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February 2016 Holidays, Observances, and Awareness Dates: Plan Your Promotions!

If there were ever a month that could be labeled as the “Month of Love,” February would probably get a lot of votes. I’m guessing it would be because it’s usually when the Super Bowl takes place. People really love football.

February isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite month. It’s still cold in most parts of the country, and it’s not even trusted with a full 30 days. By the time February 2016 rolls around, just about everyone is ready for warmer weather. At least I look forward to not having to warm up my car every morning or scrape the windshield. While we all know the month’s most famous holiday, there are plenty of other observances throughout the month that you can focus on for your next promotional product giveaway.

Let’s check out the calendar below to see just all the great holidays and observances happening in February!

As I mentioned above, February 7 marks the Super Bowl, and while this isn’t a national holiday, it’s a pretty important day for football fans around the country. This year a 30-second commercial during the big game is expected to cost companies $5 million. Since most business owners reading this probably won’t able to afford that price tag, we have plenty of other, more cost-effective promotional giveaways.

The Tall 12 Pack Kooler not only comes at a reasonable price, but is large enough to hold enough beverages for you to bring over to a party at a friend’s house. Of course, you’ll need the Football Can Holder to keep those drinks nice and cold while you watch the game.

The party won’t stop after the game, with Mardi Gras just two days later on February 9. Hand out the Mardi Gras Grip Pen during the annual parade. For the bars and restaurants that plan on having drink specials throughout the night, include the water-activated Clear Ultra Glow Ice Cube for some added flair.

Of course, I’d be remiss to not mention the month’s most well-known holiday, Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking to go the traditional route when it comes to gifts, the Renoir Gift Boxed Chocolate is right up your alley. If your New Year’s resolution involved changing up from the routine, try the Plush Big Paw Bear with Shirt or a Pampered Spa Set.

Cupid won’t be the only one busy starting February 14, though. Build a Better Trade Show Image Week runs from February 14-20. Part of building a better image is being able to network and connect with others. The Carinola Business Card Holder keeps your cards organized and all in one place so you can quickly exchange information with everyone you come in contact with.

When I first saw that February was National Weddings Month, it seemed a little strange. But if you think about it, it makes sense, given that February has Valentine’s Day, too. Getting married and looking for some wedding favors? Our Connection Credit Card Gift Boxes are a great way to commemorate your special day while offering something sweet for your guests.

Don’t let history repeat itself this Groundhog Day! Make this February the best one your business has yet.

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