Extreme Couponing for Lazy People

While the economy is chilling in the U-bend, people are constantly looking for ways to save a buck. Many have done the easy things: cutting back on luxuries like vacations, designer clothing, and dining out. But there are certain things that simply can’t take out of the budget: health care, utilities and – of course – grocery shopping.

We’ll leave it to someone else to blog about health care and utilities, but ever since TLC’s Extreme Couponing premiered, the little hamster wheel in my brain has been turning. What if I could combine the savings of extreme couponing combined with the sheer joy of sitting on my ass?

I can! With discount codes, there’s a way to get great deals without having to do all that rigorous clipping!

A Visual Interpretation of Generating Coupon Codes
You’re welcome for six months of nightmares.

Work smart, not hard.

That seems like work. Make it easier.

All right, typing in your email address and having to sift through virtual pages does seem pretty intense. Why not just make your social networking a little more business-based?

Companies with an online presence are jumping onto Facebook and Twitter in droves. Whether you prefer to “like” or follow, there’s a pretty good chance something appealing will pop up. With the ability to make a list on both platforms, you can keep your couponing separate from your social scene without having to log into a totally different account.

Full-contact couponing is a serious matter.
This is what really happens when retailers let you combine with any other offer.

Too hard! My head hurts.

You just want everything on a silver platter without any kind of effort on your part, don’t you? Ah, a reader after my own heart. If your browser has the capability to set multiple tabs for home pages, you can have resources like Retail Me Not, Slick Deals, and Coupon Cabin waiting for you every time you go to surf.

What’s the catch?

There is, of course, a dark side to “extreme couponing,” and that is coupon fraud. Recently, Jill Cataldo, the Krazy Coupon Lady (Why the hell would you make “crazy” start with a “K” there? It’s already alliterative when you spell it the right way), called out J’aime Kirlew, a guest on TLC’s Extreme Couponing, for coupon fraud and pretentious use of apostrophes.

J'aime in J'ail
Too bad I can’t get 50% off my prison sentence.

While TLC is “looking into” this matter, there’s a slimmer chance this can happen on the web. First, websites can be modified in real time to get around loopholes that might let someone use a bigger coupon on a large size item for a less expensive, smaller version of the same item (which is what the Krazy Coupon Lady is alleging). Also, because online transactions take time to process before your items actually get shipped out, online retailers have an opportunity to alert you to errors before charging your credit card or debiting your bank account.

Until next time, keep expanding your brand!