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Girl Power Invades the Workplace: Which Spice Girl Are You?

If you grew up in the 90s, there is a 99.999% chance that you have heard of the Spice Girls. Their “girl power” movement took the world by storm. Maybe you loved them, maybe you hated them, or maybe they were a guilty pleasure. It’s even possible that you still love them and watch the Spice Girls movie, Spice World, on a regular basis (not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything…). As surprise as it may seem, the Spice Girls have also invaded the workplace, as you can find their distinct personalities in even the most humdrum office drone.

Look around your office, peek into every cubicle, and you’ll find a Spice Girl at every desk. While it would be super cool to have Spice Girl stress balls, we’re talking about the personalities you see at the workplace. No matter how you feel about the Spice Girls, you can’t deny that each of the girls had a very distinct attitude. Almost every child in the 90s had a favorite Spice Girl because there was a little something for everyone in each of their different personalities. Whether it was Ginger, Sporty, Scary, Posh, or Baby Spice, just about anyone could find something to relate to with one of the Spice Girls.

Now, let’s apply this nostalgic gem to the workplace. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, there’s probably one of each of these personalities around your office somewhere.

Ginger: Ginger Spice was known as the leader of the pack. She got her nickname due to her fiery, energetic personality (and her red hair, of course).

Strengths: Someone like Ginger Spice is a natural leader. They can handle the responsibility of big projects and help everyone work as a team, and they’ve got the passion and personality to keep everyone’s attention.

Weaknesses: However, power could easily go to their head. Ginger needed the other girls around to keep her ego in check.

Sporty: Sporty Spice was the tomboy of the group. She had an “Anything you can do, I can do better” attitude and a competitive, athletic nature (plus, a killer back handspring).

Strengths: Sporty Spice’s competitive nature pushes her to strive for the best and she never backs down from a challenge.

Weaknesses: Though they mean no harm by their competition, others may be put off by someone who makes everything competitive like Sporty Spice.

Scary: Scary Spice was the rowdy one – the bad girl. She was loud, bold, and a little crazy.

Strengths: There was never a dull moment with Scary Spice. She excels at thinking outside of the box. Someone like her knows how to make the best out of every situation and lighten the mood.

Weaknesses: Scary Spice is the most outgoing of the group, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if she takes anything seriously. It may be difficult for someone like her to put jokes aside and focus on the task at hand.

Posh: Posh Spice was the fashion-elitist of the group. She was fashion forward with a straight-laced attitude, and a tendency to turn up her nose.

Strengths: You can count on Posh Spice to make a good first impression. She’s sure to act classy and will dress to kill. She’s confident, and isn’t afraid to take charge and stand up for what she believes in.

Weaknesses: However, someone like Posh Spice tip-toes the fine line between confident and cocky. Sometimes Posh comes off as a snob, and she needs the other girls to keep her humble.

Baby: Baby Spice was literally the baby of the bunch, being the youngest member. Plus she was famous for sporting babydoll dresses, pigtails, and a lollipop. She was the typical “girly girl.”

Strengths: Baby Spice saw the silver lining in any situation, and she never let negativity bring her down.

Weaknesses: She can be a bit of a ditz, and might need a lot of hand-holding and encouragement in order to keep her on the right track.

All of these personalities were essential to this 90s pop group’s worldwide success (and domination?). Every team needs a little bit of each of these attitudes to function. Check out how all of the girls work together in this clip from Spice World. **WARNING: INTENSE ‘90S IMAGERY. WE’RE TALKING 5” PLATFORM SHOES, HERE.

So here lies the question: which Spice Girl are you? What was your favorite Spice Girls song? Sound off in the comments below!

Photos courtesy of .Martin. and the Geri Halliwell Lovers Facebook page.


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  1. Jen

    Jenna you are a genius! I loved the Spice Girls back in the day…and I still rock out to “Wanna Be” and “Spice World” all the time. Baby Spice was always my favorite and I loved her style. I totally rocked the baby doll dresses and platform shoes in middle school. I miss the spice girls, and if they did a reunion tour I would totally buy tickets to see them!

    • Jenna Markowski

      Haha, thanks Jen! I loved them too, and I still do! “Spice World” was my ringtone for a pretty long time…

      Baby Spice was my favorite, too! I had the coolest (and by coolest, I mean they were so ugly and why did my mom allow me to go out in public wearing them?) pair of platform flip-flops in middle school! Fingers crossed for another reunion tour! 🙂

  2. Jaimie Smith

    Jenna this post was awesome!!! I don’t know if I can think of any girl in our general age group that hated the spice girls when we were young. And I’m sure half of us still have the guilty pleasure of rocking out to Wanna Be from time to time.

    If I had to pick one I would probably have to say im more like Scary Spice. In my group of friends I try to make the best out of bad situations, and I am probably the one that jokes around the most. I think I have some qualities of Baby Spice too. I am the youngest in my group of friends and there are times where I do need someone by my side to keep me on track!

    This was such a fun post, Jenna! I loved it!! 🙂 And you did such a great job covering this topic!

    • Jenna Markowski

      I’m glad you liked it, Jaimie! I totally agree. And I’m guilty of not feeling guilty at all for not only listening to Wannabe, but listening to entire Spice Girls albums frequently!

      It definitely sounds like you’re a mix of Scary and Baby Spice! I think that’s a good combination to have!

      Thanks, Jaimie! 😀

  3. Amy Swanson

    Such a fun Friday post, Jenna!

    I don’t know if I had one specific favorite, I liked certain aspects of all of them. I loved how crazy and out there Ginger was, Posh had the best style, Sporty was the most down to Earth, and Baby was the funniest. Scary literally scared me, she was my least favorite haha.

  4. Jenna Markowski

    Thanks, Amy!

    It’s definitely true that all of the personalities were necessary to balance either other out. If there was no Sporty Spice to keep everyone calm, the whole group would’ve been more like Gossip Girl or Laguna Beach (I don’t know, some show where the girls are all backstabbers and really annoying). But luckily they found the right balance and were therefore AWESOME. Haha, I agree that Scary Spice was actually pretty Scary.

  5. Jill Tooley

    I always liked Sporty the best — she seemed to be the most normal one of the bunch. And Posh had the best style! The rest of them kind of annoyed me, to be honest…but that’s not to say I didn’t rock their CD back in the late 90s! 😉

    As far as personalities go, I think I’m most similar to Scary/Ginger. Very odd! Haha…

    Fun post, Jenna. This takes me back.

  6. Eric

    No brainer! Posh Spice. All the way. Especially on one of my unnecessarily-dressed-up Fridays.

  7. Mandy Kilinskis

    Like Jill, I guess I’m a combination of Scary and Ginger. I thought that I was a huge Spice Girls fan back in the day, but I didn’t know that Ginger was ever the leader of the pack.

    Unlike everyone else, Scary Spice was my favorite. I have no idea why. Probably because everyone else didn’t like her and I felt bad for her.

    Great post, Jenna! I’m definitely going to have to listen to Spice World later today!

  8. Izzy

    This is a really good post I liked it

  9. A.J

    haha i listen to them and im 14

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