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11 Inspirational F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes About Writing

A few months ago I compiled a list of Ernest Hemingway quotes to inspire your own writing efforts. Based on the success of that post, I decided to scour the Internet for some more quotes about writing. This time I turned to another 1920s writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald.

You know him as the author of The Great Gatsby, but Fitzgerald’s impressive career includes multiple novels, short stories, Hollywood scripts, and even a stint in the advertising industry.

Despite how you might feel about Gatsby from your high school years, Fitzgerald is one heck of a storyteller. And in the modern age of content marketing, telling your brand’s story is more important than ever.

So while you’re working on your latest blog post, social media blurbs, or press release, keep some of these quotations in mind.

On motivation…


On starting…


On the writing process…


On choosing punctuation…


On fleshing out an article…


On when something isn’t working…


On writing a persuasive piece…


On your competitor’s success…


On when you’re ambivalent about a topic…


On when your last post doesn’t perform well…


And food for thought….


I particularly like that last quotation. Not because it talks about how advertising is racket, but the fact that even back in the 1920s some people had the opinion that advertising is useless.

And that’s why we have to fill our books, blogs, and content marketing materials with smart, useful content. Give people things that they want to learn about and can use. We know that ad copy or commercials can be clever, but useful information can trump even the smartest ad.

Which of these Fitzgerald quotes was your favorite? Any that you would want to add to the list? Know some other great quotes about writing?

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All quotes found on Brainy Quote, Goodreads, and Huffington Post. Picture of F. Scott Fitzgerald is from Wikimedia Commons.

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    Those quotes are simply amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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    Im impressed by the quotes.i eud be greatly pleased to get more from The Great Gatzby , especialy she writes about ” the fundamental decencies of life…

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