Going Green with your Promotional Items

The goal of any business’ marketing plan is to get the word out there, letting the world know that their product exists. From standard forms of media to new millennial methods of virtual marketing today’s business owner is constantly looking for the right advertising venue. In addition to promoting the company name, corporate logo and overall brand the business must also send a message about the company itself. In today’s world amidst all the corporate turmoil from every Enron and General Motors it is important to let the consumer know that you’re one of the good guys. That you care not just about the bottom line but also about the consumer and the great big world as a whole. What if I told you that there was a way that you could do both: market your company and give something back in a way that was bottom line friendly for you and effective for sending the message that you care?

By virtually all accounts we are in the midst of a staggering global climate crisis. It is an undisputable fact that the world is warming up at an exponential rate and that the effect will have a detriment on our living conditions. Whether you believe that it is caused by man might be up for conjecture, but nearly everyone agrees that we can all do our part to help make things better. “Green” has become a buzz word as of late. Environmental awareness has been around for quite a while but it has only recently become fashionable. Maybe it was Al Gore’s passionate pleas or “An Inconvenient Truth” but suddenly it is hip to be concerned about the environment. Those who were once decried as ‘tree huggers’ or ‘bleeding hearts’ are now seen as visionaries who saw the handwriting on the wall well before the general population.

For the first time in modern history it is an appealing trait for a corporation to take a vested interest in the environment. From NBC going green for a week and saving energy to Wal-Mart rolling out initiatives it seems like every company is doing something to get on the green bandwagon. So what can you do to help your business and your consumer to “reduce their carbon footprint?”

Have you thought about your promotional items? The materials that you give away that are emblazoned with your corporate logo? This is a chance for you to market your business or product and at the same time send an important message about your company. Promotional Items have long been proven to be effective marketing materials. They provide an inexpensive way for your business to promote itself while often giving the consumer something of value that they will repeatedly use thus prolonging the life of the advertisement.

What if your promotional item was something that could help save the environment. I’m here to tell you that there are a number of options that could do just that. The first idea is to hand out promotional tote bags. These eco-friendly bags offer you the chance to promote your logo or contact information while giving your customer a viable alternative to the age old “paper or plastic question.” In fact, very few retail or grocery locations even offer paper any more but many have begun giving a small discount to those shoppers who bring their own bag. Imagine that, a promotional product that you’ve given out that could actually make money for your customer!!! A minute amount mind you, but money nonetheless. Each and every time that bag is brought out to use your advertisement is extending its life and sending the message that your business cares.

An additional way that you can give back is with the use of promotional water bottles. It’s no secret that the exponential rise of bottled water sales in the past decade has lead to a massive increase in hazardous plastic containers clogging our landfills and polluting our oceans. While bottled water itself may not be a bad thing, the countless bottles that are discarded are. Giving away a nice personalized promotional water bottle can allow for your customer to help reduce the waste by having a reusable water transport option. Reusable personal water bottles are rapidly becoming popular and now is a good time to ride the wave. Let your business benefit from this up swell in environmental care.

The thing about this is that you don’t want to do this simply because it helps pad your bottom line. Think about it from an altruistic perspective first and foremost. Enjoy the fact that you are giving back and helping the environment. In today’s world the earth could use all the help that it can get. If your business is doing its part to make the world a better place then you’ll no doubt reap the karma awards. And if you can help advertise your business in the meantime, then so be it.


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