8 Fashionable Personalized Bags to Start Your Fall Season on the Right Foot

You mean I can hand out stylish bags and gain business? Deal. Marketers are no longer limited to monochrome colors when selecting that perfect tote bag. Launch campaigns the right way this fall and consider fashionable bags for your promotions!

Not all promotional bags are created equal. Sure, they all do the job of carrying your things from place to place, but they don’t have to be plain and boring! Why not show a little style in your giveaways, too? We have dozens of bags and totes on our site that are stylish and cute. Plus, they come in an array of versatile colors, so they’re sure to be used all the time.

Get more brand exposure for your business and give out any one of the following fashionable bags:


Piccolo Mini Tote, Sideline Grommet Tote, Captain’s Boat Bag, and Annabelle Laminated Tote


Beach Bag, Small Grommet Dr. Bag, Non Woven Tote Bag, and Mini Tote Lunch Bag

Reusable bags of all kinds are earth friendly because they can be reused again and again. Did you know that many counties are beginning to frown upon plastic bags, and that they’re even banning them in some cases? Don’t let your customer base waste precious resources on paper or plastic bags. Furthermore, why should you stand by and let them advertise for Aldi or the ever popular Walmart? Remind them to help save the planet and let them advertise for your brand at the same time!

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get your brand noticed or to give out quality items to your potential clients. I promise: if you give them a fashionable, usable promotional item like a bag, they will remember your business for a long time. Especially if it’s fashionable enough to show off during a night on the town!

Remember: there is nothing worse than receiving an item you won’t use or one that is ugly and out of style (or to spend your company’s hard earned money on an unused item!). I’ve made it easy for you; choose a bag from this list and your business is sure to please!

These are some of my favorite tote bags from the Quality Logo Products site! What are some of yours? Which kinds of reusable bags to you use most? And which type of bag do you notice others using and loving?


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  1. Scooby

    Peemo what’s that chick doing with your bag?

    A cool tote that women seem to like:

    check it out….

    • Amanda

      That is a nice bag too Scooby! I love all the pockets. =)

    • Amanda

      Great picks Mandy! Free bags are the great–but cute ones are even better! The stylish bags are the ones I use all the time, the less cute ones sit at the bottom of the closet until we have to use them, lol. Businesses should always strive to give away useful and attractive items–it’s what people like and what will get noticed (free advertising!).

  2. Joseph Giorgi

    Solid advice, Amanda! I, for one, always prefer my carry bags to be “fashionable enough to show off during a night on the town!” 😉

    Seriously though, great post! There’s no reason reusable totes can’t be both memorable AND fashionable! Brands looking to make a lasting impression should probably keep that in mind.

    • Amanda

      Thanks Joe! You’re so right–a lasting impression requires something that the customer sees as an item of value….and with cute bags, you can’t go wrong!

  3. amy

    Fun post Amanda!! If I received any of these totes you’d have a customer for life from me LOL. I do the same thing with free bags, the cute ones see the light of day while the other ones sit in the closet. Glad I’m not alone 😉

    • Amanda

      LOL same here. I think these totes are awesome! Especially since they all come in such fun, nice colors! =)

  4. Amy Murphy

    I have a hair salon and I use reusable tote bags as retail bags, and this way my clients reuse it and advertise for me while doing so. I wish you had a smaller tote bag about 8×10 priced at under $1 each so they would be reasonable to purchase as retail bags. In the hair salon that’s the perfect size for the shampoo and conditioner bottles. The larger bags are kinda over-kill for me. I have ordered from you guys before and have always been satisfied but this is one specific item that I don’t see on your site.

    • Jill Tooley

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Amy! I’ve let Chase know that you’re looking for this specific kind of bag, so hopefully he’ll be able to find it for you. It’s completely understandable that a larger bag would be overkill for shampoo and conditioner bottles. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you’re ever looking for an item that you don’t see on our site – that’s what we’re here for! 🙂

      Have an awesome weekend and thanks again!!

    • Amanda

      Thanks for the comment Amy. I think using reusable totes for a hair salon is an excellent idea! I hope that you and Chase can work together and find something that you and your clients will love. Best of luck! =)

  5. Jen

    I love these tote bags Amanda! I was even thinking about ordering a fashionable tote for my wedding next year as favors for my guests! Nice post!

    • Amanda

      Great idea Jen! Reusable tote bags would be an awesome way for your guests to remember your special day! I think you should go for it. =)

  6. Eric

    Using these as retail bags is a great idea, and already California (in some spots) has adopted a ban on plastic bags than I’m proud to hear of. The other day I came back from the grocery store with – I kid you not – 12 bags holding what should’ve only taken up three. The reusable ones are a lot stronger, too, so you can put more in them AND not worry about that gallon of juice bottoming-out the bag. Fewer trips to-and-from the car to put groceries away? Works for me! Smart post, Amanda.

    • Amanda

      Thanks Eric! While I still do not use reusable bags all the time–I do love that they are becoming more popular and fashionable. They are much more earth friendly and cute to carry around! =) And yes, great point, they are much stronger for carrying all those groceries.

  7. Bret Bonnet

    I saw so many branded tote bags while visiting Disney World this past weekend… It was insane! 🙂

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