How to Hit a Home Run With Your Promotional Giveaways

Baseball season has begun and millions of fans are sitting in the stands, eating peanuts and cracker jacks, drinking beer, and cheering for their favorite team to hit a few home runs. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Well, here are a few ways you can hit a home run, too – while ordering promotional products!

It’s overwhelming when you have promotions to plan and giveaways to choose by a certain deadline, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these 3 tips if you want to know how to make your promo products experience as memorable and effortless as possible.

Allow enough time to order your promo items.

Allow enough time to order your promo items.

1. Allow Enough Time


In baseball, if a player is going to steal a base, they aren’t going to wait until the ball has reached home plate to start running, as this most likely will result in an out.

The same rule applies when ordering promotional products; you can’t wait until your event is a few days away to start the ordering process. It’s very important that you allow yourself adequate time to order promotional products. The more time you have before your event, the more products you’ll have to choose from and the less you’ll have to spend on shipping.

Many promo items are available on a rush production or rush shipping option, but they come at a higher price and may need to be shipped overnight, which also costs you more money! The best way to ensure you’ll hit a home run with your promotion is to get a head start and order your promotional products early.

Target your giveaways to your audience!

Target your giveaways to your audience!

2. Choose the Right Item for Your Market

Choosing the right item for your target market is a crucial, but often overlooked, factor when ordering promotional products. You aren’t going to see a beer vendor selling Bud Light in the stands where a bunch of third graders are on a field trip, so don’t put your logo on beach balls and send them to your customers in Alaska!

Select products that are right for your audience. If you’re promoting to a school, order pencils, erasers, stress balls, and other school supply promotional items. If you’re advertising to health-conscious customers give them pedometers, water bottles, or a dumbbell stress reliever. There are thousands of promotional products to choose from, and your sales rep would be happy to help you choose the right one!

Communicate your needs right away if you want a smooth process.

Communicate your needs right away if you want a smooth process.

3. Perfect Your Communication

Communication on a baseball field is VERY important, just as it is when ordering promotional products.

When players in the field don’t communicate, you see them colliding into each other as they both go to catch the same ball, and more often than not, neither one ends up catching it.  Players are also communicating with their base coaches constantly. When a base coach is giving you the go to run, you run! As you can see, good communication is a key factor in a baseball game.

Good communication is also key when ordering promotional products. As a customer, it is important that you clearly communicate what you’re looking for to your sales rep. It is important that both the customer and the sales rep have a good flow of communication throughout the ordering process. This will help eliminate any of those outfield collisions as you both try to catch the ball.

Find your favorite promotional product on, talk to a sales rep, and follow these steps and you’ll be on the way to hitting a home run with your next promotion!

Can you think of any other similarities between America’s favorite pastime and the promo products ordering process? How do you avoid striking out with your giveaways?


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  1. Jana Quinn

    Awesome post, Lauren! I like how you tied the baseball rules into marketing rules.

    The communication bit is the best, I think. So many marketing snafus could just be solved if people were honest and used clear language.

    Way to knock it out of the park!

  2. Amanda Sneed

    These three tips are really important! And this is great advice for our customers to keep in mind.

    Awesome post Lauren! =)

  3. Jill Tooley

    Your #1 is probably one of the most common problems that customers run into. Some promotional products take longer to produce and print, so options are limited during crunch time. It’s always best to plan your events well in advance so you don’t have to pay expedited shipping or production charges!

    #2 is also important because customers will be more receptive to promo items they’ll actually use. Customers in Seattle will find rain ponchos much more effective than customers in Arizona! This step may also tie in to your first point, because many people end up choosing random products just because they’re in a rush (or because those particular products are cheaper). In the long run, it’s best to leave enough time and to spend a little bit more if necessary in order to get the items best targeted to recipients.

    And your #3 is a major concern for marketers as well. If you need your promotional items next week, then be sure to tell us so we can do everything in our power to make it happen. If you need a special color or logo, then be up front about it rather than waiting until the last minute. The more thorough you are, the more satisfied you’ll be with the end result! 🙂

    Great post, LK. Now I want to eat some peanuts and Cracker Jacks!

  4. JPorretto

    As a card carrying member of The Future Procrastinators of Tomorrow club, I truly appreciate #1.

  5. Joseph Giorgi

    Excellent advice, Lauren! It would be especially wasteful for someone to wait until the very last minute to order their promo items and then have to pay for the rush shipping. Can’t imagine why anyone would risk putting themselves in that position, but I’m sure it happens.

  6. Bret Bonnet

    I’d say both Promotional Products and baseball each lack CHEERLEADERS! 🙂

    HENCE – Why I <3 Football.

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