Do You Love Cookies? We Bet Your Clients Do, Too!

Remember the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street? I sure do. Now there’s a soul who shared my passion for sweet, flattened dough baked to perfection and served warm directly out of the oven. Your clients probably enjoy eating cookies, too, which is why you should be aware that cookies can be bought from Quality Logo Products just like any other tasty promotional item!

So, you’re no master in the kitchen. Who cares? Few people are these days, and that’s why most make a beeline for store-bought cookies when they need a sugar fix. There’s nothing wrong with heading to your local bakery for some fresh goods before you meet with a VIP client, but it’s tough (and messy) to pass those out to a larger number of clients at say, a summer picnic or a trade show. In that case, individually-wrapped cookies like our Momento Cookies are your best bet. These mini-cookies can quite literally butter up your customers so they’ll listen to your short sales pitch or introduction without the usual grab-and-run tendencies.

Momento Cookies from Quality Logo Products

Don’t Momento Cookies Look Delicious?

Let’s say you have an entire office of sweets-deprived employees who crave chocolate; don’t you think they’d appreciate this gallon-sized Bounty Tin full of chocolate chip cookies? If you showed up with a few of these goody tins every time you visited, then you’d be welcomed with open arms every time. The brightly-colored container and the large logo imprint area would be plenty to seize people’s attention, but when you throw cookies in with the deal you’re getting into an entirely different ballgame!

Do you get excited when visiting clients or business associates bring cookies to your office? What’s your favorite type of cookie? Comment below and let us know! To see thousands more promotional products for your business, just visit the Quality Logo Products website. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email ( or phone (866-312-5646)…don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, too!

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  1. Bret Bonnet

    I like cookies, but only when they are in my tummy.

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