Engage the 5 Senses with Promotional Products

Are you finding it hard to reach your target audience effectively? Do most of your promotional items fall by the wayside shortly after they’re handed out? If you’re feeling down on your promotional efforts then this is for you. Why not provide your customers with products that will engage the audience and have a long lasting appeal? Look no further than promo products that cater to the 5 senses! Studies have shown that by appealing to 1 or more of the 5 senses (hear, touch, smell, see and taste) brands become more memorable and recallable!

Well, Quality Logo Products is at your service. We’ve got an array of items that is sure to catch the ears, nose, hands, sight, and even tongues of your followers! Drum roll, please:

Reverse Sound Earphones

Reverse Sound Earphones


Captivate your audience with these Reverse Sound Earphones. This sound system is a great alternative from traditional ear buds which can cause harm to the eardrum if music is played too loud. These cool cats have speakers that point away from the ear drum, allowing the wearer to hear exterior noises while simultaneously jamming out to their iPod. To top off all this product has to offer, it also comes in a nifty microfiber pouch which would love to host your company’s logo front and center.

Smiley Ball

Smiley Ball


Feeling stressed? Put these Custom Stress Balls in the hands of your customers and take all of their worries away. These high quality squeezies come in a wide array of colors. Feeling monotonous? Easy fix, just order your stress balls in an assortment of colors for no extra charge. With workplaces becoming more stressful than ever before, these stress balls are sure to get some lovin’. And the best part is every time someone reaches for one of these fun stress relievers they’re also reaching for your brand!

Meditation Candle

Meditation Candle


You could also awaken the sniffer of your audience by offering them custom imprinted aromatherapy candles. These candles are attractive enough to be centerpieces of a coffee table meanwhile attracting the people around them by delivering a calming scent as it lights up the room. That seems like a lot of positives all wrapped up into one small product – talk about effective advertising!

Sport Binoculars

Sport Binoculars


If you want to set your sights high, check out these awesome Sport Binoculars. Imagine the next time you go to see the Chicago Bears play you’ll be that much close to the action (and Matt Forte’s sexiness). Heck you might not even need to rely on the big screens to keep up with the action, you can see it with your own two eyes and the help of these awesome binoculars.

Hansel Bagged Candy

Hansel Bagged Candy


I’ve saved the best for last. If you want to appeal to the taste-buds of your audience then look no further! Handing out these bags of sweet treats will surely expand your brand (whoever came up with that tagline should be a millionaire). Choose from a wide variety of snacks to fill these bags, from health nut trail-mix to sugary Sour Patch Kids. If the sound of deliciousness hasn’t sold you yet, then let me remind you there’s room for a large imprint on the top of each bag, making your brand synonymous with scrumptious.

So next time you think about ordering some promotional products to increase your brand awareness, remember that appealing to the 5 senses is a great way to go. It helps you stand out from the rest!

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  1. KB

    Appealing to the senses is a sure way to be remembered AND appreciated by potential clients!

  2. Kat

    Those reverse sound earphones are awesome! I didn’t even know they made those!!

  3. Scooby DOO!

    I’ll never forget the smell of a brand new car, will you? How cool did you think scratch and sniff stickers were, or those hyper-color shirts? To add a second “dimension” to your promotional product mix WILL pay dividends especially when it comes to memory and recall of your band.

  4. QLP Jill

    Cool! I think that items like this encourage people to INTERACT with a brand rather than just idly looking at it. For example, I have all of the logos on my stress balls memorized just because I’ve held them so much!

    Now, if only there were a promotional product that engages all 5 of the senses at once…hmmm… 🙂

  5. QLP Kid

    I love yummy smelling candles! Apple cinnamon to be exact =)

  6. Bret Bonnet

    Wait a minute… am I the only one who noticed this? You think Matt Forte is sexy?!?!?!

    OK, I’ll admit it, he’s a pretty cool looking dude.

    Back on topic though – I’m with Scooby DOO! (WHERE ARE YOU – JK?), I still remember my first car, not only because of the new car smell, but because of the weeks I put into planning what the first CD (note – NOT iPod!) I was going to listen to first with my windows rolled down.

    Yeah – I’m a nerd.

    Anyway, great post, and the next time you want to your sense of smell destroyed, just swing by my desk, I drank Chile Con Que So for breakfast this morning and I’m paying the price for it now.

  7. MikeThompson

    great post as usual!

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