Customizable Coffee Mugs That Make Winter Mornings More Tolerable

You know that winter weather that was once on its way and has now hit in the Chicago area? It’s shitty. I talked about my dread of colder weather in a blog post a while back, but I’m still thinking about how much it sucks to be stuck in the cold snow. Luckily for me, promotional products took my mind off of winter once again while I was putting this post together!

It’s pretty obvious that there are plenty of amazing promotional products made for the cold weather. But what’s my favorite promotional item to face the winter months? There are many to choose from but I think that reusable mugs are among the most important ones! Having warm coffee to start the day when it’s freezing cold is a must, so what better way to have people have see your logo every day then on their ceramic mugs?

I found three of my favorite interesting mugs on the QLP website and decided to share them with you in case you hadn’t seen them…

I'm Not a Plastic Cup (10 oz.)

I’m Not a Plastic Cup (10 oz.)

1. I’m Not a Plastic Cup (10 oz.)

Well the name kind of describes it all, but I have my reasons for including this travel mug. I love this mug because I can trick people (and I love being an ass like that). The cup looks like a plastic cup but it’s really just a ceramic tumbler made to look like a disposable coffee container. It keeps the drink you have in it hot without transferring too much heat to the outside. It is also safe to microwave and put in the dishwasher – try doing that with your throw away Starbucks cup. As long as I’m carrying this around, people are going to wonder how the hell I’m drinking my coffee out of a plastic or paper cup…but the joke’s on them!

Commuter Mug (14 oz.)

Commuter Mug (14 oz.)

2. Commuter Mug (14 oz.)

This is the classic mug featured on my list, or the “old school” one if you prefer to say it that way. It may be simple compared to my other choices, but yet I still love the Commuter Mug and would count on it the most. While growing up, I watched my dad drink his coffee out of a mug like this for years and learned to love it. Now it’s my personal favorite, and my go-to mug for the cold winter days. The silver and black colors go well together and the insulated materials always keep morning coffee piping hot.

Gray Trash Can with Lid

Gray Trash Can with Lid

3. Gray Trash Can with Lid

I discovered this crazy mug during my research and it truly makes me laugh my ass off. The idea behind this coffee mug is hilarious and there’s no harm in starting each morning with a little laugh. This ceramic garbage-can shaped mug is a great way to get your logo out there on a memorable product that will stick in people’s minds! I love it because it’s unlike anything else I’ve seen and it seems like it would always keep my drink warm in the cold winter.

Overall, there are plenty of promotional products that are vital to the winter season. But I love my coffee and my MUGS to put it in every day. And I personally suggest these three to help your logo, although there are thousands more custom coffee mugs on the Quality Logo Products site!

Which of these mugs is YOUR favorite? Or, do you have an unlisted favorite that you (and your coffee) can’t be without? Post your responses in the comment space below!


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  1. QLP Jill

    Good blog post, Joe! The Elephant Mug is my favorite on our site (what can I say – I love elephants!), but I also enjoy the O-Zone Mug which also has a one-of-a-kind design. Isn’t it amazing how a ceramic mug can make you smile even when you’ve just woken up and you’re in a daze? 🙂

  2. Scooby DOO!

    I think we should ALSO take a vote on what’s best INSIDE those mugs to keep you warm in the winter…

    Hey Joe, GO BEARS!

  3. JJ "Suite G"

    I’m a caffeine fiend myself, and I can honestly say that if I don’t have my coffee on me at ALL times, I’m not the happiest of campers. I’m actually not a big fan of travel mugs though. I prefer to drink my morning brew from traditional ceramic mugs and even smaller, café-style ceramic cups. Maybe it’s because I enjoy the classic diner-esque feel that small drinkwear offers, or maybe it’s because it seems like the coffee lasts longer when I refill my cup time after time throughout the morning–and the afternoon, and the evening.

  4. Kyle

    I’m probably gonna be a part of the minority here for not being a coffee drinker but that trash can mug would be perfect for some nice hot chocolate to keep me warm during this miserable winter weather. Plus that lid would make sure I don’t lose any of my marshmallows. 🙂

  5. Stantz

    I also need my coffee every single morning; otherwise, I am not able to function. I don’t think a good travel mug is just a necessity during winter: I need a cup of coffee every morning, no matter if it’s -20 or 95 degrees outside. :0

  6. skelly

    I’ve got a borderline unhealthy obsession with coffee so I know the cup or mug you drink it from is vital to coffee perfection. My vote is for #1, it looks like a disposable cup but keeps the coffee much warmer for much longer!

    Good post 🙂

  7. Cybernetic SAM

    I love the spooner mug we have in awesome colors! They are sooooo cute and would be the perfect accessory to have enjoying some yummy chili or soup in this chilly weather!

  8. Bret Bonnet

    Joe – you sure like to use profanity to express yourself my good friend. I’d hate to hear what a love poem written for your significant other would end up sounding like – JK!

    I’m personally a big fan of the Varsity mug; it’s clear so you always know how much coffee goodness you have left, and well, it’s super cool.

    My biggest beef with most travel mugs is that the imprint is often not dishwasher safe (hand wash only). Who has the time to do dishes anymore these days? Buyer beware, always inquire about the washing characteristics of that shiny new mug that might have caught your eye online before buying it otherwise you might regret it later.

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