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Halloween Marketing: 5 Spooky Ways to Throw a Fall Promotion

Get this, Halloween isn’t limited to passing out candy and costume contests. In fact, it’s an excellent time of year for your company to throw a promotion.

While your competitors are off chasing their latest sugar high, you can rally your employees together and put on an event that will create some fun for your community and generate some positive word-of-mouth for your brand.

Here are a few examples of ways to market your brand during the Halloween season!

1. Get Involved with a Community Festival

Many communities throw a festival or party at some point during the fall. Whether it’s a general fall festival or specifically Halloween-themed, it’s a great way to get your name out to local customers.

Set up a booth to sell your physical goods, or sponsor one of the many activities. Pass out coupons for potential clients to use on future trips to your business. Make sure that you have large vinyl signs hanging up so everyone knows who sponsored the apple bobbing this year.

2. Throw a Party

Bars and restaurants can offer special Halloween drinks!

If there isn’t a community festival, don’t let that stop you; just throw your own party!

Pick a date around (or heck, on) Halloween and let your clients and community know you’re throwing a party via word-of-mouth, social media, and flyers.

Let your employees dress up, plan some games, and award prizes. Have food and drink to keep attendees there longer. Also consider offering a discount on merchandise for your guests. Make sure that everyone heads home with a branded bag, personalized pen, or a selection of branded items.

3. Organize a Concert

You can never have enough music.

Connect with some local bands, the chamber of commerce, and the local police department to set up a concert or concert series around Halloween. Local bands are always looking to play, and it would be a great event for too-old-for-trick-or-treating teenagers and families that aren’t too keen on bags and bags of candy.

Partner with local bakeries and catering companies for refreshments, allow bands to sell some merchandise, and make sure there are plenty of colorful banners with sponsors’ names on them.

4. Sponsor a Haunted House or Other Spooky Activities

Those pumpkins on your front porch? Carve your logo into them!

For some Halloween enthusiasts, there’s nothing better than scary haunted houses, ghost tours, and corn mazes. See if there are ways to partner with local farms or join up with the park district to plan a haunted house or corn maze for your community. Ask friends, family members, and employees to volunteer to staff the events.

If your store is reportedly haunted, make sure you play it up during the season. Contact the local ghost tour guides to see if they could add your store to their stop. No ghosts? Consider throwing a murder mystery dinner at your restaurant or anywhere you can set up tables.

5. Leverage the Power of Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treating is certainly one of the most exciting events of Halloween, so make sure that you get your business noticed during it! There are lots of ways to get involved other than handing out some sweet promotional items.

Consider picking a charity and going trick-or-treating for them. Decorate some boxes or jars, and accompany your children, cousins, or nieces and nephews as they go door to door for candy.

You could also donate imprinted plastic bags (or even better, reusable tote bags) with your logo on them to local families and schools for children to use during trick-or-treating. Parents will appreciate the gift and your brand will become a hero of Halloween and the family’s shopping trips after.

Many downtown areas sponsor special trick-or-treating events for the local community. If yours doesn’t, team up with other businesses in the area and set a time on a weekend for parents to walk their kids around. You can hand candy to the kids and promotional items and flyers to the parents. Also offer some refreshments to encourage trick-or-treating families to stick around and browse.

While your competition sits around eating chocolate and planning their company’s Halloween party, you can be out in your community promoting your brand. So don’t let the opportunity to market your business in a fun way pass you by!