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Free Logo Setup on Reorders with “Setup for Life” Program!

Have you ever ordered promotional products for your business, with the full intention of reordering them next year for a company giveaway or trade show? Let’s say you’re the owner of a small dance studio, looking to place a second order for the promotional water bottles you used last year. Businesses like these often strive to build their brand by engaging customers with relevant products, at a reasonable price. Despite the studio owner’s high hopes, staying within her business’s budget becomes increasingly difficult with rapidly rising costs. But who says re-ordering your favorite promotional products has to be costly? With our all-new “Setup for Life” program, our studio owner (and everyone else) won’t ever have to pay a setup fee when reordering the same product with its original logo artwork!

When you reorder products with Quality Logo Products® “Setup for Life” program, we’ll guarantee free setup, accurate reprints for your logo, and an even faster turnaround time. The reordering process is fairly standard: Most promotional product companies will keep your order on file (we do!), making the setup process completely painless if a second order is placed. Despite this being the case, most companies won’t help make reordering affordable. They’ll charge customers the full setup price—even on a reorder of water bottles, for example. But at Quality Logo Products®, we won’t charge a penny! Behold, our “Setup for Life” details:

Free LoFree-Logo-Setup- (1)go Setup on ALL Future Reorders

What if there was a business expense you didn’t have to deal with year after year? When you order from Quality Logo Products®, you’ll only have to pay a logo setup fee the first time you order a product with your artwork. We’ll waive the setup fee next time you order that same product with the same artwork! Our dance studio owner (let’s call her Jane) won’t have to pay for setup with her reorder of logo’d water bottles, and returning
customers won’t either!

Getting an Art ProofGetting-an-Art-Proof

Since Jane ordered her water bottles last year, she’ll want to see a mock-up of the design to refresh her memory before reordering. Although Jane (and you, darling customer) have been around the logo-placing block before, we’ll provide you with an art proof of your products before going to production. Not to mention, we’re happy to fix anything you didn’t like on your original artwork. We’ll have your logo ready to go, just the way you like it. You can save time choosing the right color, or making sure your text is in the right spot. We’ve got you covered!

Faster TurFaster-Turnaround-Timenaround Time

The first time Jane ordered her products, there was some back-and-forth between her and her Quality Logo Products® customer service rep. After all, they wanted to make sure her water bottles were at their best quality. Since she is enrolled in Setup for Life this time around, we already have her previous order on file. Jane’s reorder will now arrive at top speed!

At Quality Logo Products®, we ease budgeting pressure placed on small businesses, and automatically provide customers with “Setup for Life” membership upon placing a reorder with us. This way, you’re guaranteed one less expense with every exact reorder. With “Setup for Life,” consider your setup fee waived every time you place a reorder—for life! Learn more here.