‘The Hobbit’ Movie Merchandise: 10 Items to Get Your Bilbo Swaggins On

As a fan of promotional merchandise and an even bigger fan of The Hobbit, this topic is doubly relevant to my interests! As you can imagine, there’s thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of movie merchandise out there for The Hobbit, but you have to be careful where you order it. Shady sites run through the hillsides, unchecked and unchallenged, and sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s legitimate and who’s selling knockoffs out of their parents’ basement.

With that disclaimer being said, here’s a handful of the coolest movie merch from The Hobbit movie! I took special care to only include official-looking websites here — like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the WB Shop — but buy at your own risk (as with anything on the internet). I will not wield the responsibility for any mishaps that occur if you click over and make a purchase.

Hopefully the entirety of your last paycheck doesn’t take an unexpected journey into nonexistence by the time you’re done with this post…

Bilbo, Gandalf, and Gollum Plushies by Funko

Hobbit Plushies by Funko

You can get these adorable little guys on Barnes and Noble’s website for $9.99 a piece (without shipping). They’re pretty detailed as far as stuffed toys go! The hairy hobbit feet kill me…

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles: Art & Design [Hardcover Book]

This isn’t just a book; it’s a 272-page tome full of concept art, pictures, and interesting commentary about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. In addition to the 1,000 pictures, there’s also a fold-out map complete with glow-in-the-dark ink AND a huge fold-out of Bilbo’s contract. At less than $30 on Amazon, I’d call this a treasure.

An Unexpected Journey 2013 Wall Calendar

Hobbit Movie 2013 CalendarHobbit Movie 2013 Calendar

To all of the wall calendar naysayers out there, I say to you: Have you seen this full-color Hobbit movie calendar on Amazon? It’s fantastic and well worth the $13. My office wall just got a little bit more adventurous.

Officially Licensed One Ring of Power Replica

Here’s your chance to own the coveted Ring of Power around your neck for $65. Wear it on journeys to the supermarket, the doctor’s office, or even the bathroom. I highly encourage you to grasp it and hiss “my precious” at anyone who comments on it, too, only because it makes things more interesting.

“Sting” Sword Replica

Bilbo Sword Sting Replica

Speaking of replicas, this sword looks exactly like Sting, the magical sword Bilbo acquires on his first journey. It’s sold by Sideshow Collectibles, one of the best adult collector sites around, and it’s manufactured by the highly regarded Museum Replicas. There’s only one problem: it was on backorder the last time I checked. If this is a must-have for your Hobbit or Lord of the Rings collection, then keep checking back and give them your $55! Don’t lose hope.

The Key to Erebor Keychain

I won’t go into detail about the Key of Erebor for any spoiler-conscious fans out there, but let’s just say it doesn’t unlock the door to Thorin Oakenshield’s heart (shucks!). This replica keychain would make a good $15 gift for fans of The Hobbit who seem to have everything.

Thorin Oakenshield’s Parchment Map Print

Arguably the coolest affordable item on my list, this parchment map was crafted to look like the one Thorin carries in the film. Look, it has the creases and everything! These die-cut map replicas frequently sell out as well, so you’ve gotta move as fast as your hairy feet will carry you if you want it in your life.

Hobbit-Themed iPhone Cases

Want to flaunt your Middle-earth fandom every time you whip out your phone to take an “important” call? Wish granted. The official Warner Bros website has 14 different cases available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models. They’re a bit pricey at $35 a piece, but you can’t put a price tag on true love like this, right?

An Unexpected Journey Character Film Cel Montage

Hobbit Unexpected Journey Character Film Cels

This particular film cel montage features Bilbo, Galdalf, Thorin, Radagast, Elrond, Bolg, Galadriel, and Gollum, complete with mini posters and 16 real snippets of 35mm film from An Unexpected Journey. It’s limited edition and costs $150, but you know you’d buy it if you had the chance. I would…

Lifesize Standup Posters of The Hobbit Characters

Gandalf Lifesize Cutout—–Nori Dori Ori Lifesize Cutout———-Bilbo Baggins Lifesize Cutout

Whether your favorite character is Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo Baggins, or Nori, Dori, and Ori, there’s a lifesize stand-up poster for that! Amazon has all the bases covered on this, don’t you worry. The prices vary, but they all seem to be within the $30 to $50 range.

My recommendation? Head over to Warner Bros.’ official shop and peruse the hobbity goodness they have to offer. They’ve got the largest selection and the prices are highly comparable to the likes of Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Action figures are the only exception; you can find The Hobbit action figures at your local Target or Toys R Us for way cheaper than you can get them on WB’s shop. I’m a pretty obsessed fan, and there’s no way I’d shell out $20 for a 6-inch figure when I could drive my happy butt down the street to get one for half the price!

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up the official, special edition soundtrack for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, either. Howard Shore is a genius.

Which piece of “The Hobbit” movie would you most like to own? What has roots as nobody sees, is taller than trees, up up it goes, and yet never grows? What have I got in my pocket?

Product images are low-res screenshots from the retailers’ sites. All rights reserved. Header image is from The Hobbit Movie Facebook page.

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  1. Eric

    Somehow I’ve the sneaking suspicion that, between all y’all over in content, you collectively own the majority of these…or they’re currently sitting on your Christmas wishists. 🙂 Get those cardboard cutouts, and throw a Kevin McCallister-style Christmas party!

  2. Rachel

    Oh man. I want all of this. The Bilbo plushie!! The ring!! That awesome map!! A Sting letter opener OMG!! I’m also not ashamed to say that I want the Bilbo cardboard cutout. Great list, Jill — I am now ready to throw all of my money at the screen, haha.

    Also, BILBO SWAGGINS! Priceless.

  3. Mikey

    Oooh, I must say, these are some pretty awesome items! And I love the fact that the Sting replica is actually listed as being for LARPing. They definitely know their audience! Thanks for letting us know about all this sweet swag, Jill! Now I just have to resist the urge to go and buy all this stuff that I can find. Heh, tough, those standees would probably be pretty awesome to have around the office. And nothing says you don’t want anyone coming in your office than a cardboard Gandalf acting as bouncer.

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