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Hello, fellow Bubba-ites! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful (if a bit rainy) Friday morning.

My name is Jana, and I’ve worked at Quality Logo Products for four years this month. Woo hoo, how the times flies! I started out as a humble content writer and have risen rapidly through the ranks to reach the lofty position of… a content writer who does some other stuff. Hmm. I need to talk to my boss about that…

In any event, my blog post today has to do with consumer confidence. If you’ve ever worked retail, you know that you probably get a pretty nice discount on the merchandise. So when it came time for one of my own organizations to order custom t-shirts, you can guess what I did.

I shopped around.

Seriously, I was a starving college kid back when I started at QLP. Even though I knew the site backwards and forwards, had received plenty of emails from happy customers, and had the convenience of walking across the hall to place my order, money was still the biggest factor in the decision. I had loyalty to a company I really believed in, but I also had a pretty strong desire to stay above the Ramen poverty line.

Let me let you in on a little secret: QLP does not just say it’ll match any price for the sake of pulling in new customers and then squeaking in hidden fees. In my experience, they shouldn’t even bother putting that policy in there, because I have yet to run across an item that’s offered for less elsewhere.

As a matter of fact, when I thought I HAD found somewhere cheaper, my customer service representative (yes, I had to go through all the same channels as I was a lowly content writer and not a full time customer service representative) pointed out some fine print I hadn’t noticed. The PICTURE on the competitor’s site was the same as ours and showed me the t-shirt I wanted, but the fine PRINT indicated that they could substitute cheaper material WITHOUT notice.

That’s some pretty sketchy marketing right there.

QLP is clearly aware of these little marketing tricks, and instead of pulling the same stunt themselves – substituting the cheaper material for the price match – they brought my attention to it and provided me with options. That’s a win-win situation: they get my custom t-shirt business, and I become a savvier customer, which also helps me out when I’m writing content for the site. I can take what made me a QLP believer and add it in when I’m putting together information on the products.

I’m hardly the only QLP employee to use QLP as my promotional products supplier. One of our original salesmen – a guy who knows the ins and outs of the industry and has contacts all over the world – ordered a set of engraved wine glasses for his wedding favors.

The great Bubba himself is a QLP original, picked and paid for through the same channels all customers go through.

It may seem like a recommendation FOR a company from someone who works AT the company might appear to have a conflict of interest, but I think that kind of endorsement holds even more weight. We have extensive experience in the industry, familiarity with tons of different providers, and STILL choose QLP for our promotional products source, whether it’s custom t-shirts or engraved wine glasses.

So while QLP provides excellent customer service for our customers, we’re also here to be consultants for the industry; if something looks sketchy on a competitor’s website and you think we might be able to straighten things out, drop us a line or hop into our live chat, and we’ll give you the information and options you need to make a decision that’s in your best interest.

Have a wonderful weekend, and happy promoting!

Jana Quinn

An old ‘G’ that’s been working for QLP since it was in Bret’s basement – Jana has been writing since she made up a story about a Jana-Tiger that liked rocky road ice cream and got straight A’s. She enjoys writing about marketing and pop culture, posting a ‘Die Hard’ article as often as she’s allowed. She is inspired by the articles at Cracked and frequently wears a Snuggie in the office. You can also connect with Jana on Google+.

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