Pens aren’t as magical as they used to be. Our eyes are glued to our smartphones. Teachers use Google Classroom for classwork, nurses use electronic health records, and journalists use Dictaphones rather than writing. Is there still room in our hearts for cool pens?

When you see these funny novelty pens, the answer will be a resounding “yes!” These unique pens are wonderful gifts for anyone who needs to write. You can’t help but smile when you see them!

What is a Novelty Pen?

A novelty pen is a funny or cute ballpoint with some kind of unique feature. These pens either have an unusual appearance, or do something out of the ordinary like light up, spin, or change colors.

What Are the Best Novelty Pens?

Do you need cool pens for kids? How about something fun for adults? These novelty pens are almost too cute to resist and make wonderful gifts for everyone on your list!

1. Custom MopTopper Pens

custom moptopper pens

If you think you’re having a bad hair day, just look at the MopTopper stylus pens! These goofy pens are always happy to see you and will be your best friends while note-taking. You can use the pen side for old-fashioned writing and the stylus to tap away on your mobile device or tablet. The “hair” works as a microfiber cleaner for your screen!

2. Diamond Top Pens

iridescent diamond pens

Diamonds are a girl’s (and guy’s) best friend! Be glam by writing with these unique diamond top pens. These elegant pens give you a taste of luxury and come in 3 metallic colors that shimmer and shine. Give them out as anniversary gifts, wedding favors, or freebies at a fashion show or from your cosmetics store!

3. Food Shaped Pens

personalized food pens

Are you feeling hungry? Write your grocery list using one of these cute food shaped pens! Pickle pens are great for delis, bananas are fun for grocery stores, chili peppers are a hot addition to Mexican restaurants, and apples are funny pens for teachers.

4. Unicorn Pens

custom unicorn pens

Unicorns are rare, enchanting creatures that roam in forests in the fantasy world. In real life, unicorn pens are unique, majestic pens that are fun for kids and adults alike! Print a cute message on the barrel like “You’re Magical!” and give these pens out as gifts in your classroom.

5. Syringe Ballpoint Pens

custom syringe pens

You need funny pens for nurses, stat! Inject some humor into your hospital, pharmacy, or doctor’s office with these custom syringe pens. Surprisingly, red is the most popular color with 29% of the total orders. It just proves that laughter really is the best medicine!

6. Flower Pot Pens

custom flower pot pens

You may not have a green thumb, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have plants or flowers in your home office. Just buy these flower pens for all your remote workers. In their little pot, these cute pens sit upright on a desk and will be in arm’s reach any time there’s writing to do.

7. Personalized Paintbrush Pens

custom paintbrush pens

Do you have a paint & sip night planned? Are you a teacher with a weekly art class? Get these novelty pens in bulk! You’ll have enough paintbrush pens for everyone to bring home as souvenirs alongside their painted canvases, figurines, or wine glasses.

8. Wood Pens

custom wood pens

If you want cheap novelty pens that still look cool, branch out with these wood twig pens! These unique pens are great promotional items for hiking trails, campgrounds, and forest preserves. They’re also fun for eco-friendly nonprofits.

9. Funny Pens With Heads

custom people pens

Take pride in what you do for a living! It’s as easy as picking up these cute novelty pens. Firefighter pens, construction worker pens, cowboy pens, pens with crazy hair…there’s a lovely little person here for everyone!

10. Cute Animal Pens

custom animal pens

Go wild over these animal pens! Museums can sell branded dinosaur pens in their gift shop. Do you run an aquarium? Shark pens, alligator pens, and frog pens will be a huge hit with your visitors! Paw print pens, meanwhile, are fun novelty items for zoos and animal shelters.

11. Unique Shaped Pens

custom shaped pens

Shaped pens are way more fun than average ballpoint pens. You can get any shape you want, from star and moon pens to dollar signs and even flamingos and moustache pens! Choose pens that work well with your business, nonprofit, school, or event.

12. Rocket Pens

custom rocket pens

Ready for the liftoff? It’s time to shoot for the stars with these cool rocket ship pens! These are fun pens for teachers, especially those who focus on science or astronomy. Are you a school administrator? Leave these pens on everyone’s desk on the first day of Teacher’s Appreciation Week!

13. Sports Pens

custom sports pens

Score big with these novelty pens! There’s something here for every athlete, including pens with squishy footballs, fun baseball pens, and pens shaped like hockey sticks. Are you a student bored at school? Get a pen with a basketball hoop and attached ball that you can play with during lectures!

14. Bendy Pens

custom bendy pens

Bendy pens are made from flexible plastic and stand upright on your desk. You can move the “arms” and “body” around to create new positions. Available as suns for outdoor events, teeth for dentists, or regular people, these are fun pens for kids, but adults will also like seeing them in their office.

15. Fidget Spinner Pens

custom fidget spinner pens

Are you feeling restless or stuck for inspiration? Get out energy with a fidget spinner pen! These custom fidget toys write in black ink and whirl around at the top every time you give them a twist. Bonus – you can also find fidget spinner pens that light up!

Honorable Mentions

Final Thoughts

You can always stick with Bic,  but if you want to be bold, try any of these fun novelty pens! They’re great gifts for teachers, students, nurses, journalists, and anyone else who has to write during their day, which let’s face it, is just about everyone! These cool pens are also wonderful party favors, souvenirs in gift shops, and swag for trade shows.

People like to go home with something unique and nothing’s more original than novelty pens. Find your favorite and bring happiness to every writing project!

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