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Gain Valuable Branding Knowledge with Promo University!

College courses, educational seminars, and group workshops cost an arm and a leg (and quite possibly an entire human body) to attend. We understand it can be a struggle to make ends meet while trying to gain the knowledge you need to succeed. That’s why at Promo University, you’ll get all the promotional products schooling you’ll need without the tuition payment. For eager students hoping to gain deep insight into the world of promotional products, Promo University is our “brand”-new guided resource for all to indulge. Packed with valuable industry insight useful to businesses far and wide, students will learn everything a customer may need to know about promotional products and their value when expanding a brand!

What will you learn while enrolled in Promo University, you ask? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Promo University’s guided “courses” are taught by our lovable mascot Bubba, and his friends Bernie, Bubbles, and Vince. This fearless foursome is dedicated to ensuring students have the greatest knowledge of promotional products small business owners could ask for. Study the Promo University curriculum, and you’ll be armed with knowledge about promotional products and their relevance within both advertising, and the larger world. Ranging from how products are made to info on artwork and logos, from choosing the best promo to how to best use them—Promo University teachings are always at hand!


Suppose you’ve always wanted to know how a promotional product was made, but weren’t sure where to turn…our “Biology of Promos” course covers the ins-and-outs of all things promo-creation. For the business looking to pick the best product for their employees or clients, our “Psychology of a Good Promo” course is a must take! Of the eight courses Promo University offers, there’s something available for every student.

Here’s a sneak peek into our course list:

Promo Products 101

Designed as a broad introduction to the wonderful world of promotional products, Promo Products 101 provides explanations to the industry’s most burning questions. Have you ever wondered what the first promotional product was? Or what it means when we call certain products “eco-friendly”? Consider your questions answered!

Intro to Artwork and Logos

Have you been stuck when it comes to what to print on your promotional products? You’re not alone! Intro to Artwork and Logos will assist students in deciding what design is best for your logo, tips for getting it ready to print, and explanations of how the most common design software and hardware works.

Promo Product Sciences

The world of promo products materials science has exciting stuff going on! In Promo Product Sciences, you’ll learn all about the various materials used to make promotional products. Like neoprene. You probably think it’s just for koozies, but did you know it’s also used to make scuba diving suits?

The Biology of Promos

What does “The Biology of Promos” mean exactly? Promo products are more than just biology. A solid understanding of how promotional products work requires knowledge from all different disciplines—physics, engineering, chemistry, you name it! With this course you’ll find out exactly how promotional products function

Promo Item Printing Processes

One of the core courses we offer at Promo University is an intro to Promo Item Printing Processes, or PIPP! Printing is an important part of producing promotional items—without a logo or slogan on it, the item is just a product! Whether you choose screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, or other decoration options, it’s helpful to see production in action!

The Psychology of a Good Promo

What makes a good promotional product? We’ve all heard scholars of the ancient world spent decades, even centuries, studying questions like that one. There’s a lot that goes into picking the right promotional product for your business. Since this is true, we’ve assembled the best pieces of shopping advice that I’ve heard over the years, and turned it into one amazing course!

Advanced Promo Item Management

Want ideas for how to distribute your promotional products to potential customers? Looking for the best way to clean your items? You’ll find the best advice on do’s and don’ts in our Advanced Promo Item Management course!

Independent Study

Here’s where you’ll learn all the weird and wonderful promo product details we just couldn’t fit into our other courses. We’ve got marketing tips, strange promotional product history, more info on USB technology than you thought possible, and lists of our favorite and not-so-favorite ads of all time!

Students can browse each course syllabus by topic to discover what exactly they’ll be learning to choose the right class for them, every step of the way. They’ll also be able to find answers to frequently asked questions like: how to measure for hat size, the difference between a padfolio and portfolio, and why colors look different on a computer monitor than they do in reality, to name a few. At Promo University, students get an A just for showing up! Learn more here.