Free Advertising with Comment Campaigns

Advertising is just as important for big companies as it is for blogs and small websites. One of the best ways to garner free advertising is with large scale comment campaigns, and there are several ways to accomplish this.

The most popular method for starting a comment campaign is seeking out blogs, or websites that accept comments, and finding out how popular they are based on daily hits or users who subscribe to their feeds. These types of blogs and sites reach the most people and are therefore very popular with people implementing a comment campaign. Once the sites have been chosen, someone then needs to visit the site on a regular basis and comment on new material. This serves two purposes. First, once you begin to regularly provide thoughtful comments on the site, the owner is likely to visit your site to find out more about you or your company. Second, if the visitors to that blog or website like what you have to say they may also visit your home on the Internet.

The second method involves finding blogs and other websites that have content similar to yours. They may or may not have a high readership but the readers they do have will likely be interested in what you have to say. The same benefits as above apply in that with thoughtful comments you are more likely to bring in new readers to your website.

When first implementing a comment campaign it is important to make sure the content on your own site is fresh and engaging.This will give visitors a better impression when they come to learn more about the person leaving the interesting comments on other sites. Additionally, once you begin commenting on other sites others will likely begin commenting on yours as well, especially if you have a do follow policy. Be sure to respond to all comments that are left on your site and to visit the site of anyone who comments. This will help create a commenting community that will endure long after the initial comment.

Just be sure that your comments are relevant and not spammy or obnoxious – that won’t build any relationships; it will turn people away from your company. We at Quality Logo Products pride ourselves in our promotional item expertise, but we also love to blog! Thanks for reading our blog posts. Interact with us by posting your comments and concerns below, and we’ll reply back to you!

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