Desktop Items That Stop Afternoon Sluggishness in Its Tracks

Does that afternoon feeling have you feeling sluggish (usually around 2:30 pm)? Need something to offer a fun distraction or pick-me-up? Well look no further!

You should always be armed with a creative product to combat difficult days and afternoons. That doesn’t mean you should fiddle with it all day long, but taking a two-minute break will probably perk up your senses in no time. No matter what the occasion, these promo items are sure to please employees or clients.

Be warned…these aren’t your grandmother’s desktop items!

Self-Stirring Mug

Self-Stirring Mug

Self-Stirring Mug (12 oz.)

I don’t know about anyone else, but in these cold winter times I have discovered a new love — and her name is hot chocolate. My only problem is I still haven’t found the correct formula for making it, and by that I mean the best way to make it without a giant mess. I put the water in, then the powder, then stir, followed by many paper towels cleaning up the half hot chocolate mess on my desk. Until I discovered the Self-Stirring Mug, that is!

It doesn’t matter if it’s hot chocolate, coffee, or tea, because this mug can accommodate any mixed drink. You just insert all the ingredients, press the “stir” button, and presto! In just a minute or two, you can have your perfectly mixed beverage with no fuss, no mess, and no mess! Who can resist that? Print your logo on the side and the recipient will be sure to think of you in high praises when they have their morning coffee!

Dart Board Pen Caddy

Dart Board Pen Caddy

Dart Board Pen Caddy

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about winning the lottery or about being on a warm weather vacation? Well, me too, but that is not happening at the moment. I’ve found the perfect product for you! When you’re looking around your nicely furnished cubicle for something fun to momentarily distract you from office life, why not toss a dart or two?

Not only will the Dart Board Pen Caddy help to keep your desk organized and clean, but it’ll also offer endless fun. You have a choice of the standard dart board design for those who like the classics. It also boasts the decision making dart board for the indecisive type who just never knows what to do. Are you having a hard time deciding whether you should go to lunch or work harder the rest of your shift? Well my friend, this is the dart board for you. The product also comes with magnetic darts to avoid any work place injuries or mishaps. Your company can’t go wrong with this desktop item!

Acrobat Clip

Acrobat Clip

Acrobat Clip Puzzle

Do you find yourself needing a break from the intense thought your current work day provides? Acrobat Clips are the perfect distraction because they keep the mind chugging along (but not too hard so you don’t get burned out). The puzzle comes with miniature people-shaped clips that can be manipulated into and endless amount of different puzzle designs. Stack them wide, stack them tall, stack them thin, stack them small, as long as you stack them it will be alright! I’m sure your company won’t want to miss out on this thoughtful product and the business it could inspire! Besides you never know when one idea may spark another.

Chatty Crew Pen (Laughing)

Chatty Crew Pen (Laughing)

Chatty Crew Pen (Laughing)

Do you ever find yourself busting out in random laughter from something that happened a week ago? With this entertaining promotional product by your side, you won’t be the only one. The Chatty Crew Pen doubles as a pen and a laughing good time. The pens talk when you push the spring, and the suction cup on the soft feet makes sure it stays in place. With its welcoming demeanor and funny interjections, you’ll beat down that mid-afternoon slump in no time at all.

We all need a break, especially when we’re staring at computer screens all day long. What better way to have something at your fingertips that is both fun and useful for you but also promotes your brand in some of the coolest ways? But please don’t be fooled: we have TONS of products to choose from. This is just a list of some of my all-time favorites.

Is there anything here I forgot that you would love to see or have? Are you looking for a particular promo item for your desk or cubicle? Submit a comment and let me know!

Candice Jones

Candice is on the web team at QLP. She's extremely family-oriented and enjoys spending all of her free time with her daughter and family. She LOVES to shop and just experience life again through her daughter's eyes. There's nothing better than that in the world for her! You can also connect with Candice on Google+


  1. Jeff Porretto

    True story…

    I Make Coffee
    Put sugar in
    Stir with Spoon
    Don’t feel like cleaning spoon
    Throw said spoon out
    See this blog and the self stirring mug
    Nod approvingly

    Nice one CJ!

    • Juliette

      Ha! You remind me of a friend. He used to buy extremely cheap dishes from a local market and instead of washing dishes after a meal he’d throw them out and buy new ones. 🙂

    • Candice J.

      I knew you would love that product! It would be ideal for you and Eric as much coffee and hot chocolate as you both drink! But its really just super convenient and the less cleaning the better. Hell, the less work the better since I’m already working EXTREMELY hard at work! 🙂

      • Eric

        If Jeff were a promotional product in our database…

        …we’d have to label him “Not Eco-Friendly.”

        I can’t imagine it’d be too terrible to clean, unless you’re frying chicken in your self-stirring mug and need to get the grease out. If for no other reason than keeping a few extra spoons out of the garbage dump, I’m all for this item. And hot chocolate. Man, I love my hot chocolate. Speaking of…

        “Eric-style” Hot Chocolate Recipe:

        Three packets of instant hot cocoa mix + splash of boiling-hot water = liquid awesome.

