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Say Goodbye to Lost Keys Once and for All with Custom Keychains!

I lost my keys the other day and realized it was time to invest in a keychain. Since I’ve gotten crap about losing my keys several times already, I went out and bought one that I liked. And I must say, it’s a damn good promotional product! Think about it: people pick up their keys and get into their cars every day, so what better spot for a logo than a keychain?

Although I’ve never gotten a keychain for free as part of a giveaway, there’s no doubt that I would jump at the chance to grab one. Here are some creative key holders that you might like:

Mini Football Stress Reliever Key Tag

Mini Football Stress Reliever Key Tag

Mini Football Stress Reliever Key Tag

Now maybe it’s because I’m a football guy, but I think this Mini Football Stress Reliever Key Tag would suit any logo. The stress ball is an added bonus because whenever you’re stressed you can just reach for your keys. This sports-themed keychain will fit in your pocket easily but still keep your keys safe (and harder to lose). And not to mention, IT’S A FOOTBALL! Get creative and use these key tags to co-brand with your favorite football team (like the Green Bay Packers).

Pink Ribbon Key Fob with Coil

Pink Ribbon Key Fob with Coil

Pink Ribbon Key Fob with Coil

Here is another reliable key chain that people can really count on – it even has a coil that you can use as a wrist strap! But the best thing about this colorful key chain is the pink ribbon factor. This could be a good opportunity to associate your logo with a good cause. I believe that companies that involve themselves with notable causes not only get their logo out there but also show the public that they care about important issues. And there’s nothing negative that could be said about that!

Sportsafe Pill Fob With Key Ring

Sportsafe Pill Fob With Key Ring

Sportsafe Pill Fob With Key Ring

Talk about multipurpose key chains; this would definitely be a key tag I’d snag from a giveaway table. Like many other people, I have to take pills everyday. So having this keychain would not only keep pill capsules safe but also keep my keys safe. Did I also mention that this bad boy is waterproof? What a great product!

I may be the only one who didn’t think to have keys on a key chain, but somehow I doubt it. People are always going to need key tags, so get out there and expand your brand with the ones you like the best!

What do you think about keychains as promo items? Do you have any other favorites to throw in here?


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  1. LK

    My favorite keychain hooks onto the top of a purse and hangs your keys into the inside of your purse (or I guess for guys this could work with their pocket too). I LOVE this idea, this way my keys dont get lost at the bottom of my purse and are easy to grab at a moments notice!

    • Jill Tooley

      I need to find one of those ASAP! My keys always end up falling to the very bottom of my purse and it takes me forever to find them!

      • JPorretto

        They need something like that for pockets too so they don’t shift and somehow repeatedly stab me in the leg. Just sayin’… it hurts.

  2. Vernon

    I am sorry I am pretty sure I would be able to STILL lose a key or two :’-( Good post nonetheless

    • JPorretto

      Well then you get two chains, GET A COPY OF YOUR KEY MADE and put one in a “Break in case of emergency” glass case. Just don’t lock the hammer away somewhere, then you’d need a key and glass case for that too. It’s a viscous cycle. Eventually you’d be overrun by key chains and glass cases….

  3. Jill Tooley

    I like all of the keychains you mentioned, and I have a feeling you and I are on opposite sides of the key tag spectrum because I have about 25 of them on my keys! I’m a sucker for free keychains, I guess. One of my favorites on our site is a miniature recycling bin keychain called the Lil Bin. Isn’t it adorable? The Bottle Opener Key Chain is also high on my list because it always comes in handy! 🙂

  4. Alex

    Servais, you should probably take your own advice and invest in one of these so you don’t lose the keys to that luxurious, dependable car of yours.

  5. khaste

    Joe, you should write about car windows for your next blog. It would be another stunning blog that directly correlates to your life. Cheers!

  6. Josette

    Great post… I would suggest a key ring with a flashlight so when you are in your car and drop a french-fry between your chair and console you have a chance of finding it before it stinks up your car for a week! Plus, no one will mistakenly take your keys if you have a distinctive key ring attached. (speaking from experience… yeah mom, I’m talking about you!)

  7. Bret Bonnet

    JOE – You DO know that after popping those little purple pills that you’ve got stashed away in your Sportsafe Pill Fob with Key Ring that after 10 hours… you should go see a Dr. right?!?! 🙂

    While I think it’s a GIVEN that EVERY car dealership or auto insurance agent should distribute key chains with their logo and contact information for promotional purchases; sadly many do not.

    I recall recently buying my new car, we’ll say it was a German brand, and I was like… no key chain? No gift with purchase? WTF? I was kind of like… do you know HOW BAD I’m going to have to BUST my hump to pay for this damn car I just bought from you and you’re to cheap to give me a key chain to help a little with my buyers remorse?

    I’m not kidding you, I’ll NEVER buy a car from this dealership (Bill Jacobs “XXX” of Naperville) again because of this. I’m just weird like that.

    I want me free key chain with purchase dammit! 🙂

  8. Ellen Page

    Informative post, Thanks for sharing such a informative post about Say Goodbye to Lost Keys Once and for All with Custom Keychains!

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