There’s just something special about receiving a personalized gift. It makes you feel appreciated and important! Everyone deserves to feel that sense of appreciation, and your employees are no exception.

Nothing is wrong with going the generic route like gifting candy or gift cards, but think of how valued your employees will feel when you take a more personalized route! There are tons of choices out there, but first, there are a couple suggestions to keep in mind to make your gift stand out.

Here are the most useful tips when it comes to personalizing gifts and rewards for your employees!

1. Consider Employee Personalities

The first step in deciding on employee gifts is to consider the personalities on your team. The last thing you want is to gift something that could make one of your employees feel uncomfortable. For example, do you have an office full of introverts? If so, you might not want to gift everyone tickets to a busy trade show.

Offices are full of all types of personalities. Try tailoring your personalized gifts to the different personality traits on your team.

2. Reminisce on the Past Year

Did your employees knock it out of the park this year? Was there some sort of notable experience you all went through together? If so, try tying in this personal touch with your gift. Gifts mean so much more when you take a heartfelt approach.

It means a lot to know someone took the time to personalize a gift! The process may sound like a lot of work, so start planning ahead of time if you have a special occasion coming up.

Remember when fidget spinners were all the rage? You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone flicking one around. Each year has its own set of trends, so be sure to keep those in mind when brainstorming your gift options.

Gifting your employees a trendy item will make them feel valued, and they’ll always remember the time they received it! Try including a small trendy item along with a more meaningful one.

4. Stick to Your Budget

The last thing your employees want is for there to be financial hardship because you overspent on holiday gifts. There are tons of affordable gift options out there that will be appreciated by your team, so there’s no need to go crazy if it’s not in the budget.

Affordable gifts like custom sunglasses and reusable tote bags all make great choices. When it comes to gift giving, it isn’t about how much you spend. If you put a little thought into it, your gifts are bound to be appreciated!

5. Gift Something Useful

No one wants their gifts collecting dust in a junk drawer. The best way to avoid that is by making sure you choose a useful item! Gifts like drinkware and power banks are pretty much guaranteed to get tons of use.

Take it a step further by offering an item that your employees mentioned needing. Did you overhear that they all can’t stand their broken staplers? Have you heard anyone mention that they could use a new umbrella? Do a bit of brainstorming to offer something that’s both useful and thoughtful.

What is a Good Gift to Give Employees?

The best gifts you can give your employees are ones that are personalized and show that you care. Items like embroidered jackets and briefcases make useful, simple gifts that will get tons of use.

If you can’t quite decide, try tailoring your gift to your business or the roles of your employees.

Here are some examples!

Gift Ideas for Receptionists:

Gift Ideas for Accountants:

Gift Ideas for Realtors:

What is a Good Christmas Gift for Employees?

Custom wine glasses, handy tote bags, and embroidered jackets are all great Christmas gifts for employees. They’ll make your team feel extra warm and fuzzy inside!

Here are some other Christmas gifts any employee would love:

Laptop Bags

Laptop Bags

Are your employees constantly on the go? Maybe they like working at coffee shops from time-to-time. If that sounds like your team, you should consider gifting them personalized laptop bags.


Custom Headphones

Studies show that listening to music during the workday can seriously boost productivity. It may not be possible for each of your employees to blast their tunes in the office, so why not gift them a nice pair of headphones? It’s a win-win!

Fuzzy Blankets

Fuzzy Blanket

No matter how much they love their jobs, there are still going to be days when your employees just want to sit back and relax. Encourage your team members to cuddle up and relax on the couch by gifting them a cozy blanket.

Travel Mugs

Travel Mugs

We all know the importance of caffeine in the workplace. Sometimes you just need some help getting the gears turning on a Monday morning!  You can make your employees feel more energized by offering them branded travel mugs to start their day.


Custom Padfolios

Getting through the workday means tons of to-do lists, meeting notes, and goal planning. One of the best ways to stay organized throughout the day is carrying around a padfolio. If each of your employees doesn’t have one by now, consider gifting them one during the holidays!

See It In Action: Menards Gives Out Personalized Gifts

Anyone who has ever worked for Menards knows how much they value their employees. One of the ways they show their appreciation is by offering their team personalized gifts for holidays and birthdays! They’ve gifted all kinds of thoughtful items ranging from custom champagne flutes to embroidered hats.

The effort Menards puts into their work culture pays off in dividends. Most employees would tell you they never have to wonder, “Does Menards value my time here?” The reason is the company heavily invests in employee retention, training, and appreciation.

Want to see one of Menards gifts for yourself? Take a look at one of their personalized ornaments for employees! The founder of Menards, John Menard, has these custom ornaments made for employees each year during the holidays.

Menards Holiday Ornament

Pro Tip: Stock up on custom ornaments for your own employees so you’re prepared for the holidays!

Final Thoughts

Gifts come from the heart. When there are options out there for every budget, industry, and personality, there’s no reason not to get creative! Take the time to think of your recipients and what they’d appreciate. A little thought goes a long way!


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