  2. Juliette

    These are neat, Candice! That self-stirring mug is pretty darn awesome. (I use a gadget called a “Cocomotion” at home to mix my hot chocolate. Fill to desired line with milk (or water), add powder or chocolate, close lid, press button. It even heats it while mixing!) For when I just want one mug, that thing would be pretty handy. Now I kinda want one just to try it out!

    • Candice J.

      Thanks Juliette! Your “Cocomotion” gadget sounds pretty awesome as well! I know I always have a problem finding the right temperature for my hot chocolate so that seems like something that would be helpful! Glad I was able to peak your interest because the product is pretty amazing. And now I have to do some research about your gadget because that sounds equally as amazing! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Jaimie Smith

    The dartboard pen caddy sounds like it would be a great idea to have at my desk. As I was working on color wheel today, I also ran across another idea that would be kind of cool to have at your desk. It is called the Acupuncture Desk Game.
    Somebody gave me one of these many years ago as a little christmas gift and I loved it!!

    • Candice J.

      I remember these! They have them in the form of children’s toys but I forget what they are named. They are soo fun even though its doing the most simple thing. Its amazing what still amuses you as an adult the same way it did as a child. I would LOVE this on my desk but it might be a little too distracting.

  4. Mandy Kilinskis

    These are all great desktop items! I would love one of those dart board pen holders – that would be really fun.

    I’d also like this flipping giant collection of sticky notes. So many colors! So many sizes! How could you ever get bored?

    • Candice J.

      Ha-ha that does look HUGE! I would start taking random notes just to make good use of the product! I’d go home covered in sticky notes and my sure my daughter would have a BLAST! Its amazing how many products could double as fun time! 🙂

  5. Jill Tooley

    Pretty cool stuff, Candice! I’d also recommend the Puzzle Maze Pen. It’s a pen with its own built-in entertainment. 🙂

    • Candice J.

      I’m surprised I’ve never run across this because it looks SWEET! We have so much amazing stuff I feel like I could find a new thing everyday!

  6. Alex Brodsky

    In this office especially, I’m glad the dart board is MAGNETIC and no sharp, pointy things. There would certainly be some injuries. At least an eye (and possibly a testicle) would be lost in the first week.

    Nice post, Candice. Very Lin-teresting.

    • Candice J.

      Haha in this office I’m sure! If I can break my ankle in my first two weeks here anything can happen! We could have a special one to spark discussions at team meetings. It has the potential to be great! Besides I can’t help it, I’m LIN-credible!

  7. Rachel

    I love that Acrobat Clip Puzzle! I had something similar when I was younger and it was oddly entertaining.

    Another fun one is Nutty Putty! You can knead it for some stress relief … like a do-it-yourself stress ball! 😉

  8. Jen

    I love the self stirring-mug! That would really come in handy for my morning coffee. I go through so many spoons, this would be so handy. And the dartboard is super fun! I wish I had one at my desk 🙂 Nice picks Candice!

  9. Amy Swanson

    By about 2:00/2:30 my brain is near mush. I’m tired of staring at my computer and I’ve actually wondered if I could go and file or organize something. Anything! Invoices, stress relievers, sugar packets in the kitchen, I just want to step away and do a mindless activity. That’s why I think these yo-yos would be a great activity to do for a couple minutes. They’d be something to focus on and use a different part of your brain than the same one you’ve been using since 8 or 9 this morning.

    I really like Rachel’s suggestion with the Nutty Putty too! That’d be great to knead away your stress with for a bit 🙂

    • Candice J.

      Great pick Amy! That might spell trouble for me though. Sometimes I feel like such a kid because I LOVE things that light up or make fun noises. It might be the mom in me since I have to play with those kind of toys with my daughter. I figure I might as well find some amusement in the toys as well so we can both have fun. Although this would be pretty cool if the whole office got one then we could have yo-yo wars! AWESOME!

  10. david k waltz


    All awesome products, and even more so because they did not somehow find a loophole in regulations and are able to be promoted as something that will give you “energy”!

    Is the self-stirring mug dishwasher safe? Or is it hard to clean?

    And how do I get a Gravatar in this place?

    • Jill Tooley

      Hi, David! 🙂

      The self-stirring mug is unfortunately NOT dishwasher safe, because it has a battery compartment that shouldn’t be immersed in liquid. But overall, it’s as easy to clean as any mug (you just have to take a bit of extra care with the nooks and crannies inside of it). It’s a great item!

      As far as the Gravatar goes, you can set one up by visiting their website and choosing Sign Up from the menu. After that, you’ll set it up with your primary email address (not sure if that’s the one you use for our blog), confirm your account through email, and upload the picture you want. It’ll take a few minutes to reflect on your comments, but it’ll automatically put your picture next to your comment if you A) use that primary email address and B) comment on a blog with Gravatar capability. I love having one, it makes comments so much more personal!

      Thanks for your feedback, as always, David!

    • Candice J.

      Good Morning David! Thanks for your comment! I must admit it did take some research to find just the right products to help that afternoon slump and give you a little boost! Luckily for me we offer such great products, so I didn’t have to look very far. Thanks for stopping by!

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