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Free Amazon Prime for Students? Someone Give This Online Retailer a Pat on the Back!

Yesterday I found out that Amazon, America’s largest and most powerful online retailer, is offering a free Amazon Prime membership (worth $79) to students for one full year! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Amazon Prime, it’s a subscription service that gives users unlimited free 2-Day Shipping on products that qualify, and it’s SO worth it. At first I didn’t believe that this promotion could be real because it just seemed too darn good to be true. But after further research – including a visit to – my suspicions melted. This deal is legit; all you need to do to claim your student membership is go to Amazon’s page and enter your information (which must include your school, major, year, and .edu email address, of course) and you’re home free!

Giving away $79 memberships for a year may seem nuts, but it’s a brilliant move on Amazon’s part. College students (and high school students, for that matter) are constantly in need of books and supplies at the best prices; Amazon and their used book superstore, Amazon Marketplace, have the best prices. College students notoriously wait until the last minute to order their books before the semester starts; Amazon will make it easier for those procrastinators by offering free 2-Day Shipping with this promotion. This free Amazon Prime promotion will probably attract students who have never shopped at Amazon before and thrill students who already shop at Amazon but want to get their books faster. Amazon wins because they’re going to be swarmed with new and satisfied customers, and college students win because they’re not only getting unlimited free shipping but also unlimited expedited shipping. Brilliant.

Amazon gets it, and more companies should follow in their footsteps with these kinds of promotions. I understand that not every small business could afford a giveaway of this capacity, but giving away free stuff is something to consider when trying to draw new customers. I’m anxious to find out how this free Amazon Prime promotion pans out!

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