handle, both of which making them easy to hold. They’re a bit of a splurge, but worth it if you want water bottle gifts that look classy and last forever.

15. Galway Stainless Steel Bottles

custom stainless steel water bottles with gold accents

Capacity: 16 Oz.

Stainless steel is a great material since it can be dropped, thrown, or tossed into a bag without any worry about damage. Anyone who needs custom water bottles that are tough and rugged should look no further than the Galway Stainless Steel Bottles. They’ve got awesome metallic accents and double wall insulation for both cold and hot drinks.

16. Speckle Water Bottles

custom speckle aluminum water bottles

Capacity: 17 Oz.

Polka dots are retro, but if you want something a bit more subtle, give the Speckle Water Bottles a try! The bottles have tiny dots on the exterior that are youthful and full of personality. Each bottle is also topped with a silver screw-on cap.

17. Contigo Chug Bottles

custom contigo water bottles

Capacity: 24 Oz.

Here’s another brand name water bottle you’re sure to love! Contigo offers well-made plastic water bottles in a variety of sizes and colors. The Chug Bottle is a great example of the quality Contigo is known for, and each of these bottles also comes with a removable straw and a push button that actives the lid.

18. Fruit Fusion Bottles

custom water bottles with fruit infuser

Capacity: 25 Oz.

Water can taste so “blah!” Add some fruity flavor by ordering custom water bottles with a built-in fruit cage. You can put oranges, strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries in the Fruit Fusion Bottles and enjoy sweetness with every sip! Choose from 9 unique color combinations, and get the peace of mind knowing these are BPA-free water bottles.

19. Deluxe Halycon Water Bottles

dye sublimated water bottles

Capacity: 17 Oz.

99.9% of the time your water bottles will be customized using screen printing, which includes only 1 ink color in the cost. The Haylcon Water Bottles break tradition as you can use as many ink colors as you want without getting charged extra. Print your favorite family photo, a colorful logo, or an intricate work of art on every bottle.

20. CamelBak Water Bottles

custom camelbak water bottles

Capacity: 20 Oz.

Are you hosting a bikeathon? Maybe you manage a rock climbing gym. Either way, CamelBak is the brand for you! Their custom water bottles are totally spill-proof; they can even hang upside down without any leakage. The CamelBak Bottles featured here are transparent and have a flip-up straw for easy sipping.

21. Verdi Stainless Steel Swiggy Bottles

custom rainbow water bottles

Capacity: 16 Oz.

Be bold and shop for stainless steel water bottles with some pizazz! The Verdi Stainless Steel Swiggy Bottles not only have a cool name, but they also come in your choice of 5 metallic colors. You can get plain silver, copper, gold, or rose gold, or even rainbow water bottles!

22. Hampton Stainless Steel Bottles

custom slim water bottles

Capacity: 25 Oz.

It’s such a pain in the butt when you’re traveling, and your water bottle doesn’t fit in the cupholder. You won’t have that problem with the Hampton Stainless Steel Bottles. They have a slim design that’s convenient for road trips. Grab these bulk water bottles if you need promotional materials for your travel agency or corporate gifts for your employees.

23. Mountain Vacuum Stainless Steel Bottles

custom large water bottles

Capacity: 34 Oz.

The Mountain Vacuum Stainless Steel Bottles are as large as the highlands they’re named after. Each bottle can hold 34 ounces of liquid, which is basically like pouring in close to 3 canned drinks. The thirsty folks on your list are sure to appreciate these personalized water bottles as gifts or party favors.

24. Norse Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottles

custom water bottles with cork lid

Capacity: 20 Oz.

In Norse mythology, Regin is the God of metalworkers. He’d totally approve of the Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottles! These custom water bottles come in 6 sleek colors and stay cold for up to 2 days. The cork topper, meanwhile, is a lot more memorable than your typical screw-on lid.

25. Value Cycle Bottles With Safety Helmets

custom water bottles for kids

Capacity: 20 Oz.

Do you need personalized water bottles for kids? Check out these cute water bottles, which come with lids that are shaped like safety helmets. The Value Cycle Bottles are a great freebies from construction companies or for school presentations that focus on safety.   

26. Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottles

custom wide mouth water bottles

Capacity: 32 Oz.

The Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottles come in over 25 colors with mix-and-match lids. The colors are not your standard reds, blues, and greens, but interesting hues like glow-in-the-dark, clementine orange, coral, and smoke gray. Plus, they’re large and have a wide mouth, which is useful if you have an active day ahead of you.

27. Tritan Gel Bead Sports Bottles

custom bead water bottles

Capacity: 20 Oz.

Appeal to this next generation with unique water bottles they can bring to school and extracurricular activities. Preteens, teenagers, and young adults are going to go absolutely crazy over the Tritan Gel Bead Sports Bottles. The exterior is decorated with soothing green beads, and the lid has a flip-up straw for easy sipping.

28. Guzzle Stainless Sports Bottles

custom water bottles with twist-on lid

Capacity: 28 Oz.

Imagine you’re packing for a vacation and want to bring a reusable water bottle along for the ride. The Guzzle Stainless Steel Bottles are the perfect travel companion! Not only are they slim and lightweight, but they also have a large 28 oz. capacity that will stop you from feeling thirsty. The airtight screw-on lid will also prevent any water from leaking in your bag.

29. Matte Vacuum Water Bottles

custom water bottles with rope handle

Capacity: 16 Oz.

Are you a tropical resort that needs water bottles for your gift shop? Say “ahoy” to the Matte Vacuum Tumblers! These custom water bottles have a nautical rope detail on the lid and come in your choice of 4 colors: navy, black, white, or gray.

30. Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottles

large neon custom water bottles

Capacity: 32 Oz.

Anyone who has an active day ahead of them will appreciate the Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottles. The large opening at the top allows for big gulps, which is a must if you’re doing anything intense like home renovations, sports tournaments, or marathon runs. As a bonus, these promotional water bottles are also proudly made in the USA.  

How Much Are Custom Water Bottles?

how much are custom water bottles

Custom water bottles start at under $1 each, but can also go up to about $10 each. It ultimately depends on the material, brand, number of ink colors, and ounce capacity of the bottles you’re ordering.

No matter what, you’ll be able to find bulk water bottles in your budget. Save money by ordering a higher quantity. It also doesn’t hurt to shop with coupon codes!

Why Should I Order Custom Water Bottles?

why should i order custom water bottles

If you’re hosting a party, wedding, graduation ceremony, or any other event, you should customize water bottles and use them as favors. Water bottles are also awesome merch, or swag for promotional events like trade shows or conventions.

According to Mayo Clinic, we should drink at least 11.5 cups of water every single day. People are going to always bring their water bottle with them if it’s from a cool brand like YETI, has a fun neon color, or is printed with a unique design on front.

Final Thoughts

Water bottles for the win! You now have 30 great custom water bottle ideas for your business or event. Print a cool design or funny message on the front, and you’ve got something that everyone is guaranteed to love!

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