Highlights and Trends from ASI Chicago 2013 [VIDEO]

Another ASI Show Chicago has come to a close, and if you checked out our blog post last week then you already saw a preview of all of the fun. Now we’re here to get down to business and tell you about all of the new trends in the promotional products industry.

First, take a look at our footage of the convention so you can feel like you experienced this promo product bliss first-hand. Our media team put together a very entertaining video of all of the fun and hijinks, but we’ll let you be the judge!

Don’t you wish you had been there? Well, for those of you who weren’t there, don’t worry. I’m here to fill you in on all of the biggest trends at this year’s ASI Chicago.

2013 Promotional Product Trends

Go, go gadget promo items!

It’s 2013, and the promotional products industry has never shied away from the newest gadgets in tech. So it’s no surprise that many of this year’s vendors were pushing new innovative products like USB car adapters, cord-free phone chargers, ear buds, portable speakers, and phone and tablet stands. We were most blown away by the OrigAudio Rock-it 3.0 that turns anything into a speaker – you can see it in the video above.


Piggy-backing off of all of those gadgets, here in the promo product industry we know everyone is addicted to their devices with screens. But no one likes a screen that’s all smudged with fingerprints or oil and make-up from your face. Microfiber cloths of all shapes and sizes were HUGE at this year’s ASI Chicago. I think nearly every vendor had some version of the Toddy Cloths you see being juggled in the video above. With so many different sizes and four-color imprinting, microfiber cloths are convenient, attractive promo items for your tech-savvy customers.

Collapsible water bottles catch on!

Collapsible water bottles were everywhere last year, but they had an even bigger presence this year, proving that this is a trend that’s going to stick around. However, last year most of the bottles were the same shape whereas this year collapsible water bottles were available in a variety of shapes from basketballs to hearts.

Infinite infusers!

The biggest entirely new trend we saw this year was custom water bottles and tumblers with fruit infusers. With more and more people dieting and/or drinking more water, fruit infusers offer a tasty alternative to plain water without resorting to fruit juices or soda. We saw fruit infused water bottles and tumblers everywhere at this year’s show, so this is definitely a trend to keep your eye on.

In addition to lots of new, cool products, more traditional products like pens, tote bags, and mouse pads took the floor. So whether you’re looking for new trendy products or sticking with the basics, the promotional products industry has you covered!

Were you one of the thousands in attendance at this year’s ASI Chicago? What were some of the trends you noticed? What’d you think of our video? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Kurt

    Great article Jenna, I feel like I was actually there!

  2. Wash

    Do people actually like the collapsible water bottles? Seriously, I haven’t met a single person that uses them or likes them…

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