If a picture says a thousand words, a gif must say at least 10,000, right? Gifs are there for us during the workday when a simple instant message or email just won’t cut it. Not to mention, sending one at just the right time can get some serious laughs out of your coworkers.

Not all gifs are work-friendly, though. It might take some digging to find the perfect match, but your best bet is to go with one from Disney. Some of your favorite characters have the perfect thought about the work day!

Here are 10 Disney Gifs that are perfect for work.

#1: Fox Disgusted Face from The Fox and the Hound

We’ve all been there before. Maybe Karen from accounting is trying out a new potato salad recipe, or perhaps your boss ordered some questionable pizza for the office lunch. Either way, sometimes the situation calls for a gif just like this one!

#2: Marching Scene from The Lion King

There are fewer things that are as satisfying as completing everything on your to-do list. Whether your list is big or small, simply crossing off that final item is worthy of celebrating. Share this gif with your coworkers to celebrate each other’s wins!

#3: Excited Princess Anna from Frozen

Did your coworker just get a promotion? Send this gif to them to share your excitement! Princess Anna’s enthusiasm is infectious, and there’s no doubt that when you send this to your colleague, you’re bound to put a smile on their face.

#4: Tired Boo from Monsters, Inc.

Sometimes even when you’ve started your day with a cup of coffee, it can feel like you need one or two more cups to get your momentum going. We’ve all been there! This gif of Boo from Monsters, Inc. is perfect for sending to your officemate when you’re both riding the struggle bus on a Monday morning.

#5: Exhaustion from The Princess and the Frog

If you’ve ever felt like collapsing on the couch at the end of a workday, this is the gif for you! Some days just feel longer than others. There’s no better way to acknowledge the exhaustion than by sending this Princess and the Frog gif to your coworker in the middle of the day!

#6: Waving Mickey Mouse

No matter how much you love your job, nothing beats clocking out when you’ve got a vacation starting the next day. If you’ve got a good relationship with your colleagues, send them this gif to wish them farewell before you head out on your adventure.

#7: Winnie the Pooh Thinking

Starting a project when you’re daydreaming about the weekend can be tough. We have all felt like Winnie the Pooh in this classic gif! Send your officemate this gif when you’ve got a lot of work to do and need to concentrate. They’ll get the hint!

#8: Swimming in Coins from Duck Tales

Waking up to your paycheck hitting your checking account is a feeling that can’t be put into words. Whether you’re planning on saving it all or spending it on a night out on the town, send this Duck Tales gif to your coworker to celebrate pay day.

#9: Donald Duck Running Late

Is there anything worse than waking up in a panic after you realize your alarm didn’t go off? If you’re running late, send this gif to your colleagues to let them know you’re running behind. It happens to the best of us, and handling it with a bit of humor can help relieve some of the stress!

#10: Crying Scene from The Little Mermaid

You know that moment when you realize you left your lunch at home? It’s the worst! Share your sadness with your work crew by sending them this gif from The Little Mermaid. Who knows, maybe they’ll even take pity on you and buy you lunch.

No matter what type of situation you’re in at work, whether it’s coming in to an empty coffee pot on Monday morning or stressing out over ordering the right promotional products for business, there’s a relevant Disney gif out there for you.

Giphy has tons of options for you to choose from! Doing a quick search on their site and selecting the right gif for your situation can lighten the mood and bring a smile to your coworkers’ faces. Just make sure it’s work appropriate!

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