Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

For those out there who are trying to stick to an eco-friendly lifestyle, or businesses that want to advertise that they’re eco-friendly, we carry a large number of eco-friendly products produced of recycled materials or highly renewable resources.

Pens are a very popular promotional product because they’re affordable and universal. Who doesn’t need a pen now and again? So if it’s pens you want, but you don’t want to hand out bulk amounts of plastic pens that could be harmful to the earth or the environment, check out our Eco Sham Click Pen. It’s over 70 percent biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Who knew you could make pens like this. And they’re even made in the USA. We’ve even got pens manufactured using ethanol (corn). It stirs my brain a bit too.

My favorite eco-friendly pen is our Ecol Brite Pen. The barrel of this pen is actually made of recycled paper/cardboard, but you’d never know it. We just ordered a bunch of these with our very own QLP logo printed on them and we absolutely love them. It feels different when you hold it… It’s kind of hard to describe; the pen is light but durable. I couldn’t figure out HOW this pen was made until I gave it the karate chop test. It’s when I smashed the pen into two (it wasn’t easy, let me tell you!) the pen TOAR as opposed to snapping. It’s kind of cool. The thing I like about it best is that the pen NEVER gets greasy/sweaty. Do you know what I mean? The paper barrel is both comfortable and provides grip/traction no matter where you hold it. Keep an eye out for one in your mailbox… we just ordered 10,000 of these bad boys (we liked them that much!), as they’ll be hitting the mailboxes of ALL or customers before the month is over.

But, if it’s not pens you’re looking for, what else could we possibly have that’s eco-friendly? How about a flashlight? Yeah! Mini Solar Flashlight is eco-friendly. Instead of buying batteries over and over again, which means throwing batteries away over and over again, this flashlight is powered by the sun. Give it sunlight during the day, and it’s fully charged when the sun says goodnight. Another added benefit, you save money!

Another very popular item you may be wondering about is travel mugs. We all know people love their travel mugs with how much the modern world is on the move all the time! We need our coffee, and gosh darn-it, we don’t have time to drink it at home! We need to take it to go! Quality Logo Products knows first-hand what it’s like, so we’ve come out with several eco-friendly mugs, including the Evolve Traveler Eco-Friendly Mug. It holds up to 16 ounces and is microwave safe. It’s even safe to put on the top rack of your dishwasher, which is a nice touch. What makes it eco-friendly is that it is built to biodegrade within 1 – 5 years in a managed landfill, and it’s shipped in eco-friendly packaging!

To see all of our eco-friendly products, type “eco” into the “Keyword or Item #” search box, and click SEARCH. You’ll be blown away by the outrageous selection of earth-friendly products we have to offer (or click here).


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