8 Epically Creative Product Videos from Quality Logo Products

Here at Quality Logo Products we take a lot of pride in our product videos. We write epic scripts, film with some of the best equipment, and make sure to add some awesome special effects.

And what does that give you? Some product videos that are so cool you sometimes forget that they’re created specifically to give customers information about promotional items. They’ve got jokes, they’ve got heart, and they’ve got real entertainment value.

It’s been a while since we’ve shared some of our videos, so I collected 8 of the best ones we’ve created lately. These have truly earned the adjective of “epic.”

8. BIC Intensity Clic Gel Pen

If you have never met Sal Thunder-Squirrel, then you have never seen the definition of intensity. This trainer is intense with every aspect of his life, especially when it comes to picking out really great personalized pens for your business.

7. Vino2Go Tumbler 10 Oz

The days of classic French cinema may be gone from mainstream movies, but not in our product videos! Black and white shots, old timey music, and a way to carry your wine on the go – what else could you want?

6. Heart Stress Reliever

Omg, have you seen what’s happening in the latest episode of Los Promociones Clandestinos?! Maria and Gustavo/Hector/Whoever are TOTALLY stressed out. Hopefully the Heart Stress Reliever can take some of the stress out of their relationship.

5. Eco Friendly Sports Bottle 28 Oz

Danny Tanner’s Wild World might just be the best show on TV. And we’re not even taking animals, wilderness, or hijinks into account. We just love that Professor Danielle Tanner can teach Chad about the merits of eco-friendly water bottles.

4. Expedition Aluminum Bottle

Whether you’re going on a long adventure like J.L. Piccard or just heading to the gym for your daily workout, you should have the Expedition Aluminum Bottle at your side. It’s the long lasting promo item that you and your customers have been looking for!

3. Nylon Neck Wallet Badge Holder

If you just love promotional products and crime procedurals, then we bet that you are going to love Call & Order: Special Promotions Unit. This nail-biting segment has drama, human emotion, and the best darn neck wallet badge holder this side of Lake Michigan.

2. Beach Ball 16 Inch

If you thought that this list was surprisingly lacking of balls being thrown at someone’s face, then fear not! This game of Knockout is a company favorite and has to be the most entertaining video you’ve ever watched about a beach ball.

1. TranSport It Tote

Our first movie trailer product video wins the top spot this round! If you love action movies like Die Hard, The Fast and the Furious, or Transporter, then you are going to love the TranSport It Tote movie. It’s the only video that could ever do this tote bag justice.

A pretty great batch of videos, right? If you’re hankering for more, check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel right here. You can also check out parts one, two, three, and four of these best-of blogs!

How’d you like our videos? Which of these was your favorite? Any products you’d like to see a video for next? Let us know in the comments!

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Mandy Kilinskis

Mandy is proud to be a part of QLP’s content team. A self-professed nerd, her interests include video games, sitcoms, superhero movies, iPods and iPhones but never Macs, and shockingly, writing. Her claims to fame are: owning over forty pairs of Chuck Taylor All Stars, offering spot-on coffee advice, and knowing an unbelievable amount of Disney Princess facts. You can connect with Mandy on


  1. Erin

    Great work team – all good stuff!!!…the TranSport It Tote is hilarious – I was dying! 🙂

  2. Graphic Video Training

    haha.. TranSport It Tote, I love it

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