Desk-Front Property: Always a Sound Investment!

Tis the season – it’s summer and the livin’ is easy. Thousands across the country are flocking to their vacation homes to enjoy everything this time of year has to offer. Whether you’re taking on the jersey shore or tucked away in a cabin on a lake somewhere, there is one thing everyone looks for: that exclusive waterfront property. Think about it, no one seeks out a place away from the water; everyone longs to be ON the water, right in the middle of the action. Homes along the waterfront are not only more pleasing than those homes that get lost in the “backwoods,” but they are also noted by neighbors and passersby alike. These waterfront properties are the cream of the crop and stand out when all other properties fall behind or go unnoticed!

Promotional products are no different than these real estate properties. When designing your next corporate promotional give-away, think about this waterfront theory. There are thousands of promotional pieces out there that often get thrown into the bottom of a purse or stay hidden in some compartment of a briefcase, much like the way those real estate properties get lost when they aren’t waterfront. In contrast, there are also those promotional items that stand out, make a statement and are front-and-center in the midst of all the action. These items are similar to the highly-sought-after waterfront properties, so for the sake of promotional real estate let’s call these items desk-front property!

Pen Cup with 4-Port Hub & Light

Wouldn’t you want to have this as the “featured listing” on your desk?

Desk accessories have a permanent place in front of all the action that goes on in an office – much like the water front homes get to experience all the action that occurs on the water. Take, for example, one of our favorite desk front properties, the Pen Cup with 4-Port Hub and Light. This fine piece of desk real estate boasts a customizable full color wrap around insert that is great for displaying logos, calendars, schedules, and more in one convenient location. In addition, the base of the cup features 4 USB 2.0 ports, which are great for charging cellular phones, digital cameras, or MP3 players. But the fun doesn’t stop there! The base of this desktop gem also illuminates a subtle blue when plugged in to draw in additional attention from its viewers.

Everyone that comes through the office, whether it be internal employees or outside clients, gets a glimpse of these desk front properties – and guess what that means for you? Yep, that’s right; they not only see the promotional product but they also visualize YOUR logo. That means your logo is on display every day for everyone to see, meanwhile serving a purpose to whomever’s desk it is situated on. These desk-front properties never fade from the action like the thousands of promotional products that can be thrown into the bottom of a bag somewhere; they sit loud and proud for all to see atop your client’s desk. So stop standing idly by and get your name out there. Invest in some prime real estate: DESK-FRONT PROPERTY!

Visit our Desktop Items page to view all of our current desk-front listings!

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  1. QLP Kid

    That featured product in there is awesome! It is now officially on my X-mas list!

  2. Scooby DOO!

    Fist pump for Desk front property! I never thought of it that way, but this is an extremely accurate metaphor. Great article. What are some NEW desktop items? Anything coming out for Q4 that might spike some interest for corporate gifts?

  3. Derek

    Derek Likes this (thumbs up symbol)…

    I really do like this article, because it challenges the reader to view a certain style of product from a completely different angle, and it makes a great point in the process.

    These really are like the waterfront properties of promotional products, as they truly should be sought after. Pick something practical and useful to someone who works at a desk all day, and it will stick around for years.

    The fantastic thing about these is that, while they’re the more effective promotional products that ought to and might be the most sought after promotional products, the prices on them are not jacked up like the prices on waterfront property. We all know if you want waterfront property, you might as well invest in a hack saw, because you’ll be paying with your arms and legs. With these, you don’t have to… so go ahead and sweep ’em away like wild fire!

  4. QLP Jill

    I love this post! Waterfront property, desk-front property…I think it’s such a natural correlation, but I never would have put the two together. 🙂

  5. Bret Bonnet

    Desktop promo items from Quality Logo Products will have your logo “Fist Pumping Like a Champ!” in no time! 🙂

    Great post.

    Desk-front property is probably the most affordable “real estate” out there. There is no private mortgage insurance, and you don’t have to worry about taking out the trash, that is, other than the competition.

  6. skelly

    Of course there are some hot new items getting ready to make their debut!

    Check out the latest and greatest in iPhone gadgets. The WildCharge for iPhone is a wire-free power platform for many technology devices. This desk-front property sits neatly on any desk and delivers full power to the iPhone immediately on contact! The Wildcharge bundle will come complete with the WildCharge pad as well as an iPhone skin!

    And as if thats not cool enough, also be sure to look for our innovative Magnetic Earbuds. These earbuds stay secure with the help of magnetic grips between layers of clothing to keep your earbud cord in place even during workouts!

  7. Kat

    <3 this!! And love the association of properties! Very unique and definitely gets you thinking!!

  8. Joe

    Love the featured product!!! I want one today!! Great Post!

  9. Elle

    I sure hope my employer gets me one of these…..that sure would be nice.

  10. CAL

    USB powered office gadgets are awesome. We have this Neon Palm Tree and it really ties the room together!

  11. Jana

    I imagine a Bubba stress figure lounging on the front of a desk, mai tai in one hand… Ahh, vacation…

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