The Four Best Brand Characters Tweeting for Their Company

I consider myself a huge business nerd and one look at the accounts I’m following on Twitter will confirm that. Every day I check Twitter and learn about all the news regarding marketing, advertising, and anything else that pertains to business. However, you know what gets my attention in the middle of all the interesting articles that are being shared?


I’m not necessarily talking about jokes since anytime I see one it’s pretty lame. But seeing a brand having some fun with their tweets and their responses to fans always gets my attention, especially if their Twitter is being “monitored” by their mascot, like the ones below:

Colonel Tribune

If you’re an active reader of this blog then you know we’re based in the western suburbs of Chicago. And you get bonus points if you knew that I’m a fan of reading the Chicago Tribune. So following Colonel Tribune was a must! Not only do I get the news, but I also get to see the personality of this gentleman as he tweets. Which means hanging out on Twitter is both educational and fun.



Doc. Pemberton

Does this man’s name strike a chord with you? What if I mention Coca-Cola? Anything come to mind? No worries if you’re staring blankly at your computer screen right now because that’s the exact reaction I had until I took a look at his Twitter account. From here you can plainly see that Doc. Pemberton is the inventor of this world renown soft drink (and the beverage of choice for yours truly). Instead of getting all salesy about why you should drink Coke instead of Pepsi, he just tweets funny things to make a positive impression about the brand (and he replies back to people too!).



Rooty the A&W Root Beer Bear

Where’s the go-to place for a root beer float? A&W’s, of course! You may not be aware but their company mascot is bear who goes by the name, Rooty. When not at the restaurant working, you can find him answering people’s tweets and sharing all the news regarding A&W.



Dos Equis

I dare you to go a day without seeing a commercial featuring “The Most Interesting Man in the World” or hear someone reference him in some way or another. I failed this morning by 9:37 AM because I saw one of his wildly popular memes on my Facebook newsfeed. Curious about keeping up to date with all his exploits? Just give the Dos Equis brand’s Twitter page a follow and you can feel like you’re hanging out with him every time you log on.




Okay, I know the title says four best brand characters, but I had to include Skittles in on the fun. No, they don’t have a giant green Skittle tweeting for them, at least I don’t think so. Their Twitter account is a must-follow for anyone who just loves the candy and enjoys a chuckle from time to time.



Your company website should give some insight into your company, but it might not the best place to use too much humor. Keep your social media profiles fun and engaging because that will keep fans coming back to check out your latest update or tweet. Use these characters as a starting off point if you’re finding your social media profiles could use a breath of fresh air.

What do you like most about following brands on Facebook or Twitter? Is there a brand that has a fun social profile? Do you think brands should have fun on their social media profiles or keep it serious? Let me know in the comment section below!

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