Don’t Drive Like an Idiot!

‘Tis the season for reckless drivers, so watch those around you. I don’t understand what goes through the minds of some of the other people I see out on the roads this time of year. Just a couple weeks ago, on my way home from work, the weather was the worst I’ve ever been in. The roads were covered with ice, the ice was covered with snow, and the drifting snow was so thick at times that I could barely make out the tail lights directly in front of me.

I was obviously very uneasy with the driving conditions, and to make matters worse, police driving directly behind me turned on their sirens on two separate occasions. Fortunately, I wasn’t being pulled over for exceeding 15 miles per hour, but unfortunately, they were instead responding to car wrecks. It seemed like every mile there was a car in the ditch! Nearly half-way home, I saw something more unusual. A school bus was buried nose-first in the ditch on the opposite side of the road. I’m not saying that school bus drivers are the most skilled drivers around, but they do have experience. Furthermore, school buses don’t tend to slide as easily, being that they weigh so much. This was a sign that I needed to be much more cautious. Many times during my trip home, I had people driving within 3 feet from the back of my car. If I wasn’t so paranoid to begin with, I would have probably brake checked them. I hate when people do this in good weather, but here they were doing it in the worst winter storm I’ve ever been in!

What is so important that someone would do this? Why do people feel that it’s okay to “tailgate” someone, or to drive 50 miles per hour in conditions that make it unsafe to drive over 15 miles per hour? I can’t imagine that getting to work on time is a good excuse. If you get in an accident, which you will by driving like that, you won’t make it to work at all. Getting home isn’t a very good excuse either, as that’s where I was headed to let my dogs out so they wouldn’t pee all over the family room. The only reason I can think of for someone to drive like that is that they don’t know there’s anything wrong with it and they can’t possibly see the risk involved in doing it. I’m not quite sure how they can miss it when they’re driving around the back-end of a crashed school bus and passing dozens of other cars that are lying in the ditches.

These people really tick me off! I find myself pleading with God to make them crash into a tree or get stuck in a ditch, but then I realize that’s not something God would be likely to help me with! I start thinking of ways to make it happen on my own, but I soon realize it would just put me at risk as well. In this situation, there’s really nothing you can do but hope like crazy you don’t get in their way when they start sliding uncontrollably down that dark country road at 50 miles per hour. If people really want to pass in horrible weather, then let them! That not only keeps you out of the way, but sets you up for the best seats in the house when the fool loses it around a gradual curve.

Only with experience do we learn, and reckless drivers just aren’t very experienced. They think they’ve got the skills, but they don’t. They will learn, inevitably, but I just hope they don’t learn by colliding with me!

What are some of your run-ins with reckless drivers? Share your stories or comments with me below!


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