Do you have a wedding around the corner and need cute favors? Is your winery holding a sampling or tour? Maybe you’re looking for some nice holiday gifts for your entire office.

No matter what, wine glasses or tumblers are the way to go, especially if they’re printed with any of these funny wine glass sayings. These quotes will keep the good buzz going and the drinks flowing!

Here are 31 fun wine glass sayings everyone is sure to love.

1. Sip, Sip, Hooray!

Sip Sip Hooray wine tumbler

It’s time to celebrate! Make your drinks reflect the good vibes by printing “Sip, Sip Hooray!” on the front of each cup. These glasses make adorable favors for weddings, baby showers, or birthday parties, especially if you fill them up with mini chocolates!

2. It’s Wine O’Clock

It's Wine O'Clock Wine Tumbler

We’ve all heard the famous country song that goes “It’s 5’o clock somewhere.” But how about wine o’clock? These cups are fun for New Year’s Eve parties and will look amazing if you print the saying alongside a clock clipart image.

3. Wine… Because It’s Not Good to Keep Things Bottled Up

Wine Because It's Not Good to Keep Things Bottled Up

Here’s another quote that was made for wine lovers! Consider printing this saying on extra large glasses and using them at your winery or bar. People will always associate your brand with having a good sense of humor.

4. Let’s Wine About It

Let's wine about it wine tumbler

Instead of “whining” about it, let’s all try “wining” about it! These quippy wine tumblers will make everyone’s day at a wine tasting, sampling, or vineyard tour.

5. Put a Cork In It!

Put a cork in it wine tumbler

You don’t have to shop on Amazon, Etsy, or any other site for cute wine glasses. All it takes is a clever design and a good tumbler or glass, like this pairing here. Hand these out as holiday gifts!

6. As Fine As Wine

As fine as wine wine tumbler

Are you planning a bachelorette party? Your friends will love reading this quote every time they take a sip. This quote is sassy and confident, which is just how you want to feel during a night out in Vegas!

7. You Want Some Cheese With That Wine?

You Want Some Cheese With That Wine?

If you’re holding a luncheon or some kind of banquet, these glasses are a clever addition to the party. Pair them with some sampler trays, and you’ve got pure perfection!

8. Sippin’ Pretty

Sippin' pretty wine glass

Pure bliss can be found when visiting a spa or salon that offers complementary wine. Are you a hairdresser or manicurist that belongs to that group? Serve your drinks in these cute glasses, and your guests will be sure to recommend you to their friends and family.

9. This is My First Drink

This is my first drink wine tumbler

Wedding receptions can be boozy affairs, especially if there’s an open bar. Your guests will love this funny wink to the bender that is to come. Many wine glasses are marketed to women, but when printed on a stylish black tumbler, these also excellent gifts for the guys!

10. Wined & Dined

Wined & Dined wine glass

Some restaurants, like Cooper’s Hawk, are famous for their selection of wines. If you operate a similar restaurant, print this saying on the front of your glassware and sell them as souvenirs to all the winos who come visit you! 

11. I’ll Drink to That!

I'll drink to that wine tumbler

Woot! You’re hosting an award ceremony, and you’ve got a ton of people going home with a prize. Pour the drinks in classy wine glasses or tumblers printed with this fun wine glass saying. Now let’s give a round of applause to our winners!

12. Whatever, Sip Happens

Whatever, Sip Happens wine tumbler

Sometimes life throws the unexpected your way, and you have to just roll with the punches. A “Whatever, Sip Happens” wine glass is a good reminder to just keep on keeping on. Give these out as gifts to anyone who is going through a rough time.

13. Merlot’s Beard!

Merlot's beard wine glass

This one’s for all the nerds out there! A “Merlot’s Beard!” glass will get a ton of laughs and is particularly magical for things like Dungeons & Dragons tournaments, Harry Potter trivia nights, and Renaissance fairs.

14. My Happy Hour is All Day

My Happy Hour is All Day wine tumbler

Everybody loves an awesome drink special! Promote your deals by offering souvenir glasses on your menu. “My Happy Hour is All Day” is a funny, memorable message to print on the front!

15. I Make Pour Decisions

I make pour decisions wine tumbler

We all have to laugh at ourselves from time to time. Drink up some liquid courage from a glass printed with this funny saying. These glasses would be perfect to use at a comedy club.

