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5 Futuristic Giveaway Items They’ll Never Forget

With all the nifty new technology that seems to unveil every single day and grab the attention of the everyday consumer, it is no wonder we can say the future is now! I am here to show you how to stay in touch with the ever-expanding business world. What is cooler than a futuristic concept? Why not give your company a futuristic edge?

Increasing your business can be tricky, but nothing says innovation like letting your customers know that being modern is the way to grow!

Silver Magnetic Floating Pen

Silver Magnetic Floating Pen

Futuristic promo items will surely catch some attention when you pass them out! First — and I can assure you this product will turn some heads and inspire sheer wonder — we have a writing utensil straight out of the future. The Silver Magnetic Floating Pen is unforgettable for giveaways, raffles, and contests. How does it work? It’s magic. As customers marvel at this space-age technology, they are sure to notice your logo!

Moon Stress Toy

Moon Stress Toy

Who says the sky is the limit? Take modern flair one step farther and let your customers know you think BIG. You can do that with our Moon Stress Toy! With your business logo on this location, it says you’ve got plans and it may be one small step for man, but one big step for your company! After all, we may be doing business on the moon someday, so it’s worthwhile to get a head start.

Dual Function Laser Pointer USB Memory Pen (2GB)

Dual Function Laser Pointer USB Memory Pen (2GB)

If the moon isn’t exciting enough for you, then try this on for size. Few things are more futuristic than….LASERS! The Dual Function Laser Pointer USB Memory Pen may as well be the survival kit of the future. You can sell or distribute this nifty little contraption at your business or storefront, and you can save a few for yourself and whip them out to show everyone what you have to say with the subtle illumination of a bright laser, USB, and pen!

Super Slim Mini Digital Keychain Photo Frame

Super Slim Mini Digital Keychain Photo Frame

With everything being digital lately, it is hard to stand out with new technology. Unless, of course, you wow your customers with something I bet they have never seen before: the Digital Keychain Photo Frame. Give them a piece of the 21st century and let them know it is your business that did it! Not to mention, this little item does not stop there; recipients will get a glimpse of the future with the nifty built-in calendar and alarm clock.

Robot Stress Ball

Robot Stress Ball

Last but not least, I couldn’t talk about the future without mentioning robots. Is your company still lacking a friendly robot to help around the office? You’re not alone. And worry not, because you can give your company a cute A.I. flare with this neat Robot Stress Toy! He’s helpful enough to bring affirmative business back to you — just as a real robot should — if you use him as a giveaway. How could anyone forget this adorable little guy?

Embrace innovation with these ultramodern giveaways and give your next promotion an edge. The FUTURE of your business must be ensured!

What are your favorite futuristic promotional products? Did you have a different innovative giveaway item in mind? Let us know in the comments!

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Bubba is the Quality Logo Products mascot. He may have started out as "just a stress ball," but he's come a long way since the company's launch in 2003. Bubba has been immortalized in numerous vector artwork designs for internal and external promotions, and you can see him change outfits on the Quality Logo Products homepage whenever a holiday rolls around. Oh, and he thinks pants are for the birds. You can connect with Bubba on


  1. Juliette

    I’m in love with all of them! Those are neat products, Serenity! (I think I might love the color morphing cube the most!)

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Thanks Juliette! Yeah I want one too! Though it might be very distracting as I am drawn to crazy lights and colors, I’d never get anything done!

  2. amy swanson

    Loved this post, Sam! I’m a sucker for all things stress ball related, so my suggestion is this awesomely-cool Rocketship Stress Reliever. It’s so retro looking, I know I’d love to receive one of these 🙂

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Thanks! That Rocket is awesome! It almost reminds me of something they would have used in an old sci-fi movie as small model prop! It is so cool!!!

  3. Jaimie Smith

    This was a very cool idea for a Promo Products Blog. I think my favorite one is the floating pen! I def want one now!!

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Thanks Jaimie! That is a magical pen! Everyone should own one!

  4. Mandy Kilinskis

    I love the items you’ve picked out, Sam! I’d add the Thermo-Go Bottle (17 Oz.). What’s not to love? The stainless steel construction, the dynamic vacuum seal, cool travel case – I mean, it looks like a photon torpedo.

    • Cybernetic SAM

      That is pretty awesome! The vacuum seal will come in handy when we are binging our tomato soup with us to work on the moon!

  5. Alex Brodsky

    Maybe imprinting a logo or his plan on the Moon Stress Ball would have helped Newt Gingrich sell people on his moon colony!

    Also, for the USB Drive/Laser Pointer, you left out the MAIN USE of the laser pointer: messing with your dogs/cats! Hours of entertainment with that one!

    Great post Sam

    • Eric

      Promo products for presidential candidates…hmm. Think you’re onto something, Alex. Knowing you, that article’s already in the bank.

      This blog begs me to ask the more important question: why isn’t anyone selling some delicious, freeze-dried ice cream? Why?!?!?!

    • Cybernetic SAM

      You are absolutely right on both accounts!!!

  6. Bret Bonnet

    How much for that little man in the window?!?!

  7. Jen

    I like the diversity in your futuristic products! A floating pen=Amazing, and who doesn’t love a good robot stress toy! These are great picks Sam, and they are sure to please any business owner looking for something extra cool as a give away!

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Thanks Jen! Yeah the Robot seems to be a favorite! He is to cute to ignore!

  8. Rachel

    Great collection of products, Sam! I love that robot stress toy, how cute! He can hang out with his Wind Up Robot friend and have a robot dance party. 🙂

    • amy swanson

      I want in on the robot dance party! I’ll bring snacks 🙂

  9. Cybernetic SAM

    You are right, that would be adorable!

  10. Stantz

    The distant future. The year 2000.

  11. Cybernetic SAM

    Yeah I think they are all great promo items surely to intrigue potentials customers. I know if I had any of these with a logo on them I wouldn’t forget it!

  12. Cybernetic SAM

    Haha! That is an awesome item, sure beats putting my ipod in a plastic cup! I wish I had seen this! Thanks for finding it!

  13. Cybernetic SAM

    Yeah I feel like the cube would be so awesome it would be distracting, but still awesome! Nothing says futuristic like lots of pretty lights!

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