16. Glass Half Full

Glass if half full wine tumbler

The Dalai Lama once said – “Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.” A wine glass with “Glass Half Full” printed on the front is a reminder to always live with a positive attitude. These are particularly heartwarming favors to hand out at nonprofit fundraisers.

17. On Cloud Wine

On cloud wine tumbler

Any celebration will be that much better if you pour drinks in glasses printed with this quippy message. Give them out as gifts at your next company holiday party.

18. Rise & Wine

Rise & Wine tumbler

Ugh, the alarm is going off already?! Wake up on the right side of the bed and serve mimosas in “Rise & Wine” tumblers. These are excellent gifts if your event is crazy early in the morning.

19. All You Need is Wine

All you need is wine tumbler

Part of making it through a family reunion alive is serving plenty of delicious drinks. Feel the love by pouring wine, soda, and water in “All You Need is Wine” glasses.

20. I’m on a Juice Cleanse

I'm on a juice cleanse wine tumbler

Is your gym or fitness studio celebrating a milestone achievement? Invite all of your clients to attend and serve drinks in funny “I’m on a Juice Cleanse” glasses. Go ahead and enjoy that cheat day!

21. Sip It… Sip It Good

Sip It Sip It Really Good

Do you want your next party to have a theme? Have an 80’s bash with pops of neon, a hair metal soundtrack, and funky “Sip It… Sip It Good” glasses to drink from!

22. Wake Up & Smell the Rosé

Wake Up and Smell the Rose wine glass

This is another wine tumbler saying for the rosé lover! Print this on your glasses if you plan on serving rosé at your event. Take it a step further by using a metallic silver or gold in your design.

23. Kissed By a Rosé

Kissed by a Rose wine tumbler

If you’re a rosé kind of guy or gal, this clever wine glass saying is made for you! The pale pink color of the wine will pair nicely with the glasses and look super pretty at a springtime wedding.

24. Winosaur

Winosaur wine tumbler

Cue the Jurassic Park theme song because these glasses are dino-mite! If you’re looking for hilarious party favors for a 50th, 80th, or 100th birthday celebration, these are the glasses for you!

25. You Had Me at Merlot

You had me at merlot wine tumbler

Are you hosting a speed dating event? Serve merlot in glasses printed with this saying to all the participants. It might just be love at first sight!

26. Bring Me a mosCATo Right Meow!

bring me a moscato right meow wine glass

Everybody loves cats! Show off your “purrfect” sense of humor (and fondness for Moscato) with these cute wine tumblers. They are clever gifts for pet stores and animal shelters.

27. Pinot You Didn’t!

pinot you didn't wine tumbler

Get a little sassy by printing this saying on your wine glasses or tumblers. If Pinot Gris, Noir, or Grigio is your specialty, these cups are the perfect companion!

28. Pour. Drink. Repeat.

pour drink repeat wine tumbler

Sometimes one glass of wine is just not enough! Keep the drinks flowing by printing “Pour. Drink. Repeat.” on the glasses you use at your event. This is a great message if you want people to buy lots and lots of drinks!

Clink clink drink wine tumbler

This quote is great for any milestone, whether it’s an anniversary, graduation, or wedding. It’s even more adorable if you print little glasses clinking together next to the message.

30. Just Keep Sipping

Just keep sipping wine tumbler

Finding Nemo is one of the best Pixar movies of all time. Channel your inner Dory with “Just Keep Sipping” from these adorable wine glasses. This drinkware would be a fun addition to a bar at an aquarium, water park, or seafood restaurant.

31. Kiss My Glass!

Kiss my glass wine tumbler

Whatever, you’ve had a bad day and you don’t want to “people” right now. “Kiss My Glass!” sends that message loud and clear to everyone nearby. These are funny wine glasses to advertise with if you’re a cosmetics company.

The ideas above are just a few ways you can use these wine tumbler sayings. Feel free to mix-and-match to your heart’s content, and let these quotes inspire you next time you’ve got a delicious bottle to share!

Final Thoughts

Wine glasses and tumblers are made to be personalized with funny sayings and clever quotes! They are filled to the brim with personality and will be well-loved by everyone who uses one. Be inspired by the funny wine glass quotes enjoy and enjoy that drink!

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